The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 41

We pulled away when we realized how late we were to dinner. Dinner wasn’t allowed to start until Dimitri was there so everyone must have been starving. I quickly brushed my hair out as it was a complete mess. Once I was done, I turned around, blushing a little when I noticed how intently Dimitri was watching me. “Hurry up Izzie, I’m hungry.” He said as he opened the door, motioning for me to walk through first. “Althooough.” He said, stretching the word out as he spoke. “I really wouldn’t mind staying up here and eating you out for dinner instead.”

My eyes widened instantaneously at what he said, my cheeks heating up turning the colour of a firetruck. I quickly walked out and turned around to look at him. But his back was facing me as he locked the door behind him. He then turned around and gave me the most fake innocent look ever. “What?” He asked, trying to hold his smile back. I just kinda stood there gaping at him.

He chuckled before grabbing my hand and pulling me along with him down the hallway. We walked in silence giving me a moment to think. To think about what was going to happen between us. He didn’t want to be with me because he was scared he would hurt me if he loses control, and the other problem is he’ll die soon if we don’t figure something out fast enough. It seemed like the whole universe was against our being together. I hated this so much. Why did we both fall for each other when we can’t even be together?

I glanced up at Dimitri and he seemed to be in deep thought too. I really wondered what he was thinking.

We soon reached the dining room and everyone was complaining about how hungry they were. Once they saw Dimitri enter, they shut up. Then, everyone’s gaze wandered down towards our hands which were held together, causing me to blush a little. Pam looked really surprised when she saw that. Then she looked up at me and smiled happily. I grinned back before waving at Thomas who was trying to get my attention.

Dimitri pulled my chair out for me, motioning for me to sit. “Thank you.” I said as I sat down. He then pushed my chair in before taking his own seat.

“This food is really good.” Dimitri said after taking a bite. He then got really close to my ear and whispered, “But you’d taste so much better. If only you had let me ea-”

“Dimitri!” I exclaimed cutting him off. “Stop thinking such dirty thoughts!”

Suddenly it became really quiet as everyone heard what I said. “How do thoughts become dirty? Did Dimitri’s thoughts roll in mud?” Thomas asked innocently causing everyone to laugh, except me because I was embarrassed and Shauna of course because Shauna hates everyone but herself.

“Thomas, eat your food.” I said as the laughter died down.

“And you can shut the hell up!” I whispered, pointing an accusing finger at Dimitri. He smiled, grabbed my index finger and kissed it before going back to eating. I glared at him as he continued eating. After a few seconds he looked up at me and met my gaze, grinning.

“Jealous that I’m eating this food and not you?” He asked, causing me to smack his arm.

“What is wrong with you?” I whisper exclaimed. “You’re never this dirty-minded, but suddenly your thinking all these thoughts.”

“I’m not suddenly thinking these thoughts. I’ve always thought them. I’ve had so many dirty thoughts about you, it’s insane. And I wouldn’t mind trying some of them out with you in the future. Or maybe all.” He said winking at me.

“If there even is a future.” I mumbled as I took another bite of my food. I glanced up at Dimitri and he wasn’t smiling anymore. He looked kinda angry at himself.

“Dimitri.” I whispered as I reached out and grabbed his hand in mine. He pushed my hand away, before suddenly getting up and leaving the dinner table.

I immediately got up and followed him. “Dimitri!” I called after him but he ignored me and kept on walking. “Dimitri, what’s wrong?” I asked softly once I caught up to him and grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks.

“What do you think Isabella? We can’t ever be together and I’m just making this harder and harder for you. I shouldn’t have kissed you. It was so stupid of me to do. I’m just making it harder and harder on you to get over me once I’m gone.” He said, causing me to exclaim in protest.

“Don’t say that, Dimitri! We’ll figure this out. Do you really think I’m going to let you just die? You have the whole of Rovana counting on you. Just imagine how many people rely on you to lead them. From what I’ve heard from Devon, everyone admires you a lot and many say that you’re the best King Rovana’s ever had.” I reached up and placed both my hands on the sides of his face, making him look down at me. “You can’t let all those people down. Dimitri, you have to try to get rid of this thing inside of you. And I know you said you’ve tried a lot, but maybe not hard enough. Because everything has a solution, no matter how hard it might be to find. It’s all solvable. And we will find it. We’ll find the solution. I know we can Dimitri. If only you’re willing to try, just one more time.”

Dimitri stayed quiet as he stared down at me with clear pain in his eyes. “I don’t want to lose you Dimitri! Please listen to me, Dimitri! Please believe we’ll succeed! Dimitri, I love you so much that I don’t think I’d ever be able to get over you. I can’t ever imagine being with someone other than you. No one could ever live up to you! So please try one more time!” I exclaimed, desperately.

He looked so torn as he cupped my cheek in his hand and leaned down to kiss me, but stopped right as our lips were about to touch. “We shouldn’t.” He whispered, referring to kissing.

I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck, holding tightly onto him. “Maybe we should.” I whispered before pressing my lips up to his. He gave in for a few short seconds but soon pulled away to my disappointment.

“Isabella, why are you making this harder on yourself?” He asked, softly stroking my cheek with the backs of his fingers, his eyes focused entirely on me, the sadness seeping through.

“Because I know we can find a solution, Dimitri. I know we can.” I said, and I was sure we could. Esther was right. She was right about me having to save Dimitri first if I wanted to save everyone else. And if Esther believed I could save him, then I knew I could.

Dimitri looked kind of angry now, and this time it was directed towards me. “Why are you being so stubborn Isabella? Forget trying, forget about all that. There is no way we can save me! I’m dying Isabella, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Unless I start killing humans again! But I know how much you hate that! And eventually, if I kill enough times, the Shadow will take over my body! There’s nothing we can do! Why don’t you understand? I’ve tried everything!” He exclaimed.

“I’m the one being stubborn? Me?” I asked in disbelief. “Look at yourself! You don’t even want to try to save yourself! I know you’ve tried a lot but at least give it one more shot! You never know what could happen. Maybe we’ll be able to save you and maybe we won’t. But it’s still worth a try!” I exclaimed.

“Okay then Isabella, if you think you can figure out a way to save me. Then go ahead! Do whatever you want! I’d like to see you figure this out.” He spoke almost mockingly, really annoying me. He honestly was so annoying and I wanted to punch him really hard sometimes.

“I don’t even get why I’m bothering with you!” I snapped in anger, before turning around to leave. Just as I took a few steps forward, I felt Dimitri’s warm strong arms wrap around me from behind, stopping me in my tracks. He then buried his face in my neck, nuzzling me.

“Go away.” I mumbled, even though I really enjoyed what he was doing and didn’t want him to ever stop.

“You’re so hot when you’re angry.” He whispered against my skin, causing me to shiver in response. I was going to say something to him but then he started pressing small soft kisses on the side of my neck making me forget everything I was going to say.

“I’m sorry if I’m being really annoying Isabella.” He spoke in between kisses, causing pleasurable sensations to course through me. “It’s just, I don’t want you wasting your time on me. I don’t want you to feel upset when your efforts go to waste. I don’t want you to hurt when I’m gone.”

“You can’t make me forget you. You can’t make me get over you Dimitri. No matter what you do it won’t work. If you try pushing me away, if you try avoiding me, if you try to do anything, it’ll be a failure because it’s absolutely impossible for me to forget someone like you Dimitri. I’ll hurt no matter what you do, so it’s better if you spend some time with me before you... leave. But honestly, I believe we can fix your problem.” I said, turning around in his arms to face him. His eyes softened greatly as he stared down at me, causing me to smile up at him. “You just need to believe that we can do it.”

“She’s right, son. Listen to her.” A voice spoke up causing both of us to pull apart as if we were doing something we shouldn’t have been. It was Esther who had spoken. She was smiling warmly as she approached us.

“You can be saved Dimitri. I see both success and failure as possible outcomes in your future. But it’s up to you to choose what path you want to take. You control your life. Not the Shadow inside of you.” She said smiling at him before turning to look towards me. “Isabella’s your guide. You’re very lucky to have someone like her to help you. But remember it’s not up to Isabella, it’s up to you. Don’t rely too heavily on her to fix your problems for you. This is all about you and how much control you have over what you want. Understand?” She said firmly causing Dimitri to nod his head. “Good.” She replied patting his back, before sending us both one final smile and walking away.

I turned towards Dimitri with a smug smile. “I told you so you Bitch!” I exclaimed, flipping my hair behind my shoulder all sassy and dramatic like. Dimitri just stared back at me with a blank look on his face for a few seconds, before he started laughing.

“I’m sorry but that was the most pathetic thing you’ve ever done.” He exclaimed in between his laughter. I glared at him, not understanding the humour in this. What I did wasn’t even funny.

I sighed as he continued laughing, causing me to stare down at my feet. I waited a few more minutes before he finally started to calm down. “You done?” I questioned in annoyance causing him to burst out laughing again.

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t even do anything funny!” I exclaimed in annoyance.

“It’s funny how you’re trying to act all cool, but you just end up looking really adorable.” He said grinning, causing me to shake my head at him.

“You’re just stupid.” I retorted back. “Now stop being so dumb, and go finish eating your dinner.” I said with arms crossed across my chest. He smiled and leaned in to press a kiss on my nose.

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