The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 6

“And I care because...” I said trailing off, trying to show Dimitri that I didn’t care if he didn’t find me attractive. Because I didn’t. His words hurt but I didn’t care if he found me attractive or not. He can think whatever he wants. He’s entitled to his own opinion. But it would have been nice if he kept it to himself.

“Well you were trying to seduce me so-”

“I wasn’t trying to seduce you, oh my goodness!” I exclaimed cutting him off. He was really starting to get on my nerves. “You’re honestly dumber than you look.” As soon as I said that, I regretted it. Dimitri looked angry. Very angry as he got off his bed, stalking towards me.

I stood my ground. I wanted to show him I wasn’t afraid even though I so badly wanted to back away from him. And so I kept the expression on my face neutral, not letting any regret or fear for what I said to show through. I wanted to show him that I was strong and that nothing he said or did could tear that away from me.

“I’ll show you what I do to people who think they can insult me and get away with it! I’ll make you wish you never insulted me!” He growled out, pushing me hard against the wall. I winced at the pain but still stood my ground.

“How? By killing me?” I laughed bitterly. “I’ll definitely regret insulting you after I’m dead. Because, you know, people can feel emotions such as regret after they’re dead.” I sarcastically snapped back.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed me hard against the wall again, causing me to flinch. “You’re so damn annoying!” He grounded out through clenched teeth. His face was red with anger.

I smiled mockingly at him, trailing a purposely seductive finger down his hard chest. “Am I seducing you now?” I asked sarcastically. He growled out angrily, pushing me away from him so hard that I lost my balance and fell to the ground, on my back. I groaned in pain, knowing bruises would be forming. I hated how I bruised so easily. It was so damn annoying.

“Leave my room right now before I decide to back up on my deal and kill you right here, right now!” He yelled pointing towards the door.

I grinned up at him to piss him off even more. “You’re very sensitive, aren’t you?” I asked causing his scowl to deepen.

“I said leave!” He roared. I then decided to finally scramble to my feet and leave. I grinned to myself as I heard a crashing noise from behind me. I totally owned him back there. Everything I said, he knew was right, which was very satisfying to think about. The bruises on my back were totally worth the satisfaction. It was quite funny how he thought he could insult me and everything was okay. But when someone insults him, he can’t seem to handle it. What a hypocrite.

I decided to go find Devon as I had nothing to do now. I walked around the entire castle, getting lost like a billion and one times. The castle was just so big. I eventually came to a room where I found Devon making out with a girl. I recognized her as one of the girls that came down to Rovana with me and the others. She had light brown curly hair and light blue eyes. Her name was Olivia, I think. She was very shy as she hadn’t said a word to any of us. I smirked when Olivia saw me standing at the doorway because she immediately pulled away, a really deep blush spreading across her face, as she ran past me out the door.

“Wow, thanks for scaring her away Bella.” Devon said frowning. “You have no idea how hard it was for me to get her to kiss me back. She’s so shy as it is.”

“Well, well Devon. She seems like a really nice and innocent girl. I’m hoping you’re not just using her for one night.” I say grinning as I sit down on the couch, Devon following suit.

“Don’t worry. I’m not some heartbreaking asshole. I like her. She’s cute.” Devon said smiling at me. I raised an eyebrow in an ‘are you serious’ kinda way.

“You just met her today, and you like her already?” I asked and he rolled his eyes.

“I never said I was in love with her. Gosh Bella! I said I like her. You can find someone to be nice when you first meet them. Just like I think you’re a nice person. Or at least I think you are. You could very well be evil. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if you were.” He said and I playfully smacked him. I could already tell I was going to become very good friends with Devon.

“I’m a very nice person, excuse you.” I stated, giving him a very cocky look. He laughed shaking his head. “Sure you are.” He said and I glared at him. “I am!” I exclaimed, sticking my tongue out at him. Just then, I noticed Stark, the spiky-haired demon standing by the door, watching us with a neutral look on his face.

“You’re needed out front, Devon.” He stated. Devon nodded his head, telling me he’d catch up with me later. Once he left, Stark came and sat down beside me. We both sat there in uncomfortable silence for quite a long moment. Well, I wasn’t really sure if Stark felt uncomfortable, but I know I did.

“I heard Dimitri spared your lives.” He finally spoke in his calm voice. “And that you all made a deal with him.” I nodded my head at him, turning to look into his pitch dark eyes. I didn’t really know what to say to him so I remained quiet. I don’t even know why he was wasting his time talking to me. But I didn’t bother questioning him.

“So I want to ask you favour.” He said and I raised an eyebrow in question. “So you know the girl that sent me a flirtatious grin when I first came into your cell, the really pretty one. Well I kinda want your help in uh... I want you to hook me up with her.” He said causing me to roll my eyes. Of course he wanted to get into Shauna’s pants. I don’t know why he came to me for help, she’d so willingly go to Stark if he asked her.

“Believe me, you don’t need my help. Just go ask her and she’ll immediately say yes.” I said getting up to leave when he grabbed my hand stopping me.

“I’m really bad with girls.” He said and I rolled my eyes. “You’ll be fine, believe me. Shauna would love you, since you are a guy and you want to sleep with her. That’s all she wants.”

“But that’s not all I want. I want a long-term relationship.” He said and I felt bad for him now, since he was going after Shauna.

“Then Shauna is definitely not the girl for you. Sorry Stark.” I said but for some reason he didn’t look bummed like I thought he would. “And why are you going after Shauna, aren’t there any pretty Demon girls you could go after instead?”

“I want to try dating a human. I’ve dated a couple demon girls but it never worked out with them. Every single one of them has cheated on me, so I want to try a human.” He said and I nodded my head, feeling bad for him. I felt even more bad that he was attracted to Shauna because Shauna would definitely cheat on him right away.

“But you don’t even know Shauna. I honestly bet she’s worse than all those demon girls who have cheated on you.” I said trying to get him to understand that Shauna is a very horrible choice.

“I know I don’t know her but I’d like to. And I need your help with that.” He stated and I mentally face palmed myself. Shauna is not the type of girl that waits for boys to get to know her.

“Believe me Stark, Shauna is not the girl for you. And besides you’re very good looking, I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s worth your time.” I say sincerely and he nods his head, finally giving in to what I was saying.

“Well, thanks anyways I guess.” He said as he got up to leave.

“Wait, do you know where Thomas might be?” I ask and he nods his head. “I saw him with Kenneth in his room.”

What was Thomas doing in Kenneth’s room? I did not like this. Kenneth was definitely not what I would say is babysitting material. He was rude and tempered. He was fiery, just like his fiery red hair. “Can you lead me to Kenneth’s room?” I asked and Stark nodded his head.

I quietly walked behind him, following him to Kenneth’s room. I was really worried for Thomas. I did not trust Kenneth with him at all.

After a few minutes, we reached Kenneth’s room. Stark then left, leaving me standing outside the bedroom door. I hesitantly knocked on the door, waiting anxiously. After a few long seconds the door opened and my mouth dropped open. Kenneth was shirtless and let’s just say I was in awe. “Speechless?” He questioned, smirking.

I swallowed hard, then asked if Thomas was with him. He shook his head. “Thomas was but then I sent him off to the castle daycare. Don’t worry they’ll take good care of him there.” He said and I nodded my head in relief. Awkward silence ensued between us before Kenneth invited me inside.

I walked inside and noticed his bedroom to be huge, but definitely not as huge as Dimitri’s. “So how’s work with Dimitri?” He asked as he grabbed a shirt putting it on. I was surprised at the fact that he was actually acting civil towards me.

“He’s very sensitive. That’s what I’ve concluded.” I said causing Kenneth to chuckle. “Wasn’t expecting you to say that.” He said, looking amused.

“Well it’s true!” I exclaimed laughing with him. Surprisingly Kenneth wasn’t as bad as I thought he was. Guess he was just in a bad mood before or something. Or he was on even more drugs now.

Kenneth was about to say something when there was a knock on the door. It was Stark. “Dimitri wants you, Isabella.” He said and I nodded my head, wondering what he wanted. Was he not mad anymore or what?

I quickly said goodbye to Kenneth before rushing to Dimitri’s room to see what he wanted. I walked to his room and found his door open. Inside I found Dimitri sitting in a chair with Shauna all over him. She was sitting in his lap, straddling him, wearing only a bra and a thong. I recoiled at the sight in disgust. I can’t believe Stark wanted to get in a relationship with that ‘thing’.

I really didn’t like how Dimitri was kissing the side of her neck. It reminded me of all the dreams I’ve had and how he’s kissed me in each of them, with his wonderful firm, soft lips. Once Dimitri noticed me, he pulled away from Shauna and Shauna got off his lap. “Okay, now that you’re both here, I can show you the place where all your tasks for each day will be written.” He showed us to another room where there was a desk. On the desk was a book and Dimitri explained to us, that each day there’ll be tasks written for us to do. He already filled out the entire next week’s tasks for us.

I noticed that Shauna had practically nothing to do while under my name, all the lines were completely filled. Of course he was really mad at me and would make me do a lot of work. Shauna sent me a satisfied look, while I simply glared back at her. I hated her more than ever.

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