The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 33

“Do you know where Thomas is?” I asked Pam and she shook her head saying she had no clue. I had been looking for Thomas everywhere but I couldn’t find him. No one seemed to know either.

“Shauna, do you know where Thomas is?” I was so desperate that I actually asked her causing her to glower at me.

“And why should I tell you?” She asked, staring down at her nails.

“Wait so you do know?” I asked and she nodded her head. “Please Shauna, just tell me.”

“What will I get in return?” She asked causing me to glare at her before leaving. I was just going to go ask someone else.

“He’s with Kenneth!” She called out. I stopped to look at her, surprised that she actually told me.

“Why are you telling me all of a sudden?” I asked, knowing she had a perfectly good reason.

“Well I feel bad that I’m going to steal Dimitri away from you, and it’s quite obvious you like him. So that’s why I told you. I especially feel bad for when you’ll have to watch Dimitri and I kiss.” She said smiling satisfactorily at me.

I was pissed now. Really pissed. I stalked up to her and roughly grabbed her arm causing her to flinch in surprise. “I will fucking murder you if you go near him! He’s mine Shauna!” I yelled, pushing her hard.

“Are you sure about that? Has he kissed you? Has he slept with you? And I’m not talking about laying on the bed sleeping, I’m talking sex. Has he? I don’t think so. So no he isn’t yours.” Shauna said and I was so close to chopping her head off. I also felt like barfing. I couldn’t believe Dimitri actually slept with this bitch.

I just walked away from her, ignoring what she said because I knew I was going to do something I really shouldn’t. Why the hell was she still alive though?

On top of Shauna, I had another thing to be mad about too. And that was why Kenneth had Thomas with him. Didn’t he understand what space was?

I burst into Kenneth’s room without knocking and found him in the middle of taking his shirt off. Once he completely took it off, he turned to look at me with a surprised and hopeful look on his face.

“Isabella.” He said as he walked up to me.

“Where’s Thomas?” I demanded causing him to look confused and disappointed.

“Thomas? I don’t know. Why would he be with me?” Kenneth asked me causing me to groan. Of course Shauna wouldn’t tell the truth.

I turned around to leave when Kenneth grabbed my arm stopping me. “Don’t leave yet Isabella. Please.” Kenneth said causing me to sigh in annoyance.

“Kenneth, we’re over and you need to understand that. Talk to me when you’re willing to try to be friends with me.” I said, pulling my arm out of his hands and leaving.

I walked down the hallways, thinking of who to ask. I could ask Dimitri because I hadn’t asked him yet but I felt too nervous talking to him. I know it was pretty stupid of me to be nervous around Dimitri when I’ve been staying here for more than two months. But I still was.

I decided to go ask Dimitri though because I needed to find Thomas and make sure he was alright. I slowly walked up to Dimitri’s room, hesitantly knocking on his door.

After a few seconds, he opened the door smiling down at me. I couldn’t help but swoon at how adorable his smile was. “I... I w-was wondering if you knew where Thomas was.” I said, mentally cursing at myself for stuttering. Life was so much easier when I hadn’t realized my feelings for him.

“Come in.” He said, turning around and walking back into his room. Once he had moved away, I saw Thomas sitting on his bed watching tv. I walked in, completely shocked at this. Thomas with Dimitri?

I just kind of stood there and stared at the two with my mouth wide open. “Hey Izzie!” Thomas exclaimed, waving to me when he realized me standing there.

“Hey Thomas.” I said slowly still trying to comprehend this.

“Sit down Izzie.” Thomas said, seeming to be in a very happy and smiley mood for some reason.

“Yeah Izzie, sit down.” Dimitri spoke playfully, grinning at me. He looked to be in a really good mood as well, and it was making me quite suspicious. These two were up to something, I could tell by the glint in both their eyes.

I slowly walked up to the bed and was about to sit down when Thomas stopped me. “You’re not allowed to sit here.” He said causing me to narrow my eyes at him. “And you can’t sit beside Dimitri either. That’s the rules.”

Now I was getting really suspicious here. I looked back and forth at both of them while they both sported innocent grins on their faces. Innocent grins that weren’t innocent at all.

“If I’m not allowed to sit on the bed or beside Dimitri, then what am I supposed to do? Sit on Dimitri’s lap?” I asked, realizing a little too late what I said. I blushed furiously and looked away from Dimitri in embarrassment.

“Go sit on that chair.” Thomas said pointing to a brown coloured chair that I didn’t notice before, while I willed the red in my cheeks to go away. I slowly walked to the chair not wanting to sit down because then I’d be facing Dimitri and I just felt so embarrassed about what had just came out my mouth.

I turned around and sat down, but just as I sat down the chair broke and something sprayed me in the face. I realized it was whipped cream with chocolate syrup.

And that’s when Thomas and Dimitri burst out laughing, while I sat there on the ground made a fool by these two. Dimitri noticed the angry, murderous glare on my face causing him to yell at Thomas to run. Thomas quickly jumped off the bed and ran for it, followed by Dimitri. And that’s when I got up and ran after them too.

I was so mad, I was going to murder these two so bad. “Thomas run faster!” Dimitri yelled. “She’s catching up to us!”

I laughed evilly at them causing Dimitri to pick Thomas up in his arms, running faster down the hallways, making lots of complicated turns so I wouldn’t catch up. But even if he didn’t, I still wouldn’t catch up to him because he’s way too fast for me.

I realized Dimitri was running towards Pam’s room and Pam stood by the door waiting for Dimitri and Thomas. Once they reached Pam, she took Thomas and slammed the door shut in Dimitri’s face, leaving him out.

“Haha Dimitri, you’re going down!” I yelled as I practically jumped on top of him, knocking us both to the ground. Dimitri was now flat on his back with me laying on top of him.

“Ew you’re all sticky! Get off!” Dimitri exclaimed laughing as I rubbed my hands against his shirt trying to get all the whipped cream and syrup off.

“Yeah well too bad. Maybe you shouldn’t have done that.” I said, rubbing some of the whipped cream in his hair, causing him to grab my arms. He then flipped us over so I was on the bottom now with him on top. He had my arms pinned on either side of my head, so I wouldn’t be able to move.

“Let me go!” I exclaimed as I tried to struggle away from him.

He shook his head, chuckling. “It’s quite amusing watching you struggle while you’re covered with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.”

“Fuck you, Dimitri!” I exclaimed causing him to chuckle even more.

“You’re so... sweet.” He said before chuckling at his own little joke. “Did you get it? It’s because you’re covered in whipped cream and-”

“I got it.” I said dryly, interrupting him.

That’s when it got really quiet and all I could hear was our synchronized breathing and my heart beating loudly. I could feel my cheeks heating up again, as I held Dimitri’s intense gaze. Thank god I had whipped cream smeared all over my face covering my blush.

Dimitri suddenly smiled. “Can I lick the whipped cream off of you?” He asked grinning at the expression on my face.

“Um ew no, go away!” I exclaimed, pushing him off of me once he let go of my arms. He chuckled in amusement, as I got up off the ground and started walking away.

“But you won’t have to shower then!” Dimitri said, chuckling.

“That’s nasty, Dimitri!” I exclaimed, as I kept walking away.

“You’re cute!” Dimitri called after me, causing me to blush harder than I’ve probably ever blushed in my entire life.


After my shower, I went with Devon to his house so we could plan some more for Dimitri’s party. The party was only five days away and we were really busy. We had ordered a bunch of stuff and were checking if we received everything we need. But there were so many boxes of ordered stuff that it was going to take us hours to go through everything and check it off our lists.

“So have you and Dimitri fucked yet?” Devon suddenly asked me, causing me to choke on my own spit. He had asked so suddenly that I wasn’t expecting him to say that. But what really surprised me was how casual he sounded.

“What?” Devon asked, smirking. “I just thought you two would have by now because Dimitri sleeps with practically every girl he can get his hands on.”

“Well we haven’t.” I replied bitterly as I angrily shoved the streamers back into the box.

“Someone seems a little jealous.” Devon spoke in a sing song voice, causing me to turn around and give him the death glare.

“Oh wow, you’re not denying today huh?” Devon said winking at me.

“You know what? Just shut the hell up!” I exclaimed as I angrily pushed the box away from me, which knocked a bunch of other boxes off the table as well.

“Oh dayum, you are jealous! Like really jealous! Wow, I’m so proud of Dimitri for catching your attention!” Devon said causing me to walk up to him and grab him by the front of his shirt.

“I will freaking knock all your teeth out!” I threatened before letting go and grabbing another box. “Now go do your damn work! His birthday is in less than a week!”

“If Dimitri and you ever get together, I’m going to pray for him everyday and hope he’s able to survive your wrath.” Devon mumbled, picking up the boxes that fell.

“Haha, you’re so funny.” I replied sarcastically as I opened up another box.

Suddenly we heard the front door opening with someone coming inside Devon’s home. “Devon, have you seen Phil anywhere?” It was Dimitri.

“Fuck!” Devon quietly swore as he immediately closed the box he was opening. “Isabella, go and distract him.” He whispered to me as he quickly went around the room, shoving things into boxes.

“How am I supposed to do that?” I whisper yelled in panic.

“I don’t know! Just show him your boobs or something!” Devon said causing me to glare at him.

“Devon!” Dimitri called, causing me to rush out of the room.

I walked out to find Dimitri laying on the couch. Once he saw me he got up into a seated position, surprised to find me here. “Hey Dimit- Ow!” I fake cried out as I clutched my side in pretend pain.

Dimitri immediately got up off the couch and came towards me with a look of concern on his face. “Isabella! Are you okay?” He asked, as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

“I’m fine, it’s just my side still hurts sometimes because of the cut.” I said, and that wasn’t necessarily a lie.

“Come over here and sit down. I want to check your wound.” He said, as he brought me towards the couch.

“It’s fine Dimitri.” I said but he shook his head.

“I’m still checking it to make sure it’s getting better.” He said causing me to sigh.

“It’s bandaged.” I said as he lifted my shirt up.

“I’ll rewrap the wound, don’t worry.” He said as he slowly began undoing the bandages. His fingers lightly grazing my stomach which felt really good.

I hissed in pain for real this time, as he removed the bandages. “Sorry.” Dimitri said as he continued. That’s when I noticed Devon standing by the door, looking at both Dimitri and I with a smirk on his face. Dimitri’s back was facing Devon so he didn’t notice Devon standing there, which I was very thankful for. Because Devon was tracing a heart in the air with both his index fingers. He then started mockingly making out with his hand, really tempting me to give him the finger.

But I held back because I didn’t need Dimitri turning around to see.

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