The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 35

It was the day of Dimitri’s birthday and I was waiting for my dress. There was about 3 hours left for the party to start and all the girls, including me were told to get ready by Devon. I had just took a shower and was waiting in only my towel.

A girl named Patricia soon came in with my dress and my eyes widened, my mouth dropping open at the sight of it. It was love at first sight. The dress was absolutely gorgeous. “Do you like it?” She asked me quietly, causing me to immediately nod my head in approval.

“I love it!” I exclaimed as I took it from her and inspected it from up close. “Tell Devon that I said thank you and that I think it’s absolutely stunning.”

She nodded her head smiling before she handed me two boxes. “What’s this?” I asked and she replied saying one box held my jewelry while the other box held my heels. I smiled, thanking her before she left.

I set the box of jewelry down on the table and turned to look at my beautiful dress. I felt so excited to wear it. It was so pretty. The dress was a bright dark blue color, flowing out all the way down to the ground. The front was made of lace and there was detailed embroidery around the waist and down near the hem of the dress. The back also had a circular cutout. All in all, this dress was one of the most prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen. And I felt so lucky to be able to get the chance to wear it.

Once I was done obsessing over the dress, I took my towel off and decided to wear a robe since that would make it easier for me to do my hair and makeup. I was very excited to do my hair and makeup because ever since I came to Rovana I haven’t been getting the chance to do so. I loved doing makeup and hair, it used to be a hobby of mine. I used to always do my friend’s hair and makeup. Hair and makeup has always been my way of showing my creativity. And now I was finally getting the chance to do it.

I was kind of surprised that I had gone this long without doing my makeup especially. Back home, I’d never go anywhere without makeup. I needed at least some mascara to feel good about myself. I know that’s not good but I feel really self-conscious without a little bit of makeup. So I felt really proud of myself to be able to go without makeup for so long, even though I didn’t really have a choice.

Anyways, I sat down and looked down at all the new makeup Devon had gotten ordered for us. I immediately started on it and got it done soon enough. I was really happy with the outcome of it. I had done a smoky eye and my lips were a pretty shade of pink. I curled my hair before putting my dress, jewelry and black heels on. I then sprayed some perfume on before looking at myself in the mirror. I smiled, very satisfied with how I looked.

Devon soon came into my room when it was close to the time of the party. “Wow, you look gorgeous Bella!” He exclaimed causing me to smile and thank him.

“The other girls are ready too and I sent them down to the party already. All of the guests have shown up, so now our plan needs to kick in. You remember what you’re supposed to do right?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“But Devon, many things could go wrong with this plan. If he realizes I’m wearing a dress, he’ll know.” I said causing Devon to swear.

“I did not think this through at all, didn’t I?” He said causing me to shrug. “Just make sure he doesn’t realize. Stay away from him.”

“How the hell am I supposed to do that?” I demanded, really not sure if this plan was going to work at all.

“Staying away from him is a problem, huh? I didn’t think you were that into Dimitri.” Devon said with a smirk on his face causing me to sigh.

“This isn’t about whether I’m into Dimitri or not! This is about getting him to the party without him knowing.” I said, annoyed at the look he was giving me.

“But you do like him.” Devon said, his annoying smile really pissing me off.

“You know what? Yes! Yes I do! But right now we have more important things to discuss and-”

“Was that so hard to admit?” Devon asked cutting me off, with a satisfied grin on his face.

“Devon!” I shrieked with annoyance, causing Devon to start laughing.

“Ok I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do. We can’t come up with some other plan. If he does find out you’re wearing a dress, just make up some random reason as to why you’re wearing it.” Devon said causing me to worry. I couldn’t just come up with some excuse. I had no excuses. “Now go! Everyone is waiting.” Devon said.

“This plan isn’t going to work. I know it won’t Devon. He’ll figure it out.” I said causing Devon to wave it off.

“Just try your best. I trust you Isabella. I know you can do it. Now go and remember to wait for me to turn the power off.” Devon said smiling at me before he left.

I sighed, leaving the room and going down to Dimitri’s room. I stood outside and after a few minutes the power turned off. I took a deep breath in and waited a couple seconds before knocking on his door. “Dimitri! Are you there? The lights all turned off and I’m scared. I hate the dark!” I exclaimed, letting the fake fear slip into my voice.

I heard some noise from inside his room before he opened the door. I stepped back a bit, so he wouldn’t be able to tell I was wearing a dress. And that’s when I remembered something. He had night vision. Or at least I think he did. This was bad. This was very bad. This plan was so going to fail.

I hoped he didn’t but that was just wishful thinking. He was really quiet and I knew he could see me. I couldn’t see where he was standing so I kept taking steps back, still hoping he couldn’t actually see me but it was obvious he could.

“Dimitri-” I started, getting cut off by him immediately.

“You’re not scared. I know Devon put you up to this. But he’s stupid to think this would have worked. Doesn’t he know I can see in the dark?” He sounded really pissed, causing me to stay quiet. “You can go tell him that I’m not coming to this party or whatever it is you guys planned to do.” He said, causing me to reach out and try to find him. I found his shirt and grabbed onto it. I then moved my hands around, finding his arm.

“Dimitri, can’t you just come to the party just this once. Devon’s been trying for so many years trying to get you to show up. He works so hard, hoping you’ll show up but you never do. So please come. Just this once.” I said, looking up into complete darkness, hoping he’d listen.

“No.” He said, shrugging me off before moving away from me.

I immediately rushed forward to grab onto him again, but instead I tripped and fell onto the ground as I wasn’t that good in walking in heels. “Why are you so damn clumsy?” Dimitri exclaimed in annoyance as I felt him lean down in front of me. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me up in one swift motion.

“It’s dark and I can’t see. I’m also wearing heels which I can’t really walk that well in.” I explained quietly causing him to mutter out a ‘whatever’.

“Dimitri please come! Devon and I worked so hard for this party. We’ve been working on it for so long and everyone’s very excited to see you too. Please come Dimitri. Do it for Devon. He hates that you never want to celebrate your own birthday. He wants you to have some fun for once in your life. Please Dimitri!” I exclaimed, hoping he’d listen.

“No. I hate celebrating my birthday.” He said causing me to ask him why. “I just do, now stop bothering me Isabella.”

“No Dimitri! You’re coming to this party, whether you like it or not. What kind of friend are you? Devon spends so much time and money on planning a whole party for you and you don’t even bother showing up.” I said causing him to groan in annoyance.

“You know what? Fine! I’ll go!” He yelled, causing me to flinch. “You’re so goddamn annoying!” He exclaimed before I heard his footsteps retreating away from me.

“Dimitri wait! I can’t see!” I called after him, causing him to groan in more annoyance. He came back and grabbed my hand in his, dragging me down the hallway. He didn’t say anything at all as he dragged me all the way down to the party room. He was walking really fast and I was having a hard time trying to catch up. But I didn’t bother saying anything to him as I could tell he was very pissed.

We were close to the party room and I could finally see now. I turned to look at Dimitri and saw how absolutely pissed he looked. I could tell he was trying to get rid of the pissed look because he would have to face everyone now, but it wasn’t working so well.

He let go of my hand, before entering the room. As soon as he entered, everyone yelled surprise before singing happy birthday. I walked in as well, and started singing with everyone else. I was trying to hold the surprise in as there were so many people here. It was insane.

After everyone was done singing, Dimitri thanked everyone and that was when everyone came and started surrounding him, trying to talk to him. I moved back, as everyone kept pushing past me to get a closer look at Dimitri.


The party was going great so far, except for the fact that Dimitri seemed pissed at me. I tried to hold eye contact with him, but he just wouldn’t bother looking my way. And I was starting to get really jealous of all the girls who were able to get his attention.

He had a whole flock of girls surrounding him and I didn’t like it at all. Especially because I could see him flirting with some of them.

He was easily the handsomest guy in the entire room. And he wasn’t even dressed up like the rest of them, yet he still managed to look so good.

Some guys came and tried talking to me but I brushed them all off, not wanting to take my eyes off of Dimitri. The only guy I wanted to notice me was Dimitri. But he was too busy flirting with all those girls. I hated how he was giving them all his charming, flirtatious smile, and how he let that one girl sit on his lap.

I didn’t feel angry, just upset. I knew I’d never get his attention, not when there were so many beautiful girls wandering around in this room. Of course, Dimitri wouldn’t be paying me any attention. I was nothing compared to them. They were all so gorgeous.

It hurt. It really did. I hated this feeling. This was so depressing. Everyone seemed to be having fun, except for me.

I tried to avert my gaze from Dimitri but it wasn’t working. The girl that was sitting on his lap, was kissing up his jaw, causing me to clench my hands into fists.

“Hey.” I heard someone say, and I turned to my right to see it was Pam. “You look so beautiful, Isabella!” She exclaimed as she sat down beside me.

“Thank you, but have you seen yourself, Pam? You look absolutely stunning!” I exclaimed, and she did.

“Thank you!” She beamed, before her gaze travelled towards Dimitri, the smile falling off of her face. She knew about my feelings for Dimitri, which was why she was looking at me with a sympathetic look now.

“You don’t need him.” She said quietly, causing me to shrug to show I didn’t care but we both knew I did. “Why don’t you go talk to some other guys? What about that cute guy over there? He’s constantly been sneaking glances at you.” Pam suggested.

“I don’t know.” I said, trailing off not really in the mood to talk to anyone else.

“Come on Isabella! Stop wallowing over Dimitri. Go have fun, meet new people. It’ll help you keep your mind off of him.” She suggested and I finally agreed. She was right. I should go meet some new people.

“That’s the spirit!” Pam exclaimed, smiling when she saw me getting up.

I sent a flirtatious smile at the guy that Pam pointed out and he smiled back at me, as he left his group. He started walking towards me, almost shyly. It was cute, I had to say. “Hi.” He said, when we were close enough. “I’m Sean.” He introduced himself, before taking my hand and kissing the back of it.

“Nice to meet you Sean, I’m Isabella.” I smiled at him.

“Nice to meet you too, Isabella. I feel so lucky right now, because I’m getting the chance to talk to the most beautiful girl in the room.” He said causing me to blush a little and thank him. He was awfully sweet. “Would you like to dance?” He asked and I smiled nodding my head.

He took my hand and brought me out to where people were dancing. He then wrapped his arm around my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. We danced like that for about only a minute before he looked up and behind me at someone. A sudden look of fear took over him, causing him to immediately pull away from me and walk away.

I stood there surprised, staring back at him, when I suddenly felt familiar arms wrap around my waist from the back, pulling me back into a hard muscular chest. A wonderful, familiar scent overtook my senses, as I felt a pair of glorious lips attach to my neck, pressing soft, lingering kisses up and down.

I closed my eyes and revelled in the amazing feeling, not caring who it was. All I cared was that it felt so good.

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