The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 36

Whoever it was, stopped kissing me and I slowly opened my eyes to see people around us staring. Some of the girls were sending me murderous glares, including the girl who was sitting on Dimitri’s lap. I also noticed Devon smirking at me.

I froze, looking around the room and noticed Dimitri wasn’t anywhere. If girls were giving me jealous looks and Devon was sending me smirks, that could mean only one thing.


I immediately pulled his hands away from my waist at that realization. I didn’t even bother turning around to see if it was Dimitri or not, because I knew it was. He felt like Dimitri. He even smelt like him.

I felt so embarrassed and angry. Literally everyone was staring at me. I immediately started rushing out of there. They all probably thought I was Dimitri’s human whore or something. How humiliating is that?

And Dimitri, I was annoyed at him. He couldn’t just ignore me the whole night, flirting with all those girls, and then decide to scare away the one guy I actually bothered talking to and on top of that, kiss me like that in front of everyone. What was more embarrassing was how easily I melted into his arms.

I did want him to kiss me but not after he’d been ignoring me the whole night and flirting with all those girls. I didn’t want him kissing me if he didn’t care about me. Which he obviously didn’t. He only cared about himself and what he wanted.

As I was rushing out of the room, I also managed to trip because of my heels and fall because apparently the world hates me and wants to ruin my life forever. Everyone was laughing at my pathetic self, causing my cheeks to blaze even more in embarrassment. I immediately got up and ran out of there. The whole room was laughing at me and I felt like crying. Tears pricked my eyes but I blinked them away.

I slowed my pace down a bit as I got farther and farther away from the party. The power was still cut off in the rest of the castle, so it was starting to get really dark and I couldn’t see anymore. I had to be really careful now, so I didn’t bump into something.

But of course, due to my bad luck I ended up bumping into something before falling again. Just as I fell, something heavy also fell on my foot causing me to cry out in pain. That’s when the tears were really threatening to fall out.

I tried pushing whatever that had fallen on my leg away which took me time to do, but I managed to do so. I cringed as I moved my feet as it hurt a lot to do so. I hope I didn’t hurt my ankle. I was seeming to constantly be getting hurt and it was starting to get really annoying.

All of a sudden, I noticed an outline of a dark figure making it’s way towards me. I couldn’t tell who or what it was, making me feel a little scared because everyone was at the party and wouldn’t be able to hear my screams if I had to let out any.

I tried to move back as the figure got closer, ignoring the stinging pain in my ankle. But I couldn’t move any further because my dress decided to get stuck in something causing me to mentally curse. I started to pull the dress out of wherever it was stuck, when I felt a hand rest on mine stopping me.

I looked up but I still couldn’t tell who it was as it was completely pitch black. The person leaned in closer and began undoing my dress from wherever it was stuck. Once I got a whiff of the person’s scent was when I realized it was Dimitri.

I pushed his hand away in anger as I didn’t want anything to do with him. I began to tug at the dress, just wanting to get out of there and away from him. I knew he was watching me struggle and it was making me uncomfortable, especially since I couldn’t see him.

After a few more moments of my continuous struggle, Dimitri gently grabbed my fingers in his hand stopping me. I tried to pull my fingers out of his hand but he wouldn’t let go.

“Dimitri, let go of my hand.” I said, my voice coming out quiet and shakier than I had expected.

He slowly let go before turning to my dress and pulling it out from where it was stuck. I took that as my chance and started to stand up but the pain in my ankle really hit me once I was halfway up, causing me to lose my footing and fall forward into Dimitri’s arms.

I groaned in annoyance as I tried to get away from him but it was too hard in my dress, and with my ankle throbbing as well. “Give up yet?” He asked, causing my anger to flare.

“Don’t talk to me!” I snapped feeling Dimitri’s warm breath against my cheek, causing me to move away slightly. Just then, Dimitri decided to get up off the floor with me held bridal style in his arms. I let out a small squeal in surprise as he did so.

“Put me down, Dimitri!” I yelled, pushing at his shoulders.

“Why are you so angry at me?” He asked, as he started walking, tightening his hold as I kept struggling.

“Are you seriously going to ask me that?” I exclaimed in disbelief. “Like are you freaking kidding me? You humiliated me in front of everyone, Dimitri! And did you forget how you were ignoring me the whole damn night, flirting with every single female in sight?But then as soon as I finally decide to socialize, you decide to come and ruin it all by...” I trailed off, my cheeks blushing at the thought of him kissing my neck. “Everyone probably thinks I’m your whore or something!” I exclaimed.

“No one thinks that.” Dimitri spoke up after a few moments of silence between us.

“How would you know Dimitri? You can’t read minds! And besides, it obviously seemed like I was, since you were going around flirting with everyone and then I let you... do that... afterwards. I’m not some whore Dimitri! I’m not like those girls! I’m not someone you can just use and throw away whenever you like! So stop thinking me equal to them!” I exclaimed in anger.

“I know you’re not some whore!” Dimitri exclaimed, him being the one sounding angry now. “I would never think of you as an equal to them. I would never do that.”

“Yeah because you think I’m even lower of worth than them.” I retorted back, causing Dimitri to abruptly stop. I knew he was glaring down at me even though I couldn’t see him. His whole body felt tense in anger and he had tightened his grip on me.

“Do you really think I’d be here with you right now if I thought of you as lower than them? Do you?” He demanded angrily. “No, I wouldn’t have been. I wouldn’t have given two shits about you if I thought you lower of worth than them! But I came, didn’t I?”

I stayed quiet as he continued carrying me to a couch before setting me down. I felt him kneel in front of me and take my ankle in his hand, removing my heels. I felt a slight bit of pain as he moved my foot around. “Your ankle seems fine, just a little bruised. You shouldn’t wear those heels.” He said still sounding pissed as he began removing the heels from my other foot as well. I moved my bruised foot and found it didn’t hurt when I wasn’t wearing anything on it.

“One second, let me find you something comfier and less tight to wear on your feet.” He said before I felt his presence leave me. He soon came back with a comfy pair of slippers that didn’t hurt my feet at all when I wore them.

A few moments of silence befell us before Dimitri broke it by asking me if I wanted to go back to the party. “No.” I immediately said, really not wanting to.

“Come on, Isabella. Devon would want to see you at the party. Pam would want you there too. And did you see Thomas? He was there playing with all the other children.” Dimitri said, trying to coax me into going back.

“I don’t get why you’re the one trying to convince me to go when you’re just going to ignore me the whole time.” I replied bitterly, crossing my arms.

I heard Dimitri sigh before he replied. “I wasn’t trying to ignore you.”

“Yeah, you were just too busy being a man whore.” I replied with notes of jealousy in my tone which were actually quiet obvious. I hoped Dimitri didn’t notice it but it seemed that he did.

“Does it bother you when I’m with those girls?” He asked causing my cheeks to heat up. Thank god it was dark and so he couldn’t see my cheeks turn pink. Well I don’t really know if he can see the colour of my cheeks, but I doubt he could.

“No. But it seems that it bothered you when I was dancing with Sean.” I retorted back, taking the attention off of me and putting it on him instead.

“I wasn’t.” Dimitri said, sounding emotionless. “I had all those girls with me, I didn’t need to have another one there.” He said referring to me. The way he said that, implied that I was exactly like them all but I brushed the comment off, not caring at this point.

“Whatever.” I said, shrugging.

“Let’s go to the party, Isabella.” He said, and I finally agreed but only because I wanted to show him that I didn’t care who he flirted with. And that I could get my own guys.

It was annoying how I had to hold onto him because I couldn’t see anything as we made our way to the party. Once we were getting closer to the party, I let go of his arm and started striding forward faster.

As soon as I entered the party again, there were some people who snickered but one look from Dimitri shut them all up. I looked around the room and immediately was able to spot Sean. I went up to him and apologized to him about what happened. He snuck a glance at Dimitri before returning his gaze to mine, smiling at me. “He won’t disturb us. I’ll make sure of it.” I said before we both walked out to where everyone was dancing. We both started dancing together as I kept sneaking glances at Dimitri. Dimitri had his gaze fixed on both of us the whole time causing me to smile internally.

Me: 1, Dimitri: 0

Everyone who was dancing started to switch partners as the song changed, so that’s what Sean and I did too. Once the song ended, I switched partners and ended up with a really snobby guy who kept trying to touch my ass like every two seconds. I was very grateful when the song ended so I could switch partners. My next partner I liked. He was very attractive and radiated off such a positive attitude. He was fun to dance with too so I was kind of sad that we had to switch partners.

The next partner I had, I was not happy with at all. It was Kenneth. It was very awkward with him. I kept my gaze to the ground and kept a certain amount of distance between us which wasn’t too hard since this was a fast song. But Kenneth kept pulling me closer to him, which was very awkward.

Near the end of the song, Kenneth was twirling me before he handed me off to my next partner. I slid into my new partners arms just as a slow song came on. I looked up to see who it was that I was dancing with next and was very surprised to see that it was Dimitri. I literally stood there frozen while everyone else had already started dancing.

He rested his hands on my waist before I finally decided to slide my hands up to his shoulders. I had to really reach up to wrap my arms around his neck because of how tall he was. He bent down slightly to make it easier for me.

We soon started dancing. As we danced, my gaze wandered everywhere except meeting up with his. I already couldn’t breathe and think properly, I didn’t need to look up into his eyes and become even more dishevelled than I already was.

He kept leaning in closer so I finally decided to look up. Our foreheads pressed together because of that and my breath started coming out even shallower than before. His intense red eyes seemed to be taking in my every move, causing me to look away again.

He suddenly leaned in even closer, his mouth right by my ear. “Why are you so tense?” He whispered loud enough for me to be able to hear him over the music. His lips kept involuntarily pressing against my neck as we danced, his warm breath hitting me as well.

“I-I’m not tense. You’re tense.” I immediately blurted out in response, not bothering to ponder on whether my response was stupid or not, which it obviously was. He chuckled against my skin, sending more vibrations through me. Vibrations that felt so good. I knew my cheeks were starting to turn pink because of embarrassment. “Dimitri, I don’t feel like dancing anymore.” I said, wanting to get away from him right away because I obviously couldn’t handle being near him, this close.

“Nuh uh.” He started in my ear again. “You danced with all those guys, including your ex, so I think I should be able to get a proper long dance with you just like all those other guys did. And besides, it’s my birthday. You shouldn’t be denying me this dance. If you’re getting tired, just lay your head against my chest, it’ll feel better. And then when this song is over, I’ll let you go. But I will be back again afterwards to continue. Or we could just dance through a couple songs all at once right now. Your choice.”

I didn’t say anything except laid my head against his chest so I didn’t have to look up at him and his handsome face. In this position, I could hear his heart and it was surprisingly beating rapidly. He looked so calm, you’d think his heart was beating at a normal pace but it really wasn’t. It almost matched up to the speed of mine.

Dimitri had one hand rested against my lower back, while the other one was lightly stroking my hair. I closed my eyes feeling really calm and relaxed now, listening to the soft music sway us.

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