The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 62

* Isabella’s POV **

I could feel the envy building up inside of me as I watched Dimitri die of laughter at something Sally or Callie said to him.

“Are you okay, Isabella?” Nina asked, probably noticing my grim expression. I nodded my head yes even though we both knew I was lying.

“Isa, he’s the Demon King, none of them have a chance with him and you probably don’t either. He doesn’t seem like the type to settle down anyways, so don’t waste your time on fantasy’s that’ll never come true. Besides you don’t even know him and-”

“But I do Nina! I do know him. I love him! And he loves me too. I know you probably think I’m insane but it’s true.” I blurted out, needing to tell my best friend. She looked at me half in shock and half as if I was absolutely insane. “Look Nina, I’ll explain everything to you but promise me you won’t tell anyone. Promise me Nina.”

She nodded her head saying she really needed an explanation as she wasn’t sure if she really believed me. “Don’t worry, you’ll believe me when I explain everything. The thing is your memory has been taken away so you don’t remember that I was chosen to-”

Nina’s gasp cut me off and I noticed she was looking behind me. I could feel someone standing there and I immediately turned around to find Dimitri, with a goofy smile on his face. “For the beautiful lady.” He spoke loud and clear, handing me

the bouquet, winking at me, before he turned around and started walking away. I stared back at him in surprise that he had handed me these flowers in front of everyone.

Everyone else was frozen, staring at me in disbelief too. I could feel many of those stares soon turn into envious glares.

I felt Nina lean in close to me just then. “I believe you Isa, I definitely believe you now! He was looking down at you as if you were his entire world! How’d you do that? How’d you make the Demon King out of everyone fall for you? You’re actually unbelievable!” She whisper exclaimed in my ear in disbelief and shock.

“To be honest Nina, I don’t know. Even I wonder how.” I whispered back, bringing the flowers up close to my face to inhale their sweet, floral scent. They were absolutely beautiful and I loved them.


It was the end of the day and I had just grabbed my stuff from my lockers, stuffing it in my bag. I then grabbed the beautiful bouquet of flowers in my hands and started making my way towards the exit. The school was empty save for one or two people walking in the hallways.

Nina was waiting for me in the car while I had to talk to my teachers. I had missed out on a lot so I had many assignments to catch up on. I guess there was one benefit to not being allowed to see Dimitri. He couldn’t distract me from my schoolwork. But he wouldn’t anyways, knowing I had to catch up on a lot, so I guess there were no benefits.

I sighed as I kept walking, getting closer and closer to the exit when I felt a strong hand grab onto my arm, pulling me to the side in the supply closet in one swift motion. My surprise squeal would have been loud if the person hadn’t placed their hand on my mouth, concealing the sound.

I immediately started struggling, the bouquet and my bag falling out of my arms as I tried to get away from whoever it was that was holding me. I soon felt a familiar warmth run through me and I immediately relaxed, instantly realizing who it was.

Dimitri pushed me against the nearest wall, my right cheek pressed against it with the rest of the front of my body pressed as well. My palms rest against the wall beside my head, with Dimitri’s large hands placed over them.

“It’s me.” He whispered, his lips brushing against my ear.

“You scared me idiot! You could have been less, oh I don’t know, predator-like! I thought I was going to get killed or raped or something horrible like that!” I exclaimed angry at him.

“Sorry, Izzie.” He spoke sheepishly. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Whatever, now let go of me. I’m mad at you.” I spoke with a childish tone slipping into my voice. I wasn’t actually angry at him, but I was annoyed at how he talked to Sally and Callie and laughed at their dumb jokes or whatever the hell they were saying. And I was annoyed at him for scaring me like that.

“And why is my sweet little virgin angry at me?” He chuckled and I was confused for a second. Virgin? Then it hit me. Sally and Callie. God, I was going to kill those two.

“Don’t call me that!” I exclaimed, my anger completely directed towards my so-called friends.

“Sorry... Ms. Virgin.” Dimitri chuckled some more. I was really annoyed now but before I could open my mouth and say something, his hands slipped inside my leggings. “It’s okay, I can fix that for you.”

“You idiot!” I exclaimed, slapping his hand away. “Keep your filthy hands away from me!”

He chuckled some more, flipping me around. I glared at him as he leaned down and pressed a kiss on my nose. He then flashed me an innocent grin. I kept glaring at him, but soon my glare melted away. I couldn’t stay annoyed at him for very long.

Once he noticed my annoyed expression was gone, he asked for a kiss. “No.” I replied causing him to frown, before deciding to give me puppy dog eyes. “Please! Just one kiss.” He asked again and I couldn’t handle his puppy dog face any longer. But, I still didn’t give in. I was stronger than that.

“Sorry Dimi.” I spoke, giving him a slight push away from me. I grabbed my bag and the flowers and then walked out the supply closet, glad no one else was around to watch.

“Why are you still calling me Dimi?” Dimitri demanded, a frown on his face. “I hate that name!”

“If you want that kiss, I suggest you behave and stop complaining.” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Okay fine, I’ll stop complaining. But I can’t behave myself. Not around you at least.” He winked at me, causing me to roll my eyes and hide a smile. “Guess you won’t be getting that kiss then.” I spoke in a sing-song voice.

“Okay fine, fine! I’ll behave too! But only for today. Now when do I get my kiss?” He asked eagerly, causing me to shake my head in amusement.

“Hmmm.” I feigned deep thought. “Maybe tonight, when you come visit me again. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.” I kept going on as Dimitri stared at me with his mouth wide open.

“Hell to the no!” He exclaimed as we made our way outside. I was about to head towards the parking lot where Nina was waiting for me, when Dimitri grabbed my hand and started dragging me towards a small forest, right next to the school.

“Dimitri, where are we going?” I asked as I let him drag me far into the forest, hidden from the outside. He took my bag and the flowers out of my hands and placed them on the ground.

He then grabbed my arms, pressing them behind my back so I wouldn’t try to push him away, and brought his lips down on mine. I moaned as he kissed me hard and deeply, throwing me in a heated fervour, as I tried to keep up with his kisses. He bit down on my lip, sucking hard as I moaned and tried to struggle my arms out of his grasp, so I could tangle my fingers in his soft hair.

He then pushed my arms up beside my head, pinning me against the bark of a tree. His hands stayed gripped onto mine as he kept them pressed against the tree. He then lowered his mouth and pressed hard, wet kisses down the length of my neck. “Dimitri.” I moaned out his name as the pleasure coursed through my body. I knew he’d be leaving lots of hickeys, the way he was sucking and biting, but I didn’t care. It felt painfully good.

He then let go of my arms, allowing my to wrap them around his neck, holding him close to me. He then reached up and unbuttoned the first few buttons on my shirt, allowing my chest to be visible. My breasts were covered with a bra, but the tops of them were visible and that’s where he latched his warm mouth onto. I moaned, holding his head down as he kissed and sucked me, the right cup of my thin, lace bra, starting to slide off.

I knew I was in the forest and there was a chance someone could walk by and see us, but I didn’t care. I was too far gone in Dimitri’s passions, I didn’t care if anyone saw us. I just wanted him right here, kissing me, touching me, exploring my body, doing insanely enticing things to me.

He unbuttoned my shirt further, until only the last two buttons were still hooked. He then looked up at me, a look of hunger and pure lust in his eyes. I closed my eyes, not being able to watch the look of pure want, shining so brightly on his face. I had to stop this right now. Nina was waiting for me and we were in a forest.

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I wanted him to continue. I felt his gentle fingers slide my shirt off my shoulders, so it was hanging on by my elbows and the two last buttons. He then slid my bra straps down and I immediately pulled my arms up, preventing my bra from falling and leaving me completely bare. I was trying to pull myself back and get in control of myself again, but it was too hard. I wanted to surrender myself completely to him, right now. Not caring about my surroundings.

He instantly grabbed my arms, pulling them away from my chest and pinning them beside my head again. My flimsy bra fell off my breasts, leaving them bare. I could feel the cool air whipping across my erect nipples. I opened my eyes to find Dimitri staring intensely at my chest.

“Dimitri, we need to stop.” I whispered weakly, my voice coming out strained.

“No.” He growled, his eyes flashing with anger at my words. “I want you Isabella. I want you right now!”

“I want you too Dimitri.” I spoke softly, closing my eyes, waiting for him to torture me with his heated touch.

“Open your eyes Isabella, I want to see your beautiful eyes.” He spoke, his voice rough and demanding. I opened my eyes immediately at his command, crossing my legs as I could feel a pool of wetness at my core. “Keep them open. And keep them on me.”

I nodded my head in response watching him eye my body with his intense, smouldering gaze. I felt like I was on fire. “You’re so sexy Isabella. You have no idea all the things I want to do to your body. All the fantasy’s I’ve had even before I met you.” His voice was rough and husky and I could feel myself getting more and more wet at the sound of it.

“Do it Dimitri. Do all the things you want to do. Do anything you want. I’m yours, completely yours.” I whispered, dying to be touched by him. “Please do something Dimitri. I need you to touch me.”

“Where do you want me to touch you Izzie? What do you want me to do?” He asked and the torture continued. “I don’t know Dimitri, just please! Anywhere! Please, I’m begging you.” I cried out causing Dimitri to quieten me down as we were in a public forest and if anyone heard us, they’d come.

He then reached down and grabbed onto my sensitive, hard nipple with his teeth, pulling hard causing me to feel pleasurable pain as he tugged and tugged, before easing the pain with his kisses. I moaned and moaned as he continued his assault on me. He then slowly started trailing his fingers down, slipping them inside my leggings when all of a sudden my phone rang.

I immediately got pulled out of this intoxication, Dimitri had put me through. “Go answer it.” He said pulling away but I shook my head, missing the heat from his body. “Ignore it.” I whispered pulling him back to me. He smirked at me, causing me to roll my eyes, before he motioned towards my bag. “Answer it.” He said with a grin on his face and I frowned as I reached down to pick my phone out. It was Nina.

“Hello.” My voice came out shaky and delirious as I answered the phone, causing me to cough to clear my voice up.

“Isa, where are you? Hurry up!” Nina exclaimed into the phone just as Dimitri pulled me back and slipped both his hands into my leggings. I gasped really loudly, as he ripped my underwear, kissing the back of my neck.

“Don’t worry, I’ll buy you more.” He whispered, and I could feel his grin against the back of my neck. “Isa! Are you okay? Where are you?” Nina asked and I immediately assured her I was fine.

“Are you sure?” She asked and I said yes, trying to push Dimitri’s hands out of my leggings. But he chuckled quietly against my neck as his fingers started rubbing through the wetness.

I gasped again, trying to prevent myself from moaning while I tried to talk to Nina.

“Are you going to come soon? Or what?” She asked and I tried to respond but I couldn’t. Dimitri’s hands were driving me insane, working through the folds, making pleasure course through me. My phone was threatening to slip from my fingers as I held on tight.

“Y-yeah, I-I-I mean i-it...” I stopped as I turned my head and buried my face in Dimitri’s arm, muffling my cries of pleasure as he stuck a finger in me. I closed my eyes willing for him to stop but he continued. It felt so good, I couldn’t even explain it. I would have forgotten I had Nina on the line if she hadn’t spoken up.

“Isa, I don’t think you’re alright! Where are you? I’m coming to get you.” She spoke firmly and I began to panic. “No!” I exclaimed a little more loudly than necessary. I elbowed Dimitri, causing him to stop plunging his finger in and out. But stopping his finger was even more painful as he had stopped it inside me. I could feel my walls clench tightly around his finger, causing him to groan quietly at the feel.

“I’ll be there soon, t-there are some t-things I need to clear up.” I spoke just as I ended the call, throwing my phone onto my bag. “I’m going to kill you, Di-” I started off, just as Dimitri resumed thrusting his finger in and out of me causing me to cry out.

He then stuck another finger in, while with his other hand he stroked my clit causing me to moan loudly in pleasure. I could feel myself collapse in his arms as he caught me, holding me upright. He stuck another finger in, pumping me hard and just when I felt I was about to climax, he removed his fingers out of me and let me go. I lost my balance, grabbing onto the tree bark for support.

“Dimitri!” I exclaimed, the torture eating me alive. “You can’t stop there! Please Dimitri! It’s painful! I need you!”

“It’s called revenge Sweetheart. For that one time you gave me blue balls. I told you I’d get you back.” He winked causing me to shake my head.

“Please Dimitri!” I exclaimed, tears falling down my face at the intensity of my want for him. “I need this release.”

“I’m so sorry my sweet little Izzie.” He spoke mockingly as he brought his fingers up to his mouth, slowly sucking my juices off each and every one of his fingers. “Mmm, so sweet. I got the snack I wanted.” He spoke, making sure to lick off every last bit. “Dimitri!” I exclaimed but all he did was smirk at me.

“Nina’s waiting for you. You better get going. And I have to get going as well. I need to get back to Rovana.” He spoke just as he started walking away from me with that smug look on his face.

“Dimitri! I can’t believe you!” I exclaimed as I started pulling my bra up and buttoning my shirt up.

“I love you, baby!” He called back, blowing me a kiss. I simply glared at him, still reeling from the insanity he drove me to. I really loved Dimitri but sometimes he could be a real pain in the ass.

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