The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 29

Dimitri carried me up into his room, gently resting me down on his bed. I was sobbing, holding onto my side which hurt like crazy. Dimitri gently lifted my hand away from my wound, before lifting my shirt up, revealing it. He rolled my shirt up to my bra line. He then found a cloth which he pressed against my wound, trying to stop the blood.

I cried out at the contact of the cloth against my wound as it hurt a lot. “Sorry.” Dimitri said as he looked up at me with concern in his eyes. “You’re bleeding so much!”

I whimpered in response causing Dimitri to look up at me again, resting his left hand against my cheek. “Hey, you’ll be fine. I promise.” He whispered soothingly.

He removed the cloth away from my wound as it was completely soaked up and pressed a clean one on top. “Isabella, listen. You’re bleeding too much and this isn’t good. You could have significant blood loss. I need to heal your wound right now and I know it’s going to hurt. But it’s necessary.” He said causing me to protest. I whimpered at the thought of the pain.

He removed the cloth and pressed his hand against my wound. “N-no Dimitri! Please d-don’t!” I cried out in fear from the pain.

“Isabella, I have to. You’re losing too much blood. You already look really pale. I’d rather not cause you more pain than necessary but it’s needed.” He said, asking me for permission.

I shook my head no, tears falling down my face. “Please Isabella!” He said, pleading me with his eyes to say yes. I shook my head no again.

“Isabella, just say yes. Because I’m doing it no matter what you say, but I’d feel better knowing you said yes.” He said as he pressed his hand down on my wound causing me to cry out at the contact. “No Dimitri!” I cried out.

“I’m so sorry Isabella.” He whispered before the most painful pain shot up through my body causing me to scream out.

“Dimitri please stop!” I cried out as the pain kept hitting me in waves after waves. I tried to push his hand away but it wouldn’t budge. The pain was so strong that I couldn’t find the strength to focus on pushing his hand away.

“Dimitri!” I screamed out, as I kept trying to push his hand away. Dimitri finally listened and pulled his hand away, the pain lessening greatly.

Dimitri then took a cloth and wiped away all the blood from my waist. I looked down and saw that the wound wasn’t healed yet but the blood had stopped pouring out. “I’m so so sorry Isabella.” Dimitri said, as he looked up at me, discarding the cloth.

“It’s okay.” I whispered as I wiped my tears away, more falling in their place.

“If you would let me, I can heal this wound further on. But if you don’t then I’ll just stitch it up for you. Whatever you want me to do.” Dimitri said, looking to me to tell him what to do next.

“Stitching will hurt a lot too. Can you just bandage it?” I asked, as I wiped more of my tears away.

“I can if that’s what you want. Although stitching it up would help it heal faster.” Dimitri said but I denied the stitches again. “I don’t have actual bandages since us demons don’t ever need medical care since we can heal ourselves. But I’ll see if I can go find something that could work as bandages.” He said before he got up and left to go find some bandages.

In the meantime, I closed my eyes trying to will the horrible pain away. I suddenly felt someone come and lean down beside the bed. I opened my eyes and saw it was Kenneth who had a very guilty and concerned look on his face. “Isabella.” He started as he grabbed my hand into his. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I warned you to stay away but you didn’t listen. You never listen.”

I looked away from him, feeling not only my side hurt but my heart as well. “I’m not only sorry for that. I’m sorry for everything. I was just so angry knowing you were cheating on me with Dimitri. That you were choosing him over me.” Kenneth whispered as he caressed my cheek with the back of his hand.

“But I wasn’t Kenneth. I would never choose anyone over you. I loved you. Not anyone else. It was you. But you didn’t trust me. You didn’t want to. And then on top of that you asked me to prove my love to you by sleeping with you, even though I really didn’t want to.” I whispered back, flinching at the pain I felt in my side.

“I know and I’m sorry! I’m so very sorry Isabella!” He exclaimed, taking my face in between his hands. “Isabella, I love you.” He leant down pressing a kiss to my forehead. His gaze then went down to my lips and I knew he wanted to kiss me there. I wanted to kiss him too but I didn’t at the same time. I just didn’t know what to do. I felt so confused.

Kenneth slowly leaned down and pressed his lips down on mine and I let him. He started kissing me trying to get me to respond but I wouldn’t. I didn’t know what to do at all. I wanted him back but then I didn’t. I wanted a break from relationships. But I loved him and wanted to take the chance to get him back when I could. I didn’t want to lose the chance but I felt so torn between what to do and not to do.

Suddenly, Kenneth got pulled away from me and I looked up to find a furious Dimitri standing there in his place. Kenneth was on the ground groaning in pain. “How dare you touch her!” He growled out in anger. “Leave my fucking room this instant!”

Kenneth didn’t say anything except get up off the floor and send me a pleading look before leaving the room. Once he left, Dimitri turned to look at me with the same anger etched into his face. “Why the hell would you let him kiss you?” He roared in anger. “Are you fucking stupid, Isabella!”

I started crying now. And it wasn’t because of the pain in my side. It was because of the frustration I was feeling. Because of the torn feelings. Because of not knowing what was right and what wasn’t. “Yeah, yeah, fucking cry. Since that’s all you know how to do, along with making stupid, dumb decisions and kissing Kenneth like some wanton.” He said making me cry harder. “Now fucking shut up and let me do your bandages!”

“No, you are not touching me!” I yelled in anger at him. “I hate you Dimitri! You think you know everything when you don’t. You don’t know how hard it is for me to see Kenneth everyday, knowing he isn’t mine anymore. You don’t know how it feels like to be in love. So stop pretending like you know everything in this goddamn world. You may have lived a long time and have seen people be in love, but you yourself haven’t experienced it!”

“Okay now can you shut up and let me do your bandages?” Dimitri asked, rolling his eyes at what I just said.

“You’re such an asshole, Dimitri!” I said as more tears fell down my face.

Dimitri opened up the cloth pieces and gently wrapped them around my wound. I stayed quiet, the tears flowing non-stop, waiting for him to be done.

Once he was done, he pulled my shirt down over my stomach. He then reached up and wiped my tears away with his thumbs. “I’m sorry for being so insensitive. You’re right, I don’t know anything about love. And I never will. So don’t listen to me.” He said, as he took the blanket and put it up and over me. “Go to sleep, Isabella.” He said as he turned the lamp light off and left the room, closing the door behind him.


I was dreaming again. I knew I was. It was obvious I was because I was watching myself. I can’t watch myself in real life so this had to be a dream.

I was watching myself crying. I didn’t know why I was crying but that I was. I wanted to go up to myself and ask myself why, but I couldn’t do that. I tried talking to myself, but the other version of me couldn’t hear me.

Suddenly Dimitri appeared and he seemed to be yelling at the other version of me. I couldn’t really tell why he was yelling but he looked angry. He looked really pissed off. But then suddenly, he grabbed the face of the other version of me and crashed his mouth down to hers.

The other version of me looked surprised but kissed him back. Then after a few long minutes of passionately making out, she pulled away seeming to cry even more. I was so confused about what was happening. Why was I crying? Why was Dimitri angry? And why did he just kiss me?

Dreams were so confusing and weird. I continued on watching me with Dimitri, hoping to figure something out soon enough. “You can’t do it Dimitri! You can’t!” The other version of me yelled to him.

“But I will Isabella. We both know it’s the right thing for me to do!” Dimitri exclaimed in frustration. “Isabella, we were never meant to be together! And you know that. Do us both a favour and forget about me. Go back to Kenneth. He really does love you and he can give you what you want. He can give you what I can’t.”

“But Dimitri-”

“Please Isabella! Stop making this hard on both of us. Just leave me and let me do it.” Dimitri said causing the other version of me to cry out and wrap her arms around his waist.

“I won’t let you Dimitri!” She stubbornly, holding tightly onto him.

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