The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 42

It was late into the night and I made my way over to Dimitri’s room. I quietly slipped inside to find him sitting on his chair, drawing something in his sketchbook. He looked really focused, his tongue unconsciously sticking out as he worked hard on whatever he was drawing. It was really cute.

I walked up and stood in front of him, looking down at what he was drawing. It was me again. He looked up and smiled at me. He closed the sketchbook and placed it on the table beside him with the pencil. He then patted his lap, motioning for me to sit down.

I sat down, resting my head against his chest. I closed my eyes as he wrapped his arms around me and we stayed like that, sitting in pleasant silence for a few minutes before Dimitri spoke up.

“I never thought I’d ever fall in love.” He said softly, causing me to smile. “And I didn’t think it was possible for someone to love me too.” I stayed silent as he continued to talk, stroking my arm lightly as he did so. “I didn’t understand love. I didn’t get why people made such a big deal about it. People have done a lot of crazy things for love and I used to think them all so stupid. I used to think love was stupid. I hated it. Especially because of how it ruined my dad. When my mom left him, he was in such a horrible state of depression and I didn’t understand it. I didn’t get why he cared so much. Why he didn’t hate her. Why he was so willing to forgive her if she just came back. That’s what he told me. That he’d forgive her if she came back. I didn’t understand how he could so easily do that. I didn’t understand why he was so affected by my mom leaving. And I’m not saying that because I wasn’t affected, because I was, more than anything. But he was in so much a worse state than I was in. I was angry while he was upset, sad, depressed and he just never wanted to do anything anymore. It was like his whole world had ended.”

I wrapped my arms around Dimitri, hugging him tightly. We stayed quiet like that for a few more minutes before Dimitri spoke up again. “I finally understand it. I understand why my dad felt the way he did. I understand everything now. I understand love. As a child, I wished to never experience love especially if it was going to leave me the way it left my dad. But now, I don’t regret it. I don’t regret it at all. I’m happy that I got the chance to have a taste of something so beautiful. Now I can say that my life hasn’t been a complete waste.”

I felt like crying. He was so perfect. I felt like I didn’t really deserve him. “Dimitri.” I said, my voice shaking as I grabbed his face in my hands. I didn’t even know what to say. I stroked his cheeks with my thumbs. “Your life was never a waste Dimitri. Why would you ever think that?”

“Ever since the Shadow had taken over me, I’d lived knowing I would die soon enough. I lived in this fear for so long that I never got the chance to live my life the way I wanted too. All I ever did was disappoint people. I’ve disappointed Devon so many times, I can’t even count any more. I’ve disappointed all of Rovana because I let a shadow inside of me because of the stupid mistake I made. I’ve put all of Rovana in danger. And now I’ve put you in danger too. But I’m too fucking selfish. I can’t bring it in myself to push myself away from you, yet I’m not doing anything to get rid of the Shadow either. How much more selfish can I get?” He exclaimed, the disappointment for himself showing clearly on his face.

“You’re not selfish Dimitri. You’ve just lost hope. And I understand that. You just have to gain that hope again. And I’m willing to help you. I’ll do absolutely anything I can to help you. Just don’t push me away. Ever. Even if you feel like it’ll hurt me. Don’t push me away.” I whispered. “I don’t care if it hurts me. I just want to be with you at this moment. I just want to be happy for however long we can be. So no more negative thoughts, Dimitri. Okay?” I asked, as I leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

He nodded his head, before grabbing my face and pressing his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him slowly and deeply with as much passion as I could put into it. His hand rested at the nape of my neck, gently playing with my baby hairs there.

I pulled away from him after a few minutes, hovering over him as I opened my eyes. I noticed his eyes still closed as if he was scared that if he opened his eyes, this moment wouldn’t be real anymore. That’s how I felt at least. I leaned in a bit, softly brushing the hair away from his forehead. I then ran my fingers down his cheek, feeling every inch of his handsome face.

He soon opened his eyes, smiling at me. He then picked me up in his arms, and brought me towards his bed. “It’s getting really late.” He said as he laid me down on his bed. “We should go to sleep, especially if we’re going to spend a lot of time tomorrow trying to figure out how to get this Shadow out of me.” My eyes widened in surprise at what he said. He smiled nodding his head causing me to grin widely. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head down so I could kiss him again. He settled himself up on the bed as he hovered over me, and then leaned down and connected our lips together.

We both smiled as we kissed each other and it was honestly the greatest feeling ever. He suddenly pulled away and looked down at me, causing me to feel so mesmerized by his beautiful red eyes. They were glowing again, causing me to smile. He didn’t even have to tell me he loved me, because it was showing so clearly in his eyes. “I don’t think there’s anyone in this world who could ever be more beautiful than you, Isabella.” He whispered, staring so intently down at me. I blushed a bright shade of red causing Dimitri to lean down and kiss my warm, red cheeks. “I love it when you blush.” He said, smiling. I blushed harder at that, causing him to chuckle.

He leaned down and started leaving lingering kisses down my neck, causing me to sigh out in pleasure. “Dimitri.” I moaned out softly as he sucked at the base of my neck, most likely leaving more hickeys than he’s already left. He then brought his mouth up hovering right about my lips, but not touching. Every time I’d lean up to press our lips together he’d move back, teasing me. It was starting to make me feel really frustrated. He moved his mouth towards my neck now, but again he wouldn’t press his lips down, he’d just hover, his warm breath hitting my skin, teasing me. I grabbed his head and tried to bring his head down but he wouldn’t budge, just simply laughed at my failed attempts. “Dimitri!” I complained when he brought his lips down towards me again, but didn’t touch them against mine.

“What?” He asked displaying fake innocence, with a sly smile sneaking up on his face.

“Stop doing that and just...” I stopped when I noticed him smirking.

“Just what?” He asked, causing me to glare at him. “Come on, Sweetheart. Tell me what you want me to do?”

If he could play this game, then so could I. And so I pushed him away from me and pushed him down so he was laying on the bed now. He was still smirking, but he wouldn’t be anymore, once I was finished with him.

I got on top of him, straddling him. I leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, slipping my hands underneath his shirt. As I kissed him, I lifted his shirt up inch by inch, until I had to break away from his lips to remove it completely off of him. He helped me take it off, and I threw the shirt far away from us.

I almost froze as I stared down at his beautifully sculpted chest and abs but right now it wasn’t time for me to ogle him. It was time for me to drive him insane.

I leaned down and started kissing down his chest towards his abs. I felt him tense up before he relaxed, letting me kiss him. I inwardly smirked as I felt him tense up again, once I reached his abs and still kept kissing downwards. “Isabella, what are you doing?” He spoke breathlessly once my lips reached the hem of his pants. I gently caressed the skin right above the hem of his pants, with my tongue, causing him to take in a sharp breath.

I started unbuttoning his pants, causing him to grab onto my hands and stop me. “Don’t Isabella.” He gritted out, causing me to push his hands away and continue undoing the button. Once I got the button, I unzipped the zipper causing him to tense up so much. “Stop it Isabella.” He growled out.

I grinned up at him, pulling his pants down. My eyes instantly widened at how big he was. He was wearing his boxers but you could still so easily tell how huge he was. I mean, I knew he was a demon and that demons are definitely a lot bigger than humans, but I never thought their dicks would be equally as much bigger than a humans. I gulped as I got up and sat on top of him, rubbing myself against him, causing him to groan loudly.

I smirked as I watched him moan in pleasure. Just then I immediately stopped and got off of him, running out of his room, leaving him all frustrated.

I laughed as I ran away. That’s what he gets for trying to tease me. That’s whats called revenge.

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