The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 66

He grabs onto the tree and suddenly we’re down onto the ground, in less than a few seconds. I gasp, holding onto him tightly as I have no idea what he’s doing or where we are going. I could have stopped this but the anticipation and mystery was making this whole situation so much more hotter.

He then starts carrying me still slung over his shoulder. I loved the thrill of all of this. I felt like I was being stolen away and was about to be punished sexually.

Soon he stops in front of a shack, an abandoned shack-like shelter as far as I can remember. It was hidden in the forest and no one really came in this area. I noticed that there was a lock on the shack’s door that wasn’t ever there before and Dimitri opened it, just as he put me down on the ground.

“I found this a while back and I’ve been staying here when I visit Earth.” He says as he opens the door and pulls me inside, locking the door behind us. It was very dark in the shack as I held tightly onto Dimitri, kind of scared to be honest. Dimitri pulled away from me and a few moments later, he lit some candles, illuminating the room.

I looked around the shack and it seemed pretty large and clean. I guessed Dimitri cleaned it up.

Dimitri then turned to me and smirked. “You’re going to make me want you Sweetheart, because I’m not going to touch you. Not unless you drive me absolutely crazy and I have no choice but to. Gotta respect your father’s rules.” He winks as he sits down in a chair with a huge smirk on his face.

I stared back at him in shock. I was beyond aroused. He couldn’t just not touch me. I glared at him before I wracked my brain, thinking of what I should do. I thought back to what Shauna taught me about seduction and inwardly groaned. This was going to be so embarrassing, but if Dimitri wanted to play this game then I was going to win it.

I put on my sexiest smile as I placed my hands on my body, slowly touching myself all over. I made sure to slowly drag my hands around my body, tugging at my clothes, giving him small sneak peaks of the skin underneath. I noticed him smirking at me in amusement and I was starting to feel embarrassed. He then let out a few chuckles before he flew up into full blown laughter.

“Sorry Izzie, but you’re cute.” He exclaimed in between laughter. I stopped immediately feeling so embarrassed. I knew I was no seductress and self-doubt started creeping in.

I pushed those thoughts away and focused instead on arousing him. I refused to let him win.

I noticed some bottles of wine which I’m sure Dimitri stocked up. I decided to pop one open, before taking a few sips straight out of the bottle to give me some confidence. Dimitri now watched me curiously.

I put the wine away and let the sweet taste melt against my tongue. I let its warmth spread through me as I started touching my body again. This time I decided to slowly remove my shirt over my head, revealing my bra-clad breasts. I then slipped off my pants and was left in only a thong. I glanced at Dimitri and noticed him gulp in nervousness. I smirked realizing this was going to be easier than I had initially thought. I resumed touching myself.

I dragged my hands down my neck, over my bra covered breasts, down my stomach and down the length of my legs. I had closed my eyes as I felt myself, putting my all into this performance. I ran my fingers over my underwear, right over my sex, throwing in moans as I felt the dampness over my underwear.

I then reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. I let the straps stay on my shoulder which held my bra up. The bra was loose around my breasts but was still covering them.

I then glanced up and met Dimitri’s dark, intense gaze. I noticed him gripping tightly onto the armrests of his chair, causing me to smirk. I then slipped my fingers inside my underwear, watching his eyes narrow in as I touched my clit, moving my fingers through the wet slickness. I had never touched myself prior to this moment so this was all new and exciting to me.

I moaned as I felt pleasure shoot up through my core. I continued touching myself before I removed my fingers, noticing the wet liquid dripping down them. I then walked up to Dimitri and sat down onto his lap. I smirked at him as he closed his eyes.

I brought my dripping wet fingers to his lips and he parted them for me. I then stuck my fingers one by one inside his mouth and he instantly started sucking the juices off of it, licking every single drop. I smirked at him before removing my fingers from his mouth.

He opened his eyes and I stared into their dark beauty. I was suddenly mesmerized by his eyes, forgetting my seducing plan for a moment.

I leaned in closer to him, not once taking my eyes off of his and softly bit down on his lip. He groaned, fisting his hands to prevent himself from touching me.

“I love you Dimitri.” I whispered into his ear, lightly pressing my lips against his earlobe. “My dark, sexy Demon King.” I continued, lightly biting down on his ear. “I want you to touch me, my King. I want you to do with me as you please. After all, you are my King and you can do whatever you want with me and my body.” I kept whispering into his ear, waiting for him to crack. Come on Dimitri, you know you want to touch me.

“Fuck.” He growled causing me to giggle. I was surprised that he still didn’t give in. He sure had a lot of self-control.

I then removed my bra and noticed Dimitri’s eyes instantly travel down to my chest. I grabbed onto my breasts, playing with them, tugging at my nipple. I kept my eyes on him the entire time, noting how they kept darkening in lust. But even then he refused to touch me. I then grabbed his hand and dragged it down my body, over my breasts, my stomach, down my legs. I then started dragging his hands slowly up my thighs and in between my legs, causing me to moan. Yet he still wouldn’t do anything.

I opened my eyes, not realizing I had closed them and met his. He was staring right back at me with dark fervor and I could feel the wetness dripping slowly down my thigh. I was beyond aroused.

I got up off his lap and sat down in another chair, pulling my knees up to my chest. I then separated my legs, opening them wide, completely exposing myself to him. I closed my eyes as I dragged my fingers down my leg.

Suddenly, I felt Dimitri grab me and slam me into the wall before attaching his lips onto mine. I moaned as he kissed me hard with passion, running his hands all over my body, feeling every inch of me.

He fisted my hair in his hands, pulling my head back as he attaches his warm mouth onto my neck, sucking and biting at my skin. I knew I’d have all sorts of love bites by tomorrow morning that I was going to have to hide from my parents.

“Oh Dimitri,” I gasped as he bit down. “Dimitri!” I moaned as his mouth travelled down and attached onto my nipple, biting hard. I felt pain mixed with pleasure shoot up my body and I loved it.

He then picked me up and set me down on a little cot. I met his dark eyes and felt more wetness pool in between my legs. He spread my legs apart, kneeling down in front of me. He kissed down the length of my leg, leaving a few bites here and there, sucking hard causing me to moan.

He then pulled my legs apart as far as he could, leaving me completely exposed to him as he leaned his head in between ny legs. I could feel his warm breath down there and I squirmed, waiting for him to touch me while I sat there.

“If your parents knew how bad you were being right now, they’d never let me near you ever again. I love how bad you are for me.” He whispered before attaching his mouth onto me, sucking at my clit causing me to scream out in pleasure. As his mouth sucked me, he stuck two of his fingers inside me and vigourously pumped them in and out.

“Dimitri! Ahh! Dimitri please!” I whimpered and gasped as he took my clit between his teeth and bit down. “DIMITRI! OH FUCK!” I screamed and screamed as he pumped his fingers harder and faster, in and out, while he lapped at the juices dripping down me, sucking me hard as if trying to suck me completely dry.

I tugged at his hair, squirming around underneath him causing him to growl at me. “Stay still!” He spoke loudly, causing vibrations to run through me causing me to squirm even more, my hips jerking upwards.

He pulled away, my wetness dripping down his mouth as he looked up at me. I clenched my eyes shut squirming at how uncomfortable I felt. I needed his mouth on me. I needed him to finish me or else I’d go insane. “Dimitri please! Please Dimitri, this is painful, I need you!” I cried out as his sexy mouth pulled up into a smirk. He chuckled as he held my legs down, pulling me closer to him. “Dimitri please do it quick, I can’t stand this!” I exclaimed but he simply chuckled again. He enjoyed watching me like this. He enjoyed knowing the power he had over me when I was vulnerable like this.

“I think I like watching you squirm around like this. It’s very amusing.” He chuckled watching my every move intently as he wiped his mouth clean.

“Dimitri please, stop being a dick! Not right now please, I beg you.” I cried out, tears streaming down my face as the want, the need for him was getting too much to handle.

“Beg me for what?” He asks chuckling as he leans down and places a kiss on my inner thigh. If I wasn’t going insane with need, I would have yelled at him in anger.

“Touch me! Please!” I exclaimed and he chuckled.

“You have to be a lot more specific then that sweetheart. Where do you want me to touch you?” He asked and I groaned.

“Touch me down there. Between my legs.” I spoke in frustration and he chuckled before bringing his fingers to my core and resting them there, not moving at all.

“Dimitri!” I exclaimed.

“What? I touched you.” He spoke all innocently and I was so close to smacking him.

“Dimitri please,” I whimpered as more tears slid down my face. “Please I’m begging you. Please Dimitri please, I’ll do anything!”

He chuckled and pulled away from me for a few moments, causing me to cry out in frustration as I clenched my eyes shut. “Patience Izzie baby.” Dimitri whispered before picking me up in his arms. He then sat down on the cot and placed me over his lap. I realized he had removed his clothes because I could feel his dick against my wet core.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” Dimitri whispered softly and I did as he asked, meeting his glowing red eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist, lifting me up. I was straddling his waist as he placed me down over his dick. I felt him go inside me, filling me up completely causing me to close my eyes and moan loudly. I heard him grown too and my walls tightened around him. “Open your eyes Izzie. I want your eyes open and on me at all times.” He growled out, tightening his hold on me. I opened my eyes staring into his. He looked delirious with lust and I know I looked the same as I moved up and down on his lap.

I kept my eyes trained on his face, watching him as I moved faster and faster on him. I could see the pleasure clearly on his face as he groaned, and it was the sexiest thing ever. Watching his emotions play out on his face from this close felt really intimate. And I knew he could see exactly how I felt too as he kept his eyes trained on me.

Dimitri started helping me slide up and down on his dick with his hands pulling me up, and slamming me down hard. I pulled my head back and moaned as the pleasure spread through my body. Dimitri attached his mouth to my neck, kissing me as we moved in sync, our bodies melding into one. I could feel the sweat as we worked our bodies hard against each other.

Dimitri had fisted his hands in my hair again as I ran my fingers through his silky strands, tugging occasionally when the pleasure hit me with surprise. Our lips clumsily bumped against each other as we tried to kiss. I had no idea if my lips were even touching his, I just knew I was in the general area as I blindly kissed him. We frantically kissed each other, trying to get as much of the other as we could. We were drowning in each other and it was so damn wonderful. I could drown in him forever.

Dimitri ran his hands all over my body, gripping onto my flesh, trying to feel all of me at once. We tried to get impossibly closer to each other, not wanting even an inch of space between each other. I was panting so hard, I could barely breathe as I moved vigorously. We had never gone so hard at each other before. It was so intense and wonderful and I could feel myself building up. I knew I was going to climax and cum soon. I pulled my lips away from Dimitri’s chest so I can talk. “I’m going to come soon Dimitri!” I exclaim and Dimitri grunts in response. He increases the speed at which we are going, causing me to scream out so loud, I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up the entire city. I feel his lips on my chest and I hold his head closer to me, not wanting him to let go of my nipple. He tugs hard at it, causing pleasurable pain to burst through me and I cry out again throwing my head back.

Dimitri and I both pick up the pace even more and I know we were both going to come soon. “Izzie! Oh fuck!” Dimitri exclaims and just then he comes. A few seconds later I scream out his name and come too, shuddering with the intensity. Dimitri keeps thrusting, prolonging our climax and I scream out his name louder than I’ve ever screamed it before.

Eventually our climax ends and I collapse against him, exhausted. My eyes are closed as I’m panting hard, trying to catch my breath. Even Dimitri seems out of breath and he’s never out of breath because of his Demon powers. But it seems even his Demon powers couldn’t handle what we just did.

“Fuck Izzie, that was so amazing! Best sex I’ve ever had!” He growls as he kisses me hard with passion. I’m so tired that I fall slack against him, not even being able to kiss him back. “Fuck, I love you so fucking much!” He growls as he holds me close to him.

My head rests against his chest and I can feel his heart beating abnormally fast. I smile, loving the way I make him feel.

“No one gets me going the way you do Izzie!” He continues, still trying to catch his breath. “And the crazy thing is that you’re human. I’ve been with so many demon women who have more strength than you yet none of them were ever able to give me what you give.”

I look up at him and his eyes are glowing bright red, making me smile wide. His eyes reflected so much love now that the lust had cleared up. “I guess I was just made for you Dimitri.” I whisper out and his eyes soften at my words. He pushes the hair away from my face as it was sticking to my face due to my sweat-coated skin.

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly spoke and I looked up at him in surprise and confusion. He was looking down at me with a guilty look on his face. “I’m sorry I didn’t save myself for you. I’m sorry that I’ve given myself to many other women before you.” He spoke softly, stroking the side of my face with his thumb. “I know it’d drive me crazy knowing you’ve been with other men before. But you haven’t and I find that unfair to you because I’ve been with countless women.”

I sat up, cupping Dimitri’s face into my hands, our lips almost touching. “While it does bother me sometimes, I don’t care. That was your past and you never thought you’d ever find someone you’d love and who loves you back just as fiercely.” I said before pressing a soft, lingering kiss onto his lips, savouring the feel of them against mine before pulling away. As I pulled away, I noticed Dimitri’s eyes still closed and I leaned up further to kiss his eyelid, causing him to open them. They opened, glowing a bright red making me grin. “I love you, more than anything Dimitri. More than you’d ever know.” I spoke, stroking the stubble on his jaw, enjoying the rough feel of it.

Dimitri carries me back home and by the time we’re back into my room, I’m so sleepy that I’ve almost fallen asleep in his arms. I open my eyes as soon as he lays me down onto my bed. I smile at him and wrap my arms around is neck, not wanting him to leave me yet.

Dimitri leans down and presses soft, gentle kisses against my bruised lips. “You’re going to feel really sore in the morning Sweetheart.” He whispers against my ear and I smile knowing full well how sore I’d be. I didn’t care. I liked being sore knowing Dimitri did it to me.

“Can you stay with me?” I whispered and Dimitri gave me a small, sad smile.

“You know I can’t Izzie baby. I’m sorry.” He says before leaning down and pressing a lingering kiss against my forehead. He then leans down, presses one last kiss against my lips and moves. “Sweet dreams baby.” He whispers before he’s gone and it almost feels as if he was never here. But the soreness against my core and the remembrance of his lips against mine, proves he was.


I was locked up in a jail-cell type room with iron bars locking me in. I kept trying my hardest to push against the door, screaming for Dimitri to come save me. I knew if I didn’t get out of there in time something bad would happen.

“Dimitri! Where are you?” I screamed loudly until I heard laughter causing me to quieten down.

“Dimitri’s gone Isabella. He’s not coming for you.” The voice chuckles and I shiver in fear, tears of frustration filling up my eyes.

“Yes he is! I know he is! He always comes no matter how late he is!” I screamed in anger causing the voice to laugh even more.

“Forget him, Isabella. He’s never going to come for you. He hates you, in case you forgot.” The voice speaks in amusement causing me to angrily bang my hands against the bars, wincing as pain shot through my hands. Tears slid down my face as I remembered the way Dimitri looked down at me the last time I saw him. The emptiness in his eyes, all trace of love gone from his features. Only hatred, in the way he scowled, the way his hands trembled in rage.

“No.” I whispered dejectedly. “He’ll come for me.” I spoke as I slid down to the ground.

“If that’s the only thing that’ll keep you going, then sure, he’ll definitely come for you.” The voice spoke in pure amusement before I heard footsteps retreating away. I was left all alone in the dark as I buried my face in my hands. I knew Dimitri wasn’t coming for me. He’d never come for me again. I ruined everything and I deserved this torture.

I broke into sobs as I buried my head in my lap.


I instantly woke up the next morning from my horrible dream. My heart was beating fast, my skin wet with tears. I wrapped the blanket around my body, shivering in the early morning cold. Why was I having dreams like this? Why was Dimitri having dreams like this too?

Did they mean something? I mean dreams were how we met, and all our dreams came true in the past. I was scared for my life now. These dreams couldn’t come true, they were horrible. They can’t. I’d die if I ever lost Dimitri.

I quickly took a shower and went downstairs for breakfast. My mom made us all pancakes for breakfast which she usually did on weekends. I sat down quietly and ate them in silence while the rest of my family talked to each other. I couldn’t bring myself to join in on the conversation with them, my dreams still taking over my thoughts. Saying I was worried was a great understatement.

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