The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 4

I couldn’t believe it. Almost everything about him matched with the man from my dreams. The same straight nose, soft plump lips and strong jawline. His dark mussy hair draped along his forehead just like it always did in my dreams covering his eyes slightly. His eyes. The only part of him that was different. They were beautiful in an eerie frightening way. Instead of the bright blue colour, they were a deep red colour with black sclera’s instead of the usual white that humans had. Not only were the colours of his eyes different but the softness was gone too, replaced by hard bitterness.

I couldn’t believe he was the guy from my dreams. How was that possible? He always saved me from the Demon King. How could he be the King himself?

Now that I think about it, last night in my dream he was suggesting the King to not be as bad as everyone thinks he is and proposed for him to actually have a heart. Maybe he said that because the whole time he was the King himself.

Even the demon that chased me in all my dreams immediately stopped when he saw me with my saviour. Maybe that was because my saviour was the King the whole time. It all made sense now.

Dimitri seemed to mirror my expression of surprise which surprises me even more. So many questions brew in my mind that I’m too hesitant to ask. Was he surprised because he had the same dreams as me?

“How is this possible Devon? How is she real? She’s supposed to be a figment of my imagination, not actually real!” He exclaims loudly, turning to Devon as if he has all the answers. From this it’s obvious that Dimitri’s had dreams about me just like I’ve dreamed about him so many times.

I feel Thomas hide behind me, clutching tightly onto my legs. I reach behind and grab his hand in mine trying to comfort him as best as I can.

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Devon asks confused as he looks between the both of us, when I see realization dawn on him with an almost surprised look. “She’s the human girl from your dreams, isn’t she?”

Dimitri nods his head, not lifting his gaze off of me. He then takes a few steps towards me as I stay put in my spot, not daring to move. “Isabella?” Dimitri asks and I hesitantly nod my head. He even knew my name.

We simply stare at each other for a few minutes when I decide to break the silence. “I’ve had many dreams about you too.” I say quietly, anticipating his response.

“I see.” He says as he walks up to me, grabbing my chin, not so delicately may I add, and lifting my face to make me look up into his dark gaze. He leans in really close, his musky scent filling up my senses. “I don’t know why we’ve both had dreams of each other, but whatever’s occurred stays in the dreams. Do you understand?”

I knew he was talking about the deep conversations, the warm hugs, the sweet, soft caresses and the passionate kisses that took place between us.

I nod my head, feeling disappointment and sadness. He had become an amazing friend in my dreams whom I had amazing conversations with and was an equally amazing lover as it had seemed that way in my dreams. But I had to remember that the dream Dimitri was nothing like the real life Dimitri.

“And don’t bother thinking you or your friends are ever going to have a chance surviving. I don’t give two shits about what Devon has to say.” He says sending Devon a pointed look after moving away from me.

“Dimitri, you can’t hurt those girls and Thomas. Please just let them survive. I doubt you’d need to hurt them anyways since-” Devon got cut off when Dimitri turned to him in anger.

“What? Already fallen for her?” Dimitri asks turning around to face Devon. “Don’t let your attraction for her fool you. It’s just lust.”

“What the hell are you going on off about? This has nothing to do about attraction or lust or whatever else you think.” Devon says with hard stern eyes staring back at Dimitri.

“Are you the King?” Dimitri asks, anger clouding his already dark and bitter eyes. “I don’t think so! So don’t order me to stop. And Devon you know torturing and killing is a hobby of mine. I can’t and will not stop doing something I quite enjoy.”

I was disgusted by Dimitri for enjoying something as horrid as torture and murder. What was wrong with him? Didn’t he have better things to do with his life?

“Is it really a hobby Dimitri?” Devon yells back in anger at his words. “Are you always going to pretend that that’s what it is?”

Dimitri glares at Devon, his jaw clenched and his hands tightened into hard fists. “It is a hobby. I get bored and torturing and killing is a way I use to quench my boredom.”

“You don’t have to torture and kill to get rid of your boredom. There are many other things you could do.” I speak up, causing both Dimitri and Devon to snap their gazes towards me.

“Such as?” Dimitri asks with his eyes trained harshly on me.

“I don’t know, maybe by reading a good book or watching a fun movie or-”

“I don’t read or watch movies. Don’t bother, nothing can fix my boredom the way torture and murder does. So don’t bother. Nothing you say or do can stop me from killing you and the other pathetic girls. In fact, I think it’s best I get rid of you right now.” He says, roughly grabbing my arms before I could do anything. He starts dragging me out of Devon’s house when I hear Thomas crying and Devon shouting at Dimitri to stop.

I start fighting him, kicking and punching. Doing whatever I can to inflict some sort of pain on him so he can release me. But nothing works. “Dimitri, please stop!” I hear Devon exclaim as he grabs onto Dimitri stopping him. “Please for me. If our friendship means anything to you.”

I can feel Dimitri tense up at Devon’s words before I see him close his eyes, contemplating what to do. I could tell he really valued Devon’s friendship. But was it enough to get him to stop his hobby?

“I’m sorry Devon.” Dimitri whispers as he starts dragging me out the door again. I start crying as I realize I was going to die. Nothing could stop Dimitri. I couldn’t believe I ever felt safe in his arms, even if it was just in a dream. He was a monster who so cruelly killed anyone he felt like without a second thought.

“No please don’t kill my Izzie. You already killed my family!” Thomas cried out, running towards Dimitri. He grabbed onto my leg, pulling on it, hoping it would work in keeping me here.

“So all our years of friendship is nothing to you, huh Dimitri? After all the things I’ve done for you, after all the things my family and I helped you get through, this is our payment.” Devon spits out bitterly.

“Devon, you’re friendship and kindness means more than anything to me. But I have to do this. You have to understand!” Dimitri exclaims but Devon simply shakes his head.

“You know what, fine! I won’t kill the girls and the little boy. I’ll let them all go but only on one condition.” Dimitri states causing me to sigh in relief and Devon to smile thankfully.

“What?” Devon asks Dimitri.

“If I only get to kill Isabella.” His words shocked both Devon and I. I looked up and met Dimitri’s hard gaze. What did I do to deserve this harsh end?

“Wait, what?” Devon spluttered out. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Why do you want her dead so bad? What did she ever do to you?′

Dimitri continued staring down at me with a hard look in his eyes. “She has to go.” He states causing me to look away from him.

“As long as you don’t touch any of the other girls or Thomas. You can kill me.” I state causing Thomas to burst out into more tears.

“No Izzie don’t leave me!” He cries out, making more tears slip down my face.

“I have no choice Thomas.” I say as I start sobbing. I turn to look at Dimitri with my blurry gaze. “Can I at least hug Thomas goodbye?”

He looks away nodding his head, letting me go. I immediately run towards Thomas, scooping him up in a tight hug. We’re both sobbing incessantly as we say our final goodbyes.

“Please don’t do this to them Dimitri. I mean look at them.” Devon says, pointing at the mess Thomas and I have easily become. “And you didn’t answer my question. What did she ever do to you?”

“It’s not what she did!” Dimitri yells frustrated and annoyed. “It’s what I... It’s what could... It’s... Ugh just forget it okay! It’s too complicated for me to explain.”

“You’re about to kill Isabella! A new friend I have made, a new mother figure to the poor innocent kid who’s family you already slaughtered to death, a friend to so many people, a sister to her siblings if she has any, and a loving daughter to her parents. You’re stealing her life out of existence. I think we all have the right to know why. And I don’t care how complicated it is. Give us a reason.” Devon yelled, sounding very angry.

“It’s none of your business!” Dimitri snapped at Devon.

“But it is my business!” I yell at him through my sobs. “I deserve to know. Why do you have to kill me? What will you gain from it?”

“Shut up!” He yells at me before grabbing my arm, roughly pulling me up. “Whatever the reason is, you’re dying anyways. It shouldn’t matter to you.” He then starts dragging me toward the door. Devon and Thomas try to convince him to change his mind but he doesn’t listen to them. He just keeps on dragging me along.

He pulls me roughly out Devon’s house and shoves me in the backseat of a carriage-like car. He then drives the carriage all the way to the castle before pulling me out by my leg, not bothering to care that my body hit the ground painfully. I cry out as he continues dragging me over the grass.

I decide to close my eyes as he drags me past the gate and inside the castle. My tears seep down the sides of my face. I knew I was going to die and so I don’t even bother trying to convince Dimitri otherwise.

I get dragged through many different hallways until we reach a dark, frightening room filled with all sorts of torture and killing mechanisms. I couldn’t believe he had a room for all this. I shouldn’t have been so surprised though since he did claim torture and murder as a sick hobby of his.

Dimitri roughly grabs me by my shoulders and pushes me down into a chair, strapping me down. He then grabs a huge sword-like knife. “I’ll do you a favour and make your death quick so you don’t have to feel too much pain for long at all.” He grumbles and I simply nod my head feeling numb.

“Please don’t hurt Thomas or any of the girls. But mostly Thomas. Please. He’s gone through so much pain already.” I manage to say in a shaky voice. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I chuckle to myself at the irony of this and my dreams.

“What’s so funny?” Dimitri asks.

“It’s funny how in every single dream I’ve had with you in it, I had always been running away from a demon because I thought the demon would bring me to the Demon King so the King can slaughter me to death. And in every dream, except the first, I waited for you to show up to save me from the King. But it’s funny how the whole time you had been the King himself. It’s funny how you saved me from yourself. And I fell for it. Had the dream have continued on for longer, I bet you would have eventually killed me. Wouldn’t you have? I don’t know if you had the same dreams as me, but if you did, you would’ve killed me right? I bet you were thinking about it the whole time.” I quietly say before closing my eyes.

Dimitri stays quiet for a minute or so before breaking the silence. “I’m going to do it now.” He whispers and I clutch my hands tightly around the chair handles waiting for the pain to hit me. I shook in fear not knowing what to expect.

I felt the air against my face as Dimitri pulled the sword-like knife up. And then I felt it once more as Dimitri began to bring it down with force. I kept my eyes closed tightly waiting for the knife to cut through my neck and kill me, once and for all. My journey through life was going to end today, at this very moment.

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