The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 47

The next hour Shauna taught me everything about seduction and I concluded that I was going to fail so badly. Shauna was completely natural at it, but I was such a failure. Pam was dying of laughter at my attempts and I could tell Shauna was trying not to.

“You guys are so mean. This stuff is hard.” I complained while glaring at both of them.

“It’s really not.” Shauna said still trying hard not to laugh.

“I agree with her.” Pam said, in between her laughter.

“Shut up! It is for me.” I stated glaring at them and feeling really uncomfortable with just a bra and a thong on. If I felt uncomfortable like this in front of Shauna and Pam, then I have no idea what I’m going to do when Dimitri is there. “I don’t think I can do this Shauna. And I feel self-conscious in front of you two, so who’s to say I won’t be worse in front of him.”

“Why are you so self-conscious? You’re gorgeous!” Pam exclaimed.

“I can understand how that feels.” Shauna said. “I got judged for how I looked everyday. But honestly Isabella, you don’t have anything to be self-conscious about. Ignore all the rude comments I made about you and your looks. They aren’t true. And Pam is right, you are gorgeous. That’s another reason I was a bitch to you, because you’re pretty and I wanted to make someone perfect feel bad for how they look. And you’ve got a nice body too, everything a man would want in their girl.”

I was blushing now and quietly thanked them both. “I disagree with what you say Shauna. I don’t have a thigh gap like you and Pam do. My stomach isn’t flat enough, my ass and my hips are too big, and my boobs aren’t big enough. And have you seen the girls Dimitri’s been with. They’re all perfect in every way. I can’t live up to that.” I explained as I put a robe on.

“Oh my god, Isabella. Any girl would kill to have your ass! And your hips are not too big!” Pam said causing Shauna to agree.

“Isabella stop comparing yourself to all the other girls Dimitri’s been with. Dimitri will find you more attractive then them. Because all the girls he’s been with are similar looking, so he’ll enjoy you being different. And Isabella you have a better ass than all those girls. I’d be so happy if my ass looked like yours. You’re boobs aren’t small either, you’re a c-cup and that is not small. Believe me you don’t want a d-cup like me, because big boobs are annoying. And you’re stomach’s just fine, I don’t get what you’re talking about. I’m telling you beforehand Isabella, Dimitri will love your body. I’ve had a lot of experience with guys to know what they like and what they don’t, and you have nothing to worry about. Now get up, we still have more to practice. I promise you that you’ll do fine with a little more practice.” Shauna said grabbing my arm and pulling me up.

“No, I can’t do this.” I said, sitting back down.

“Yes you can Isabella! You don’t have to be that good at seducing. All Dimitri needs to do is simply look at your body and he’ll be aroused. That’s how it works with guys. But the reason I’m teaching you to seduce is to convince him to sleep with you. Because Dimitri’s hardheaded and seems stubborn, so it’s going to take a bit to convince him. So get up.” She said, pulling me up again.

“Fine.” I said getting up. “But I have a question Shauna.” I said.

“Go ahead.” She said, waiting for my question.

“Did you sleep with him?” I asked, really scared of her answer. I didn’t want her to say yes. And thankfully she shook her head saying no.

“We’ve kissed but never any further than that.” She said causing me to look at her with surprise.

“Now let’s practice.” She exclaimed. “You’re going to go to his room and stay there with your robe until you notice him show up. You’re going to pretend you didn’t notice him there and slowly remove your robe. Copy me. Try to do it like I do.” I watched her as she slowly and gracefully removed her robe, exposing one part of her body at a time.

I tried copying her, removing it slowly and letting one part of my body be revealed at a time. I knew I wasn’t graceful at all but once I was done Shauna smiled at me in approval while Pam clapped. “See, you’re getting the hang of it. That was perfect.” Shauna said. “Let’s continue on.”

After an hour more of practicing, Shauna made me take a bath with all sorts of amazing smelling essential oils designed to make me smell ultra sexy, as Shauna likes to say, and make my skin really soft.

Once I was done, I got sent to Dimitri’s room, more like forced I should say. Pam and Shauna literally dragged me there when they were sure Dimitri wasn’t there. Now I was just standing there in a pink satin robe, waiting for Dimitri to show up. Underneath I was wearing a black lacy bra with a small pink satin bow in the middle with a black lacy thong.

I felt really nervous about this. I was scared he would compare me to all the other girls he’s been with and I was also scared of how much of a fool I was going to make of myself. And then on top of that, I was scared of the pain I’d feel, especially since demons are a lot bigger than humans and since this would be my first time. Shauna said when she had sex with Kenneth at the whorehouse, it actually hurt her a little at first and sex isn’t supposed to hurt when you’re not a virgin but it hurt her. She said it was more like a small pinch, but from what I know, you’re not supposed to feel that. Especially if you’re like Shauna and having sex all the time. So I didn’t even want to imagine how much it was going to hurt with Dimitri. But I trusted and loved him and was willing to go through that because afterwards it’d be so worth it.

Suddenly I noticed some movement from the corner of my eye. It was Dimitri, he was finally here. I slowly grabbed onto my robe, pretending I didn’t notice him there at all and began removing my robe just like Shauna had showed me. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I threw the robe on the ground and slowly and seductively stretched my arms up in the air, giving Dimitri the chance to enjoy every part of my body as Shauna had said. I noticed Dimitri simply standing by the door, not moving. I couldn’t see his full reaction since I wasn’t facing towards him.

Once I was done stretching, I reached down to pick my robe up, making sure to stick my ass out towards him, the way Shauna told me too. I secretly glanced at Dimitri and noticed him watching me intently, his gaze fully focused on me, his mouth hanging open. I then slowly straightened up and noticed him closing the room door quietly. I smiled to myself because he thought I had no clue he was in the room when I actually did.

I draped the robe on a chair before turning around only to bump straight into him. I froze as he wrapped his arms around my bare waist, all of Shauna’s teachings escaping my brain. His fingers were sending so many tingles through me as he caressed my exposed skin.

I slowly looked up and met his strong gaze with mine and right then and there I was a complete goner. I stood like that frozen before snapping myself out of it. I tried wracking my brain for something Shauna taught me until I finally remembered something. I remember she told me to make my eyes look all big and innocent which I did as I pressed myself tight up against him, making sure to add a little movement of the hips. I could see the clear lust in his eyes and I knew it was working.

“What are you doing Isabella?” He asked, sounding a little breathless, his eyes hooded with lust.

“Admiring how sexy my King is.” I spoke with a soft lilt to my voice, slipping my hands underneath his shirt and gently feeling his abs and muscular chest, trying not to completely lose myself in how good he felt.

He pulled me impossibly closer to him, and leaned down to press his lips against mine but stopped just before. He suddenly pulled away from me, taking a step back. “I know what you’re doing.” He said with a look of anger on his face. “How stupid do you think I am?”

“Doing what?” I asked trying to make myself look all innocent and as if I had no clue what he was talking about.

“Don’t act dumb with me Isabella!” He said as he picked my robe up off the chair and passed it to me. “If you think sleeping with me would have worked in letting you stay here, then you’re wrong. I never thought you’d ever have sunk so low. I mean come on Isabella, seducing me to get what you want? That’s low. Have some respect for yourself and maybe some respect for my decisions.”

I felt like crying. I knew I had made such a big fool of myself. And he was right, it was low of me to try and seduce him to get what I want. But I was only doing it for his own benefit. I wanted to help him so badly.

“And it’s so nice to know that the only reason you want to sleep with me is to convince me to let you stay. Really makes me feel good.” He spoke with annoyance and anger clearly showing through his voice. He looked so disappointed with me.

“I’m so sorry Dimitri, I just... I want to help you but you won’t let me. I know there’s a cure but you don’t want to believe in it. Dimitri I care so much about you, you have no idea. And I want you to get what you’ve always wanted. To be free from this horrible thing inside of you. And as for the sleeping thing, I wasn’t doing it just because I wanted you to let me stay. That was just half of it. But I was also doing it because I actually wanted it. I’ve always wanted to wait until marriage before losing my virginity so I could be sure that it was my true love I’d be with. But I already know you’re the one for me. I want you to take me Dimitri. I trust you and I love you so much. If you don’t then I’ll be a virgin forever because I am not letting anyone I don’t truly love to take it. And I don’t think I can ever love anyone after loving someone as amazing as you.” I was blushing the whole time as I said the part about wanting him to take my virginity but it was true and I wanted him to know it.

He silently stared back at me, quietly taking in my words. “If you don’t want me to stay then fine. But I still want you to take my virginity.” I whispered, looking down at the ground.

“Are you sure Isabella? You’re making everything harder on yourself. Do you not realize how hard you’re making it for yourself to get over me?” Dimitri said as he gently caressed my cheek, making me look up at him.

“Dimitri I’ll never get over you! So what’s the point? If you are going to send me back to Earth and leave me forever, then I want to spend as much time with you as possible with the time that I do have with you. So yes, I’m sure. I want this Dimitri. I want to be with you in that way. I’m ready for it.” I said as I looked up at him waiting for his response.

“I wish I had known earlier, so I could make everything perfect for you. I want your first time to be special. But I can’t be patient, especially with you standing in front of me like this.” He said as he wrapped his arms around my bare waist, his eyes clouding over with lust. He grabbed the robe out of my hands and threw it away from us.

He then began to run his hands up and down my bare back as his lips descended hard on mine, claiming them. I closed my eyes relishing the feel of the rough yet soft quality of his lips moving hard and passionately against mine. His hands slipped down to rest against my ass as I wrapped my arms around his neck, and began tangling my fingers in his soft, dark hair. He groaned as I played with his hair, gently tugging at it.

I gasped in surprise and shivered when I felt his hard on against me. I could feel how huge it was. He suddenly picked me up in his arms, his hands holding me up by my thighs. He pressed my back against the wall, doing all this without breaking our lips apart. But I soon had to come up for air and so I pulled away.

Feeling a sudden bout of confidence, I reached down and grabbed his package through his pants, causing him to hiss. “Don’t do that Isabella!” He growled out, taking hold of my wrist causing me to giggle. But I didn’t listen to him and instead I reached down and grabbed him with my other hand.

“Fuck! Stop it Isabella!” He yelled now as he grabbed my other wrist as well and pinned both my arms up above my head, holding them there with his left hand.

“Don’t test my patience Isabella! I’ll lose control and take you hard, and then you won’t be laughing anymore. It’ll hurt you. So don’t ruin my patience. I’m trying to be gentle and go slowly, just for you. I’ve never been gentle with anyone before. So please, don’t push me. It’s for your own good.” He said seriously, causing me to frown. He was going to be so dissatisfied afterwards. This was going to be absolutely boring for him, especially if he likes sex to be rough.

He reached down and pressed kisses against my neck before I stopped him. “What?” He asked as I pushed him away and unwrapped my legs from around his waist, my feet touching the ground now. “Isabella, what’s wrong?” He asked as I moved away from him. I didn’t want to do this if he wasn’t going to enjoy it. I don’t know why I ever thought he’d like this.

“Isabella, are you angry that I stopped you? Because I’m sorry for that. But I honestly will lose control if you had continued that. And I don’t want to hurt you.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“No, I... I don’t want to disappoint you. You clearly like things rough, and you won’t get that from me, especially not yet since this is my first time. I don’t know how to do this. I won’t be good at it. I’ll suck and you’ll just end up bored.” I said, as I pulled away from him.

Suddenly I felt him grabbing me from my waist and throwing me down onto his bed. “I’m sorry sweetheart, but you’re all mine tonight. You can’t just walk away from me like that.” He said as he got up on the bed and hovered over me. “You won’t disappoint me Izzie. How could you think that? You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this from you. And I don’t get why you think I’d be bored. This will be exciting for me and far from boring. Especially because I’m going to have such a hard time trying not to completely ravish someone as sexy as you.” He said just before he buried his face in the crook of my neck, placing tiny, soft kisses up towards my ear. “You wanna know a secret, Izzie?” He whispered, nibbling on my ear, causing me to shiver and sigh. “You’re not the only one nervous about this. I’m nervous too, just like you.”

“What?” I asked in surprise, grabbing his face so he was looking down at me. “Why are you nervous? You’ve had sex so many times before?” I exclaimed, not getting why he felt nervous at all.

“Yes I’ve had sex many times. But, I’ve never made love before. So this is just as new to me as it is for you.” He said smiling down at me. I grinned up at him before pulling his face down and crashing my lips hard against his. We kissed passionately, enjoying each other before he pulled away and began kissing down my jaw, towards my neck. I had my eyes closed, truly feeling every bit of how Dimitri was making me feel. I savoured every precious bit of this moment. I never wanted to forget it.

He began sucking at the base of my neck, before nipping me sharply causing me to gasp out as I felt a little bit of pain mixed with pleasure. It felt great. I slipped my hands underneath his shirt and began running my fingers up his muscular back. I then grabbed his shirt and began tugging it upwards wanting it off. Dimitri chuckled before pulling back and removing his shirt himself. “Getting eager, aren’t we?” He said chuckling. “Don’t worry babe, you’ll get to see me naked soon enough.” He said winking causing me to glare at him.

“Let’s be real, you probably want to see me naked more than I want to see you.” I said causing him to chuckle again.

“Sweetheart, you have no idea how many wet dreams I’ve had about you. You gasping and writhing in pleasure underneath me to you screaming my name, to you taking control. So many fantasies, yet so little time. But I’ll be living one of them tonight.” He smirked as he started kissing me down my collarbone and in between the valley of my breasts down towards my stomach. I sighed as his wonderful lips travelled over my body making me feel sensations I’ve never felt before. Wonderful, warm sensations. Suddenly his lips reached the hem of my thong causing me to gasp. I felt the nervousness build up again, causing me to tense up.

I was sure Dimitri noticed because he started kissing me back up again, looking up at me as he did so, closely watching my reaction. His lips reached all the way up to my breasts, causing him to stop and pull away. He looked down at me and stared straight into my eyes as he slowly slid my bra straps off my shoulder. I think he was trying to see if I’d stop him, but I wasn’t going to. Even though I felt really nervous. He then knelt down and pressed soft, gentle kisses to my bare shoulder as he slipped his hands underneath my back and undid my bra clasp. I immediately shut my eyes close in nervousness. He was going to remove my bra and I was scared he was going to judge me.

My heart was beating so fast as he slowly slid my bra off of me, the cool air hitting my breasts. I could feel Dimitri’s gaze inspecting me. “Isabella, open your eyes.” He spoke gently, caressing my cheek lightly. I shook my head, not wanting to see disappointment and dissatisfaction in his eyes. “Come on love, open your eyes for me.” He softly coaxed me but I shook my head again. “Why not?” He asked.

“I don’t want to see your disappointed reaction for when you look down at my ugly self.” I stated quietly. It was quiet for a few moments before Dimitri decided to speak up.

“Open your eyes Isabella, right now!” He demanded, sounding angry all of a sudden. But I kept my eyes closed. “Isabella, I’m waiting! Open your eyes.” He said, causing me to finally give in and slowly open my eyes. I looked up at him to find him staring down at me with anger, but it was ironic because his eyes were glowing with so much love at the same time.

“I want you to look up at me and keep looking at me as you see how I admire your beautiful self, because you’re honestly the most stunning woman I’ve ever met. And I don’t ever want to hear you calling yourself ugly, unless you want to experience my wrath. Understand?” He asked firmly, causing me to quietly nod my head.

“Understood.” I spoke quietly, causing him to smile.

“Good girl.” He said before his gaze travelled down towards my body and onto my breasts. He suddenly smirked as he looked down at me. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to suck on your rosy buds.” He said before going down and placing his mouth over my breast, causing me to gasp out in surprise at the sudden pleasure I felt as he began sucking on it. “Dimitri.” I sighed out as he kneaded my other breast with his left hand.

He circled my nipple with his tongue, causing me to squirm in pleasure. I suddenly arched my back up as he lapped at my nipple with his tongue. I let out so many moans, feeling really embarrassed but I remember Shauna told me not to be embarrassed about it and that guys love it when a girl moans loudly.

I realized the warmth and dampness in my thong that had been building up as Dimitri sucked on my nipples. I was wet. Really wet. But I couldn’t help it. Not when Dimitri knew how to work his mouth that well.

Once he was done his assault on my left breast, he moved to my right giving it the same attention as the first. He played with my nipple and pinched it in between his index finger and thumb, causing me to moan really loudly as I felt the pleasure course through me. He also nipped at the nipple that was currently in his mouth, causing me to gasp and arch my back in pleasure.

“Dimitri!” I gasped out his name as his fingers slid down towards my thong. He slowly slipped his fingers inside, feeling the pool of wetness in between my legs, causing me to gasp.

“Fuck, you’re so wet!” He growled out as he pulled the thong down my legs and completely off me. I then immediately grabbed his hand and brought it to my core, wanting him to touch me. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted him to touch me and never stop.

He chuckled at my eagerness, as he rest his fingers against my core not doing anything but just simply watching me squirm. I was starting to feel really frustrated. “Dimitri, please.” I moaned out causing him to grin down at me.

“What?” He asked as he watched me go absolutely insane.

“Dimitri, please, I can’t handle it!” I exclaimed taking ahold of his hand and trying to move it causing him to laugh as he pulled his hand away. And that’s when I realized, he was getting revenge for what I did to him. Now I knew how it must have felt when I left him frustrated the way I did that one day.

“What do you want me to do, Sweetheart?” He asked softly causing me to almost start crying because of how much I needed him.

“Touch me Dimitri! Please!” I cried out just as Dimitri started moving his fingers against my clit, making pleasure shoot up through me like electricity.

“You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, Izzie. I knew it would be hot watching you writhe in pleasure, but I never expected you to be this fucking sexy.” He whispered as he circled my clit with his fingers, driving me more than insane.

He suddenly stuck a finger inside of me causing me to cry out. “Shit Izzie, you’re clenching onto my fingers so tightly.” He growled out as I closed my eyes shut with pleasure. He then slowly started pumping his fingers in and out, getting faster and faster by the second.

I cried out as he got faster and started pumping me harder and harder. My heart was racing as pleasure coursed through my body. “Dimitri, Ah!” I cried out as he stuck two more fingers in at the same time. I could feel my walls clench really tightly around his fingers causing him to groan. “Oh goodness Izzie, I’m imagining how that would feel if my dick was in you right now.” He groaned as he got me to relax myself a bit so he could pump his fingers inside me. He went hard, causing me to cry out as pressure built up inside me. I was about to come, I knew I was going to but he stopped before I could, causing me to mentally curse.

He removed his fingers out of me, causing me to cry out in frustration. I needed him. This was too much, I needed him so badly. But all I could do was watch as he hungrily licked all my juices off his fingers. “Fuck, you’re so delicious!” He said, before he grabbed my thighs and pulled them far apart. He then brought his face in between my legs watching me squirm as I somewhat patiently waited for him to do something.

He then attached his hot mouth to my core and and began sucking hard, causing me to cry out in indescribable pleasure. “Dimitri!” I cried out as he kept sucking every inch of me.

He suddenly stuck his tongue out and began lapping at the juices, causing me to arch my back up in pleasure and moan out loudly again. And then he stuck his tongue inside of me, causing so much pleasure to erupt inside of me. He swirled his tongue around causing me to cry out his name. He then pulled away again before I could climax, causing me to groan in frustration.

“I can’t fucking take it any longer. I need to be inside you.” He said as he wrestled his pants and boxers off. My eyes widened, my mouth dropping open as I saw how huge his dick was, especially with his boner. His normal dick size would probably be equivalent to a human’s largest possible dick size with a boner. But since Dimitri had a boner, it was even bigger.

I felt scared and nervous now. This was going to hurt a lot. And I could tell Dimitri knew I felt scared, because he was looking down at me with an assuring look on his face. “I promise you, everything will be fine. Yes it will hurt at first especially considering how tight you are, but it’ll feel so good afterwards I promise.” He whispered soothingly, causing me to nod my head.

“I’m ready.” I whispered, causing him to get a condom and put it on before positioning himself against my core. I closed my eyes tightly, anticipating the pain when I heard Dimitri tell me to open my eyes. “I want you to look at me Izzie. Okay?” He said, causing me to nod my head. “Now relax Sweetheart. The more tense you are, the more it’ll hurt.” He said softly causing me to relax my muscles as best as I could. “Good girl!” He said smiling at me. “Now Isabella, you have this one chance to say no and to tell me that you don’t want to do this. Because after that, I won’t be able to control myself and stop. So are you sure you want this?” He asked causing me to eagerly nod my head.

And just as I said that, he slowly slipped himself inside me causing this horrible tearing pain to rip through me, causing me to cry out in pain. Dimitri began to gently kiss my tears away, whispering soothing words about how strong I was and how much he loved me. After a few minutes the pain subsided a little and Dimitri moved more into me, causing me to cry out again. “I’m so sorry Sweetheart.” He whispered, kissing my neck.

“Are you fully in me?” I asked causing Dimitri to shake his head. “Only halfway.” He said causing me to close my eyes shut. This pain was too much. And I could tell I was putting Dimitri through torture too, because he was used to being rough during sex. But with me I was making him wait so I could adjust to his size. Once the pain went away again, he slid himself out of me, before pushing himself in me again, but with more force so he was completely inside me this time. I screamed out in pain, as Dimitri wrapped his arms around me, holding me close to him. “Shhh, it’s okay Sweetheart.” He whispered, as he stroked my hair. I held onto him tightly, my eyes closed shut as I waited for the pain to subside. I tried to ignore the pain and focused my attention on Dimitri and the warmth radiating from his body into me. I felt comfort as I focused on his fingers gently tracing my skin, his lips pressed softly against my neck.

I heard him groan, his hold tightening on me. I could tell it was taking a lot for him to control himself but he was doing it for me and I loved him so much for it. “Izzie baby, please tell me your good now.” He groaned out, as he let go of me and clutched tightly onto the bedsheets, not wanting to hurt me with his tight hold. I nodded my head as only a little bit of pain was left.

He tried to smile at me but it looked more like a grimace because of how much torture I had just put him through. He slowly started moving out of me and then in again causing me to sigh and moan. It felt so good now that the pain was dimming and was being taken over by the pleasure.

He started off slow and starting building his speed up, causing me to clutch the bedsheets now as the pleasure began to build up. “You’re still so fucking tight Izzie, I fucking love it!” He groaned out as he thrust harder and harder. I began crying out as the sensations of our love making got more and more intense. But every time the pressure had built up to its max and I felt like I was going to come, he’d slow down again drawing it out more. “Not yet baby.” He’d say in his deep, husky, breathless voice. “I want to feel every bit of you and how wonderful it feels to be inside of you like this.”

I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, feeling him go even deeper inside me, causing me to moan out. I heard him groan in pleasure, causing me to smile in satisfaction. I was glad that he felt good and not bored like I had expected. We went like that for more than half an hour before Dimitri really started thrusting into me with high speed and power. I could feel tears falling down my face at the high intensity of pleasure I was feeling. It felt so good and every few seconds I’d cry out Dimitri’s name and tell him to go even harder. And he listened and went impossibly hard at me, the pleasure building up so much, I couldn’t think straight any longer. Dimitri had completely consumed all my senses, overpowering me in every way possible.

I felt like I was really going to come now and I could tell Dimitri was about to let loose as well. And soon before we knew it, we both hit our highest peak of pleasure and climaxed. At that moment I screamed Dimitri’s name so loudly, I’m sure everyone in the castle heard me. But I didn’t care because I had just experienced the most amazing thing in the world with the one person I truly loved. Dimitri.

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