The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 3

I followed Devon into his house and he gave us some food to eat. I was surprised to find that the food they ate was very human-like. Devon served us some spaghetti and meatballs and they were absolutely delicious. “Devon, this is so good!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah I like it too.” Thomas said with pasta sauce smeared all over his face, causing both Devon and I to laugh in amusement.

“Why thank you, you wonderful humans. I made it all myself.” He said smiling at us before handing me a wash cloth to wipe Thomas’s face clean.

Once Thomas and I were done, Devon showed us to a guest room. I was so thankful as I was very tired out and I could tell Thomas was drained as well. I could see his eyes drooping as he leaned against me. I picked him up and set him down on the comfy bed, pulling the feather soft blanket over him.

Thomas immediately closed his eyes and surrendered to a deep sleep. I smiled at how peaceful and calm he looked and then frowned as I remembered how he had lost his entire family to the Demon King. Dimitri. The horrible Demon I was sent down to kill. After meeting Thomas, I had made it a done deal to make sure I did whatever I could to succeed in killing Dimitri. Dimitri deserved to die.

Devon walked inside my room, catching my attention. I totally forgot he was standing at the doorway watching Thomas and I. “Aren’t you going to sleep?” He asked me as he came and rest a hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah I am. It’s just... so much has happened today. And it’s kind of hard for me to process. I mean, I met this perfectly innocent boy who had his entire family killed by the Demon King. And I was almost sent to my death too. I don’t even want to begin to imagine how he’d torture us.” I said, tears pricking my eyes for Thomas and his great loss. I can’t imagine how he feels having lost his entire family.

“I’m sorry.. Uh... Izzie?” He questioned since he didn’t know my name and only heard Thomas call me Izzie.

“Isabella, Isabella Wint.” I responded and he nodded his head.

“I’m so very sorry Isabella. I honestly will try my best to help you and Thomas and all the other girls. But please don’t hold me onto it, I hate breaking promises. Just know I’ll be trying my best. Dimitri is my best friend after all.” He said giving me a small pitying smile.

“Thank you Devon. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. But just a question, if you wouldn’t mind.” I said the question lingering in my mind.

“Go ahead.” He said, waiting patiently for me to proceed.

“Why are you helping us?” I asked hesitantly, my gaze fixed down onto my bare feet resting on the plush carpet. “You are Dimitr-uh the Demon King’s best friend so shouldn’t you agree with what he says.”

“I agree with what I think is right. Not what anyone else thinks is right.” He said with a smile and a light squeeze of my shoulder. “Now go get some sleep Isabella. You look really tired out.”

I nodded my head thanking him once again for everything. I then watched him start to leave before he stopped and turned around again. “Can I call you Bella?” He asked, surprising me. I nodded my head. Everyone I knew called me Isa but I was fine with being called Bella.

“Bella it is.” He winked. “Goodnight, Bella.”

“Goodnight.” I called back before turning to the clothes Devon left for me. He said it was his mom’s and they seemed a little big but would have to do. It was a white colored lacy night gown that landed a little above my knees. I went to the bathroom and slipped into it and it surprisingly fit me quite well. It was slightly loose from my chest but other than that it was fine.

I then came out the bathroom and settled into bed beside a sleeping Thomas. I sunk my head into the soft pillow, pulling the blanket over my shoulders. I then fell into a deep slumber, awakening in a familiar dream. A dream I have dreamt so many times in my life before. And each time the dream was different but started and ended the same way.

I was running away from something. Something terrible. A demon. A demon that would take me to the Demon King so I could be slaughtered to death. I knew I had to make sure the demon couldn’t get me or else I’d die a very painful death.

I ran down a long dark path. Other times it had been forests or abandoned warehouses but each time I’d be running away from a demon, just in different settings. I also knew I’d be saved like I always was. I just needed to keep running and I’d be safe. Safe in a warm pair of strong muscular arms that’d enclose around my body to protect me.

I turned back to see the demon catching up to me and I tried to quicken my pace but I was so tired I couldn’t help but slow down. I screamed as I felt the demon’s fingers lightly graze my shoulder before I ended up tripping. I could feel myself falling when I felt the familiar warmth of the strong arms catch me, making me smile as I knew I was saved. As always.

I turned around to see the demon stop in his path when he saw me held in the arms of my handsome saviour. The demon then turned around and ran away and I watched until he disappeared out of sight. The demon always left in all my dreams whenever he saw me with my saviour.

I then felt rough fingers gently caress my cheeks. I turned my head and gazed into beautiful deep blue eyes covered slightly by dark hair. I dug my fingers into his soft hair pushing his hair away from his forehead, fully revealing his shiny bright eyes. He was so perfect. With his straight nose, strong jawline, and beautifully crafted lips made for kissing.

It was always him who saved me from the demon and the Demon King. One thing I never understood was why the demon always left once he saw me in my saviour’s arms. But that didn’t matter too much as all I cared was that I was saved, and from this handsome man too.

But to make sure the demon didn’t return again, I always turned back to make sure, just in case. “You’re safe.” He whispered out, causing me to look at him again.

“Thank you.” I whisper out and he smiles, resting his left hand at the nape of my neck as he cups my cheek with his right hand. He then leans in and presses his soft lips against mine in an adrenaline induced, heart racing kiss. He then pulls away, leaving my cheeks flushed and my heart skyrocketing.

He grabs my hand and we start walking down the dark street. “Running from the demon again?” He asked and once my heart calmed down a bit, I answered.

“Yes. I’m scared he’s going to take me to the Demon King and get me killed.” I said, shivering at the fearful thought.

“Maybe the Demon King isn’t as bad as you think he is.” He says causing me to gasp.

“You’re insane!” I exclaim as I look at him with a bewildered look on my face. “Are you suggesting I walk straight to the Demon King? Straight to my death? He’ll kill me instantly! He’s heartless.”

My saviour chuckled amusedly at my words. “Well, you did walk straight into my arms. Might as well give him a chance.” He says laughing as I glare at him. I knew he was joking but couldn’t he have at least joked about something less serious and scary.

“Shut up.” I grumbled before he stopped me.

“Seriously Izzie, give him a chance. He honestly isn’t as bad as everyone thinks he is. He actually has a heart as surprising as that is.” He said looking down at me with a serious look on his face. I just stared back at him in surprise. This dream was definitely going differently then it usually did. My saviour usually just listened on to me ranting about how horrible the Demon King is and never said anything in defense. But this time, he’s talking as if he’s actually met the Demon King.

“Have you met him?” I ask and he nods his head smiling as he presses a kiss against my cheek.

“That’s why you’re defending him today.” I say and just as I say that, I wake up.

I rub the sleep out of my eyes and find Thomas staring down at me with a sad smile. “I want mommy.” He says as he rubs his eyes. I enclose him in my arms and hold him as he starts crying. I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to tell him that he’ll never get his mommy back because I know he knows it. I instead hold him in my arms.

Once he’s done crying, I lead him to the bathroom. I hand him a new toothbrush I find in a closet. Once he’s done, I send him to the room, and then do my business. Once I’m out, I find Thomas laying on the bed staring up at the ceiling, tears sliding down his cheeks.

My heart aches for him. I can’t even begin to imagine how he feels. “Hey Thomas, you okay?” I ask as he sniffles.

He shakes his head and tells me how he wants his mommy and daddy and sister. “Thomas, you know they’re gone.” I say hesitantly and as gently as I can.

“I know.” He sobs. “I was hoping it was a dream.” I frown as I hug his shaking body to me, comforting him.

“If you’d like, I can be your substitute mommy.” I whisper and he looks up at me with wide eyes.

“A subertute mommy? What’s that?” He questions wiping his tears.

“A substitute not subertute.” I say smiling amusedly. “A substitute mommy as in a mommy that can be put in place of your real mommy. If you want, I can be your new mommy. I know I will never be able to take the place of your real mommy but I am willing to try to take care of you and love you like your mommy did.”

He nodded his head, smiling. “I want you to be my new mommy. You even have the same name as my real mommy.” He says and I smile.

“I guess I’m your new mommy then.” I say and he exclaims a happy ‘yay’.

“I wanna go tell Devon about you.” He exclaims happily as he jumps off of the bed and runs toward the door. I follow after him and run down the hallways. Once I catch up to Thomas, I grab his hand and we set out to find Devon.

We then hear his voice and follow it. But just as we walk into the living room, where his voice was coming from, I hear him say, “Dimitri, please don’t hurt them. It’s all I’m asking.”

Thomas and I both freeze in fear and before even bothering to look to see who Dimitri is, I immediately turn around with Thomas and we make it to flee out the room before either Devon or Dimitri notice us but it’s too late when we hear a loud booming voice stop us. “Turn around.” An almost familiar voice demands and that’s when we hear Devon start arguing with the voice which clearly belongs to Dimitri, to leave us alone. But Dimitri wouldn’t listen and ordered us to turn around again or he would chop our heads off right then and there.

I could feel Thomas shaking violently in fear, and so I pull him tight against me and then slowly turn around. I stare at the ground as I myself try not to shake in fear. When no one says anything, I slowly look up, gasping in surprise when I meet Dimitri’s eyes.

“No way.” I whisper to myself.

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