The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 60

Dimitri was all over the news and was the main talk of the town. I was at school and everyone was talking about him and the speech he had made early this morning. He had apologized to all of Earth for his actions and explained everything regarding everything that has been going on.

There were still ten minutes before class started and Nina, Callie and Sally, my friends were showing me the video of Dimitri’s speech.

“I apologize very much so for the inconvenience we have caused...” I smiled as I watched him. He looked so serious and different than when he is with me. It was interesting to watch. “I know my actions will not be excused and I don’t ever expect them to be really. Honestly, if I were all of you, I probably would never stop hating me, but I really am deeply sorry for everything I’ve done.”

Dimitri talked for a bit more before the news reporter showed the crowd and asked some people what they thought of this. A lot of people were still angry while there were also many who understood why Dimitri did what he did and seemed to forgive him. In the end, it was concluded that Dimitri would join alliances with Earth again, just as Rovana had done so in the past. Even the people who still seemed angry, agreed with the alliance, once it was said that the alliance would break if Dimitri did even one more thing to ruin Earth’s trust. And that this was the only chance the Demon’s were going to get.

I was surprised at how easily things were settled between Earth and Rovana. And it was probably because of the great history Earth had with Rovana’s previous King, Dimitri’s father. But I also knew there were some people who’d never forgive Dimitri, no matter what and that was perfectly understandable. But no one would dare go against him as he instilled a lot of fear in humans. He was more powerful then them, that was for sure. And that power Dimitri had over us, was probably another reason why this matter was settled so easily. It made sense.

But it didn’t matter how and why it was settled. It just mattered that it did settle and maybe my parents would come around and begin to accept Dimitri. I mean this speech he did, this whole apology, was pretty admirable.

“I forgive him. I sooo forgive him. I’d forgive someone that attractive, anyday!” Sally exclaimed, practically drooling at the sight of Dimitri. I glared at her, not liking the way she was thinking about Dimitri.

“He really is hot! So freaking hot! I can already imagine all the things I would do to him, if I got the chance!” Callie exclaimed as well, causing me to shut my phone off, closing off the video of Dimitri. I can already imagine all the things I’d do to you two if you both don’t shut up, I thought to myself. “Oh fuck! I’m thinking about all those things right now.” Sally exclaimed and I was starting to feel really irritated now.

“You guys all have boyfriends, in case you have forgotten. What are they going to say when they hear you lusting after Dimitri?” I fired at them, knowing I sounded really angry. I mean, I guess it wasn’t there fault he was so attractive and they didn’t know about my relationship with him. But they had boyfriends! They needed to relax.

“Did you just call him by his first name?” Nina asked and Callie and Sally looked at me in surprise. I was confused when I finally realized. He was a King, and no one dared call him by his first name. Especially humans.

In fact, a lot of people around me were staring at me in shock and almost disgust. It was mostly girls of course. But god, Dimitri really took over fast. I mean he’s been killing so many humans, you would expect it to take time for everyone to forgive him and slowly warm up to him. But he worked fast, real fast.

“He’s a King, have some respect.” A girl sneered at me as she walked by. I rolled my eyes as we walked to class.

How was I supposed to tell everyone that the Demon King was my boyfriend? I mean it sounded absurd even to me. I’d never believe anyone if they told me that. So why should anyone believe me? And besides, I needed to keep my relationship with Dimitri a secret so my parents don’t find out. “Do you think I’ll ever get to meet him? Oh my gosh Isa, what if when we meet he falls in love with me?” Sally exclaimed, causing Callie to roll her eyes.

“He’d be too busy falling for me.” She snorted causing me and Nina to both roll our eyes at them. Right now, the only person not pissing me off was Nina. She understood that she had a boyfriend and that she shouldn’t be lusting after Dimitri.

“Guys shut up, I’m the single one here. He’ll fall for me.” I joined in, causing both Callie and Sally to turn to me with a look of disbelief.

“You can’t be serious Isa. You can’t even get a normal guy, and you think you have a chance with the Demon King. Look at yourself, then look at him.” Sally exclaimed and I stared back in shock. What kind of friend was she? I didn’t bother saying anything, because I already had Dimitri so there was no point in arguing with her.

“Sally’s right.” Callie chimed in. “And besides, a guy like him is probably looking for mind blowing sex which you can definitely not give, Ms. Virgin.”

“Just because she’s a virgin, doesn’t mean she can’t give mind blowing sex. She might even be better at it than all of us.” Nina spoke up defending me and I honestly loved her so much at this moment.

“Nina, be real. Isa’s got no seductive bone in her body. She couldn’t even if she tried.” Sally spoke and I clenched my hands into fists. Calm Isabella, remain calm. You’re the one who has Dimitri, not them.

Class soon thankfully started so I didn’t have to deal with Sally and Callie any longer. But their words really got to me. Was I not good enough for Dimitri? I mean I know I’m not the prettiest girl on this planet and I never was the girl all the boys went after or even bothered talking to, but I didn’t think I was that bad. But I wasn’t so sure anymore. I felt kind of worried Dimitri would leave me for all the other pretty girls. I mean he can literally have any girl he wants. Why’d he bother staying stuck with me?

He was going to come visit me during my lunch but I wasn’t really sure how that’d be possible without everyone knowing we were in a relationship together. And to be honest, I kind of didn’t want him to come because I knew all the girls, and possibly even some of the guys, would go insane over him.

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