The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 51

Kenneth left to check for a portal that could take us to Rovana while Devon continued untying me. Once he was done, he stood up and I did as well. “Okay, let’s go find Kenneth. He should have a portal ready by now.” Devon said as he dropped the rope off to the side. Just as he turned to drop the rope, I grabbed the chair in my hands and swung it hard, hitting him in the head.

I watched as the chair broke against his head, nothing happening to him. He turned to look at me causing me to bolt out of the room in fear. I had to get away from them. They were insane, thinking they could convince me of their lies. This was all a trick to capture me and take me to the Demon King so he can kill me, just like he’s killed all those other humans in the past. I wasn’t stupid.

I ran down the street when I heard someone tackling me down to the ground. “I got you!” Devon exclaimed as I cried out in pain. I had fell down hard onto the rough pavement scraping and bruising myself. “Shit! I hurt you, didn’t I?” He asked as he immediately started inspecting the scrapes and cuts. “I’m so sorry Bella, I didn’t mean to! I make stupid decisions sometimes!” He exclaimed causing me to glare at him before wincing as I clutched onto my ankle in pain. I felt really scared suddenly. I better not have sprained my ankle or else I won’t be able to run away from them. But of course, due to my horrible luck, I did sprain it as it hurt a lot to move.

“You idiot! And you say I’m the idiot!” Kenneth exclaimed when he saw me on the ground, hurt. “You do realize, Dimitri’s going to kill you. And he’s not going to care that you’re his best friend.”

“I said I was sorry!” Devon exclaimed before looking at me. “Isabella, I really am, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“Dimitri’s not going to care that you apologized idiot. You hurt her and now you’re going to die. Don’t worry, I’ll prepare your coffin for you.” Kenneth said causing me to laugh, until I remembered the situation I was in and shut up. I didn’t get how I could just laugh at his joke as if everything was okay. I was being kidnapped for goodness sakes! But maybe, I did know them. Maybe that’s why I so easily laughed at his joke. But no, that couldn’t be possible. They were tricking me.

“Look Devon, Kenneth, whoever you are. Please let me go! I’ll do anything, just let me go.” I begged, hoping one of them would listen.

“If you help us save Dimitri, we’ll let you go.” Devon said causing Kenneth to nod his head. “We promise.”

“You also promised you weren’t going to hurt me.” I stated matter of factly as I stared back at Devon, my arms crossed across my chest. “But what’s that I feel? Oh right, that’s pain. In case you’re dumb brain couldn’t process it, you just tackled me to the ground, causing me to sprain my ankle and get all these scratches. Oh and don’t forget the bruises that will soon form.” Devon grinned sheepishly at me before he gathered me up in his arms. “I’m really sorry, Bella!”

“Isabella, you have to help us! You have to believe us.” Kenneth exclaimed causing me to shake my head. “Well too bad, you’re still coming with us.” Devon said as he started walking.

“What! No put me down!” I exclaimed just as Kenneth opened the portal and Devon jumped in. I screamed as we got consumed by the darkness and a deja vu feeling hit me, as if I had done this before but in a different circumstance.

Suddenly, Devon hit the ground landing on his feet. I had my eyes closed but soon opened them, looking around. “Welcome back, Bella! This is Rovana by the way and we’re inside Dimitri’s castle.” Devon said causing me to look around. I had to admit the castle was absolutely beautiful and I would have took more time to admire it if I wasn’t put into the situation I was currently in.

“Devon, please let me go! Please! I’ll honestly do anything!” I begged causing Devon to sigh in frustration.

“Okay seriously Bella, I told you already, I’ll let you go once you help us. It’s really not that hard to understand. And besides once you see Dimitri, you’ll probably be drooling all over the place and imagining all sorts of creative ways to fuck him. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if your panties become soaking wet.” Devon said causing me to look at him with a horrified look on my face.

“What? Don’t look so horrified. You’ve fucked him before so-”

“Um what!” I exclaimed in shock at what he just said. But then I remembered that this all wasn’t true and that he was just making stuff up. Obviously I wouldn’t have given Dimitri, the Demon King may I add, my virginity. That doesn’t sound like me at all. But then again, I wasn’t sure. I kept getting this weird deja vu feeling. Everything Devon’s saying could be true, I mean it did make sense, but then it didn’t. I felt so confused. But one thing I know for sure is, that I did not lose my virginity. “I don’t believe you.” I told him.

“Really now? Because I still remember the day you guys did it. I was walking by Dimitri’s room and I heard you crying out his name in pleasure and believe me, I know how that sounds. I’ve been with enough women to know that. But that finale scream that you did was like wow. Didn’t think you could scream that loud. If only I could get my girls to scream that loud. Dimitri must be real good.” Devon kept going on and on and I felt more and more horrified. If what he was saying actually happened then this was so embarrassing. This was humiliating. But no, he was lying. He had to be.

“Are you going to let me go or not?” I asked but both Kenneth and Devon ignored me as they walked up to a room and opened the door. They walked inside and the first thing I noticed was how messy everything was. There were broken shards of glass on the floor along with broken chairs and vases and a whole lot of other stuff.

After that I noticed a really muscular, shirtless man standing off to the side, his back facing us. I felt my heart beating really fast suddenly as I admired the shirtless man from behind. He was hot and I hadn’t even seen him from the front yet. Just his back.

“Dimitri.” Devon called causing me to tense up. This was the Demon King. The fucking Demon King. I was freaking out on the inside now. I kind of wished what Devon said was actually true about Dimitri and I being in love because from what I can tell from the back, this guy was gorgeous.

“What do you want Devon?” Dimitri spoke quietly in his husky, very sexy voice. It sent shivers down my spine, especially when I realized how familiar it was to me. But what really got to me was how broken he sounded. I wanted to sympathize with him but how could I with someone who enjoyed killing humans? And besides, I didn’t know him at all. Or at least that’s what I think, because Devon and Kenneth could definitely have been telling me the truth.

I had this sudden urge to go and hug him. I didn’t like the way he was standing like that, hunched over and his voice, the sadness clearly showing through. He was hurting and you could clearly see that.

“Dimitri, turn around.” Kenneth said causing Dimitri to let out a long sigh as he slowly started turning around. I held my breath the whole time as he did so until he fully turned and I got a good look at his face. I gasped in shock, not believing this. He was the one from my dreams. My saviour. And he was even hotter in person. Fuck, he was really attractive and I was so screwed.

The only thing different about him from my dreams was his eyes. In my dreams, his eyes were blue, but in person they were red. I had to say I loved his red eyes more, they made him look even hotter. They just worked so well on him and I know I sounded insane saying that. I mean, it’s red eyes that I’m talking about. Something so unusual.

His eyes widened greatly, before a harsh look of anger set in but thankfully it was directed towards Devon and Kenneth. “What the fuck is she doing here?” He roared in anger, throwing the lamp off the table in anger. He used so much force in that one push, that the lamp went flying and hit the wall to my left. I flinched and tensed up in fear. He really didn’t want me here and it wasn’t good.

“Dimitri look we can explain-” Kenneth started but got cut off by Dimitri.

“Why the fuck are you carrying her Devon? Who the fuck gave you permission to touch her? She’s mine!” Dimitri growled out, really scaring me. But I had to admit, he sounded really hot saying I was his. And that’s when everything hit me full force. He said I was his! Does that mean Devon and Kenneth were telling the truth this whole time? Or does that mean that I’m his to kill? I really hoped it wasn’t the latter, but it made sense to be. Dimitri was the Demon King who killed humans, and I am a human so he definitely wanted to kill me. I was shaking in fear at the thought and just wanted to get out of here.

“Look Dimitri, you’re really unstable right now. We know the decisions you made have been really hard on you but just listen to us. We can help you.” Devon said, fear starting to run on into his voice now too.

“Why the fuck is she still in your arms? Put her down!” Dimitri roared out, causing Kenneth to take a few steps back. I felt even more scared knowing Kenneth and Devon felt fear.

“She sprained her ankle...” Devon whispered quietly.

“And how the fuck did that happen?” Dimitri growled causing Devon to exchange looks with Kenneth.

“I, kind of um... tackled her to the ground and... she might have hit the pavement really hard getting hurt.” Devon spoke, his voice shaking slightly.

“You what!” He roared out as he walked up to us, his eyes blazing with anger, his jaw clenched tight. “Give her to me!” He growled out causing my eyes to widen.

“No Devon don’t, please!” I exclaimed in fear, as I pressed myself against Devon holding onto him tightly. I then noticed the look of hurt that took over Dimitri’s anger for a few seconds before the anger came back.

“I said, give her to me!” He yelled causing Devon to walk over and hand me over. I immediately shut my eyes close in fear as I felt Dimitri grab me.

I sighed out as I felt warm tingles flow through my body at Dimitri’s touch. I was really surprised at how good it felt and at how gently he was holding me. It was as if he was scared I was going to break. That’s how gentle his hold was.

“Leave.” He growled out at Devon and Kenneth, causing me to open my eyes. I watched as they left the room, leaving me alone with Dimitri. I felt really scared and nervous now. I didn’t want to be left alone with him.

Dimitri carried me towards the bed and laid me down on it, his face inches away from mine as he hovered over me. His intense red eyes roamed all over my face as I stared up at him in awe. I wanted to reach up and run my fingers along his strong jaw, feeling the roughness of his stubble on my fingertips and then I wanted to drag my fingers up towards his perfectly carved, smooth-looking lips. Most of all, I wanted to run my fingers through his dark strands, wanting to know whether his hair really was as soft as it looked. But I kept my hands laying down beside me.

He suddenly moved back, roaming his eyes down my scantily clad body, causing my cheeks to heat up. In fact, my whole body felt like it was lit on fire under his strong gaze. I knew this dress was too revealing and I really shouldn’t have worn it, but it was too late now.

His eyes soon settled on my ankle before he reached down and grabbed it, causing me to let out a whimper in pain. I reached my hand out to grab his hand to pull it off of my foot but he firmly gripped my wrist with his other hand stopping me. He, while keeping his gaze on me the whole time, leant down and pressed a small, gentle kiss to my ankle. I gasped at how amazing it felt. His lips on my skin. It was a small kiss but suddenly I was craving for more. He then brought my hand up to his mouth, and kissed the scratches on my palm as well. I couldn’t believe he had just kissed me twice. The hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my entire life, kissing me. This was a shock, a really big shock to me.

He suddenly rest his hand on my stomach, causing me to hiss out in pain. He tensed up and immediately pulled his hand away. “I’m going to fucking kill Devon!” Dimitri growled out as he grabbed the hem of my dress and started pulling it up slowly, causing me to gasp out and push it back down.

“What are you doing!” I exclaimed in disbelief. I couldn’t believe he was about to pull my dress up.

“I just want to check to see if you have any bruises. Move your hands away please Sweetheart.” He said softly causing to shake my head.

“No. I’m fine. I don’t need you to look! And you can’t just pull my dress up like that!” I exclaimed.

“Why not?” He asked causing me to gape at him.

“What do you mean, why not? You can’t just do that! Don’t you have any manners?” I exclaimed, not believing this at all. How could he think it okay to do that?

He leaned down, his mouth really close to my ears. “Sorry love, but I don’t.” He whispered out, his lips lightly grazing my earlobes, causing me to shiver. He then moved back and looked down at me. “Especially not with you.” He winked causing me to blush really hard.

I couldn’t believe any of this was happening. This all had to be a dream. It had to.

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