The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 50

School had just ended today and all my friends and I decided we’d go out tonight. Callie, a friend of mine had finally turned eighteen last week so we were all eligible to go hit the club. We all decided we needed a break from school and the girls had been wanting to get really drunk for a while now and this was their chance. I was the designated driver so I wasn’t going to drink tonight. I was quite happy with that, since I’ve never drunk alcohol before.

I had just finished getting ready, wearing a black dress that was way too short on me and showed way too much cleavage. Nina said I looked hot but I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it. The dress wasn’t even mine, it was Callie’s and Callie was a lot smaller than me.

“Just wear it Isa!” Sally, another friend of mine said causing me to sigh. I grabbed a cardigan, just in case I felt too uncomfortable in it. Once we were all ready, we left the house and got into my car. I drove us all to the club, the girl’s all excited to be free from school for the weekend. I should have felt happy too but I didn’t. I didn’t get what was wrong with me. It clearly wasn’t school that was bothering me as it was the weekend now and I was away from school for two whole days. But if it wasn’t school, then what was it?

We soon reached the club and met up with Callie, Sally and Nina’s boyfriends. I always felt a little weird hanging around them when they were with their boyfriends because I felt like I was hardcore third wheeling. More like seventh wheeling, actually. But what could I do? I wasn’t going to say no every time they all wanted to hang out.

As soon as the girls saw their boyfriends, they immediately ran up to them and either kissed or hugged them. I rolled my eyes, causing them to laugh at me. “You’re just being like that because you want someone of your own Isa. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone.” Sally said causing me to shake my head.

“Nah, I don’t think I want to be in a committed relationship yet. Besides, no one interests me at the moment.” Except for the guy from my dreams, but that was a whole other story.

“You don’t want commitment?” Callie’s boyfriend spoke up. “Does that mean you want to keep a ‘Fuck me but don’t develop feelings’ kind of relationship?” He asked laughing.

“No!” I exclaimed. “Not at all.” I said. Everyone laughed because they all knew I was saving my virginity for until I find the right guy.

“Isa’s too classy for that.” Nina said smiling amusedly before we all decided to make our way inside. As soon as we walked inside, we heard the loud club music blaring loudly, a faint smell of alcohol in the air. Everyone immediately ran off to the dance floor, calling me to join them.

I told them I didn’t really feel like dancing yet so I just stayed to the side and watched them. I sat down on the chair just as I heard someone say, “Hey sexy, why don’t you sit that pretty little ass of yours on my lap?” I looked behind me and noticed a dark haired guy, in his late forties probably, flashing me a sleazy smile.

“No thank you.” I said quietly causing the guy to come up to me and grab my shoulder roughly. But before he could say or do anything, another guy with bleach blond hair showed up and grabbed the man’s arm, pulling it off of me.

“Don’t ever touch her again, or you’ll have to deal with me.” The blonde-haired guy threatened, causing the other guy to glare and walk away. Once the guy was completely gone, I turned to the blonde-haired guy to thank him. “Thank you so much!” I exclaimed sincerely causing the guy to smile at me before sitting down.

“No problem. I’m Devon by the way.” He said holding his hand out for me to shake.

“Nice to meet you Devon. I’m Isabella, but my friends and family like to call me Isa.” I said shaking his warm hand. There was something a little different about Devon, something I couldn’t really place. I searched his face for something but couldn’t find anything.

“Isa.” Devon said testing my name out just as a fiery red haired guy appeared, calling Devon’s name until he finally noticed me, a look of surprise taking on the features of his face.

“Isabella! We’ve been looking for you! You have to come back! Everything’s going absolut- Ow!” The red-haired guy exclaimed, rubbing his side where Devon just elbowed him. I felt kind of creeped out how the red-haired guy new my name and how he said that they were looking for me. I decided that, that was my cue to leave.

“Hey, um, my friends are probably looking for me. So I think I should get going.” I said causing Devon to grab onto my arm.

“Sorry Bella, but you’re friends can wait.” Devon said as I tried pulling my arm out of his tight hold.

“Let go of my arm!” I demanded trying to show that I wasn’t scared, but in reality I was. Devon and the other guy looked really strong and everyone here was too drunk to realize something might be wrong. “I’ll scream!” I threatened causing Devon to chuckle.

“No you won’t Bella. Now come with us, we promise we’re not here to hurt you. There’s just some things we need to discuss that we can’t really discuss here. Just give us one chance.” He said causing me to shake my head no.

“I’m not stupid! I know what guys like you do. I don’t trust you.” I said causing Devon and the other guy to burst out laughing.

“What guys like us do?” Devon asked laughing really hard. “Bella, we can do worse things than what you’re imagining. We all can do horrible things. You can do horrible things. But we’re not here for any of that. We just want to talk, and explain some really important things to you. And you out of everyone in this room, should be the least scared of us. So let’s go.” Devon said pulling me up, but I resisted and stayed seated.

“Isabella, please this is important. I know you don’t remember anything but we’re not going to hurt you. Devon’s a really good friend of yours and I’m... Well I’m your ex, Kenneth.” The red-haired guy, Kenneth said causing me to stare back at him in shock. Did he just say I was his ex? I’ve never had a boyfriend ever in my life before. My gaze travelled to Devon and what I concluded was that these two guys were absolutely insane or they were mistaking me for someone else. Either way I wanted to get away from them.

I wrenched my arm out of Devon’s grasp. “I’m sorry but I don’t know any of you. You’re clearly mistaking me for someone else.” I started walking away from them when I felt one of them grab me again. I felt lightheaded suddenly and stumbled a little. I was strangely really tired and had to struggle hard to keep my eyes open. But soon I gave up and surrendered to the heavy sleep overtaking me.


I felt a bright light shining on me and heard two voices arguing. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting as the light directly hit my eyes. I blinked a bit, slowly adjusting to the light as I tried to lift my hands up to rub my eyes. I couldn’t. My arms were tied down, causing fear and panic to settle in. I quickly looked around trying to figure out where I was, but all I could see were white walls with the old paint chipping off at the corners, and cobwebs hanging off the ceilings. The room was empty except for me and the chair I was sitting on as well as the two guys, Devon and Kenneth who were standing off to the side continuously arguing.

I tried to wrench my arms out of the tight rope but all I was doing was causing myself pain. Devon and Kenneth noticed me awake and immediately came up to me. “I know this doesn’t look too good but we promise we won’t hurt you.” Kenneth immediately spoke up causing me to glare at both of them.

“If you’re not planning on hurting me, then what do you want?” I demanded, my eyes narrowing in on them. Devon smirked.

“Even when you’ve been kidnapped and tied up by two guys who you don’t remember at all, you still manage to throw in your demanding, feisty personality. Phenomenal.” He said causing me to roll my eyes.

“I’m not scared of you two pathetic excuses of men.” I spat out causing Devon to laugh. I also noticed a small smile creeping up on Kenneth’s face too but it quickly washed away when I looked up at him.

“You see Bella, you’re not scared of us because deep down you know who we are and you know that we’d never hurt you.” Devon said causing me to shake my head.

“You guys are wrong. I know nothing about you two. There’s clearly something wrong with you two because we have never met before.” I said causing Kenneth to sigh while Devon stared down at the ground, seeming to think hard about something.

“Dimitri. Do you remember him?” Devon suddenly asked causing me to straighten up and pay close attention to what he was saying.

“Dimitri?” I asked, the name sending shivers down my body but in a good way. There was something about the name that felt so familiar but I couldn’t quite put my tongue on it. “No.” I said when I couldn’t seem to figure it out.

“You loved him.” Kenneth spoke up causing me to look up at him in shock again. “He loved you too, still does in fact and probably always will. He took all your memories of him to protect you from himself. He is-”

“Hold up, hold up.” I said cutting Kenneth off. “First you tell me you’re my ex and that Devon’s a really good friend of mine. Then you tell me that I was in love with some guy named Dimitri, who’s also in love with me and that he took all my memories away to protect me? Do you guys not realize how stupid you sound. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me that Dimitri is actually the Demon King and that you two are Demons as well.” I said rolling my eyes at how stupid this all was. “If this is some prank, it’s not funny. Now untie me and let me go.”

Kenneth and Devon exchanged looks before looking down at me again. “Well you see Bella, we are Demons. And Dimitri is the Demon King.” I stared at both of them in disbelief. I couldn’t believe how stupid they were to think I was dumb enough to believe a word they said. “You don’t believe us do you?” Devon asked.

“Ding ding Sherlock! You finally get it!” I exclaimed as I slumped down into my chair with a bored look on my face.

“We have to show her that we’re demons first, or she won’t believe a word we say. Take your contacts off.” Kenneth said catching my attention. This should be interesting.

“Now watch us Bella.” Devon said as he started taking his contacts off revealing dark black eyes that reminded me of pits of darkness. Even his sclera’s which are supposed to be white were black. Kenneth removed his contacts and revealed dark eyes as well. I’ve heard Demons have eyes like that so I kind of felt a little fear settle in.

“I still don’t believe you.” I said, my voice shaking a little.

“Look at our teeth, they’re pretty sharp compared to human teeth.” Kenneth said as he lowered his face closer down to me so I could take a look at his teeth. And they were really sharp just like Demons were supposed to have.

“I s-still don’t believe you.” I whispered out, stuttering. I didn’t want to believe it. They couldn’t be Demons. Whatever they were telling me, couldn’t be real. It was starting to get harder and harder to convince myself otherwise.

“Watch me.” Devon said as he took a knife out of his pocket and cut deep into the skin on his arm. I flinched as that looked really painful. Blood started oozing out as he brought his arm close to me. “Watch my arm closely.” He said as he grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood away. Once he wiped the blood away I saw the deep cut and within a few seconds it started healing. And after a couple more seconds, the cut completely healed leaving no mark, no nothing to show that there had ever been a cut there.

I gaped at both Devon and Kenneth with shock and fear. I definitely believed them now. “Do you believe us now?” Kenneth asked causing me to nod my head and start shaking in fear.

“Look, you have nothing to be afraid about. We just have to explain a few things to you.” Kenneth said causing me to nod my head.

They immediately jumped into explaining everything from how I had been chosen to be sent to Dimitri with 19 other girls, about how Dimitri and I fell in love, to these evil creatures called the Shadows that plan to take over Rovana and Earth and lastly to Dimitri erasing everyone’s memory, including me, the 19 girls and everyone else on Earth.

“And now everything’s in chaos. Dimitri’s a mess without you Isabella. He’s fallen into a horrible state of depression. He needs you. Tomorrow he’s planning on surrendering himself to the Shadow inside of him. Only you can stop him. We all tried and it’s not working and we’re so sure that you’re the girl from the prophecy. You have to be!” Devon exclaimed, begging me with his eyes to believe him.

There was a huge part of me that believed every word he said. But there was still that one small part of me that didn’t want to. This didn’t seem real. I loved Dimitri, the Demon King? The freaking Demon King? Never in a million years had I ever imagined that to happen. It was insane to think. A normal girl like me, who could never get any of the human guys she’s liked to like her back, got the Demon King to fall in love with her. The Demon King, our worst enemy?

“How can I help someone I don’t even remember?” I asked, not sure what else to say. The Demon King has always been someone I hated with a passion. I couldn’t imagine ever loving him.

“You just can Isabella. He loves you, and he’ll do pretty much anything for you. Just help us, please!” Devon said, sounding really desperate.

Now that I thought about it, everything made sense. My dad told us yesterday that the Demon King wasn’t taking any girls in this year, and that was because he already had and just removed everyone’s memories of that happening. It made sense why I didn’t feel any attraction to the guys at my school anymore, because deep down I still want Dimitri. I still love him. My memories might have been erased, but my feelings were still there. I just can’t seem to remember them.

“Fine. I’ll help you. And if there’s some way we can bring my memories back, I’d really appreciate that. Because it’s scary knowing so much has been erased from your mind.” I said causing Devon and Kenneth to smile at me.

“Thank you.” Devon said grinning as he began to untie me.

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