The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 54

I woke up the next morning at Devon’s house. I stayed at his house at night because I didn’t want Dimitri to know I was here or else he’d send me back to Earth. Devon’s parents were really nice and let me stay.

While I was sleeping I had many dreams filled with my hidden memories and I was so happy. I remembered everything by the next morning. I remembered receiving the letter from the government telling me I was chosen. I remembered coming here and how Dimitri almost killed me but then decided not to. I remembered all the arguments we had together. I remembered the first time I realized I loved him and our first kiss. I remembered everything, even losing my virginity, which I can’t believe I forgot. How could I forget something like that?

I felt really angry at Dimitri but my heart hurt for him as well. I understood why he took my memories away but he should have at least given me a chance to try to fix things.

I walked out of the bedroom to find Devon and once I saw him, I ran up to him and hugged him. I then pulled away and smacked him on his head with my hand. “You stupid idiot!” I exclaimed, hitting him again causing him to move away letting out a stream of curses.

“What the hell, Bella!” He exclaimed staring back at me wide-eyed. “First you hug me, then you hit me? This is the exact reason why I’ll never understand women!” He pouted. You could still the sleep in his eyes. He must have just woken up. Poor guy, getting beaten up as soon as he wakes up. The thought really made me laugh.

“Don’t ‘what the hell, Bella’ me! You are so dumb sometimes like please, someone help me. Like come on Devon, did you really have to sound that creepy at the club?” I asked, shaking my head in amusement at him.

“You got your memories back didn’t you?” He asked with his eyebrows raised, causing me to shake my head. He smiled before I came in for another hug, causing him to frown and move away again. “You’re not going to hit me again, are you?” He asked, causing me to hit him again, just for asking.

“God damn, stop it!” He exclaimed in annoyance. “Why the hell does Dimitri even put up with you? You’re so annoying!”

“Because Dimitri’s not dumb and stupid! Actually he is, he’s very stupid for making that dumb decision of erasing my memories but... That’s not the point.” I said quieting down as I went in and hugged Devon. Devon wrapped his arms around me as I softly started crying.

“Shh Bella, don’t cry. I know you can save Dimitri. I believe in you. And I know you’ll do anything you possibly can to save him. I know you can do it.” Devon spoke softly.

“But what if I fail?” I asked, pulling away, my voice shaking.

“You won’t.” He said giving my shoulder a firm assuring squeeze. “Now what’s our plan?” Just as Devon finished his sentence, we heard a loud booming noise, causing us both to jump in surprise.

“What was that?” I asked on alert. A look of horror was on Devon’s face as he realized something. “Devon!” I exclaimed, shaking him to snap him out of the trance he just fell in.

“It was Dimitri! He just surrendered himself to the Shadow! I read about the ritual somewhere once and it talked about the loud noise we just heard. This is bad! This is very bad!” Devon was freaking out while I just stood there in shock.

He did it. He surrendered. Of course he would have by now. He did say he was planning to surrender himself today. But for some reason that didn’t click into my brain until now.

I closed my eyes, taking in deep breaths to calm myself. Esther believed I could save him. She said that all I had to do was believe I could. And that’s what I was going to do. I was going to believe I could. In fact, I don’t even have to try to believe because I know I can.

I remember when I was chosen and how I thought my life was over and how I’d never see my family again. I thought I’d die within a day of being sent here to Rovana. Every single girl in the past had. But I lasted months. Months. And I fell in love with the one person I never would have expected. The Demon King. If all that was possible, then it was possible to still save him.

I ran out of Devon’s house, him following right behind me, as I made my way towards the castle. I ran as fast as I possibly could. I had no idea what I was going to do but I had to see Dimitri. I pushed past the guards, none of them bothering to stop me. I’m sure they all had come to hear about my relationship with Dimitri by now.

“Isabella, maybe we should think things through!” Devon yelled behind me but I kept running.

“There’s nothing to think!” I yelled back as I ran through the hallways, trying to find out where Dimitri was until all the lights turned off and I was submerged into complete darkness. It was completely pitch black and I couldn’t see anything at all.

“Devon!” I called out but I got no response which I found so weird because he was just a bit behind me. “Devon, where are you?” I called out, not knowing what to do or where to go since it was so dark. “Dev-”

“Devon’s gone, sweetheart.” I heard a voice say causing me to freeze up in fear and surprise. I wanted to say it was familiar but it wasn’t. His voice. It was so cold. So distant. So detached. This voice belonged to Dimitri. It sounded like his voice. But it wasn’t him.

I felt him walk up behind me and curl his arms around my waist causing me to tense up in fear. I felt him lean down, his icy cold breath washing over me, before he pressed a kiss on my neck. I shivered and not in a good way. This wasn’t Dimitri.

Suddenly he slammed me hard into the wall, causing me to flinch at the pain that erupted in my back from the hard slam. Before I could say or do anything, he had his hand curled around my throat squeezing the life out of me. I choked, my eyes bulging open. I tried to claw at his arms, hoping he’d let go, but he wouldn’t. My body desperately needed oxygen.

The pain was horrible as he kept pressing harder and harder while I tried to pull his hand away from my neck. Tears slid down my face as I could slowly feel my life draining away. I didn’t have enough strength in me to fight him. He was too strong.

The pain was unbearable. I really needed oxygen. I never thought I’d want something as bad as I wanted oxygen. I needed it so bad. I needed it now. I felt all the energy slowly leaving my body, just as Dimitri finally let go, causing me to tumble to the ground. I started coughing, immediately taking in deep, painful breaths of air, trying to soothe the stinging pain.

Dimitri or the Shadow, or whoever the hell he was, stood there laughing as I was hunched over on the ground, trying to ease some of the pain. I felt him kneel down in front of me, causing me to scoot back in fear. “This is what happens to little bitches like you, who decide to ruin things. You were supposed to die as soon as you reached Rovana!” He growled out the last part in rage as I silently cried, clutching my sore throat. It hurt so much.

The lights suddenly turned on causing me to close my eyes and look down as the light was too bright. And also because I couldn’t bear to look at Dimitri’s face.

Dimitri suddenly grabbed a fistful of my hair, yanking my head up hard causing me to flinch at the pain shooting through my head. I kept my eyes closed as I absolutely couldn’t look at his face. But that seemed to piss him off as he yanked my hair again, yelling at me to open my eyes.

More tears slid down my face as I slowly opened my eyes, to find the face I loved so very much, looking back at me with hard, cold eyes, and a small malicious smirk gracing his lips. Everything inside me broke. Seeing him broke every part of me.

“I hope you enjoyed that pathetic little romance you had with Dimitri, because it’s all over now.” He spoke condescendingly, while he grinned. “I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.”

“Oh but don’t cry, Izzie. I haven’t killed you off when I so easily could have. Just a heads up though, you’ll soon be wishing I did.” He said chuckling as he got up, pulling me up by my hair, causing me to gasp in pain. I tried to say something, tried to call out to Devon, but I couldn’t speak properly. “Oh poor you, can’t talk.” He said as he started dragging me somewhere.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m still keeping you alive. That’s probably what you were trying to say.” He said, smirking down at me. “Don’t get hopeful though. It’s not because I’m starting to feel love for you again because I’m far from that. In fact, I want you to suffer. I want you to suffer and feel the pain I felt whenever you and Dimitri got all annoyingly lovey dovey and gushy with each other. Love is fucking painful. And you will feel all the pain I felt. And when I feel you’ve paid off your debt, I’ll kill you. No happy ending in any of this Izzie. So you can completely let go of any hope you feel. You won’t survive. I’ll fucking make sure of it.” He said as he angrily shoved me into a small, dark room.

I collapsed hard onto the ground, as Dimitri laughed at me again. “It’s so funny how you’re still looking at me as if I’m going to come and love you again. You clearly didn’t understand the first time, so let me tell you again. Dimitri’s gone. He’s long gone. And you’re going to die soon after I teach you what real pain feels like.” I felt so exhausted, at this point I wasn’t even listening to what he was saying. All I wanted was to go to sleep and somehow mend my broken heart.

He then shut the door, locking me there alone in the pitch, empty darkness. I slowly crawled to the wall, resting my back against it as I cried. I let all the pain out as I sobbed. I cried for hours and hours, the tears seeming to be never ending. I just couldn’t stop. I mean how could I? How could I when the love of my life was planning on torturing and killing me? How could I when I couldn’t have the one thing I wanted? How could I when Dimitri just got ripped away from me? How could I when my whole world just fell apart in a matter of seconds? How the hell could I?

Everything hurts. Physically and emotionally. It all hurt so much. I need Dimitri back. I love him so much. I need him to come back. I need him to make everything right again. But I knew that couldn’t be. There was nothing left to hope for. Nothing left to believe in. This was it. This was how my life was meant to end. This was it for me.

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