The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 69

I felt a light ticklish feeling against my neck and then it was travelling to my chest. Suddenly I felt a slight pain and my eyes opened wide to find Dimitri grinning against my chest as he proceeded to bite my nipple. I let out a small moan as he welcomed me into the morning with his wonderfully skilled mouth. Pain mixed with pleasure was the best feeling in the world, especially when it was at the hands of Dimitri.

“I lasted a whole night doing nothing to you, but I couldn’t help it anymore. Especially with the sunlight, lighting up your entire body. It was just too enticing.” He said as he played with my nipple in between his index finger and thumb. His other hand slid down my body feeling me as he closed his eyes. “Your skin is so soft.” He whispered as he leaned down and pressed a few slow, sweet kisses against my stomach.

The sunlight was shining on Dimitri’s body and I could tell what he meant as desire rushed inside me at the sight of him. I pushed him off of me and down onto the bed, causing him to lay down. I then sat on top of him, straddling his waist, feeling his dick against my behind, nice and erect. I grabbed his arms and placed them down on the bed beside him. This time I was the one pinning him down as I eyed his muscular build. I looked up and met his blazing red eyes as he watched me with a mixture of curiosity, love and desire.

I leaned down and pressed a kiss against his lips, before taking his lower lip between my teeth and lightly tugging. I then pulled away and noticed his eyes were closed and I smiled as I kissed down his jaw, enjoying the way his stubble felt against my lips. I then trailed my lips down to his earlobe and starting nibbling at it causing him to let out low groans. “You’re so sexy.” I whispered before kissing down his neck all the way to his shoulders. I then bit down on his shoulders, tasting the slight saltiness of his skin, moaning at how it felt. I heard him let out a deep, throaty groan at my bite and I felt the sound hit me all the way down to my core.

“I want to touch you.” Dimitri whispered as I kept his arms held down. Technically if he wanted, he could have pushed my arms away since he is a million times stronger than me, but he was giving me complete control and I loved it.

“Not yet.” I whispered as I kissed down his muscular chest, really loving the way his muscles contracted underneath my lips. Eventually I let go of his arms, wanting him to touch me. I remained hovered over him, my legs on either side of his body doggy style.

My hair was creating a curtain around our faces, and so he grabbed it and bunched it all up in one hand, holding it against my head as he used his other hand to feel up my leg. I was leaning above him on my knees and I knew eventually I’d be too weak with pleasure to hold myself up.

He slowly slid his hand up my inner thigh and I closed my eyes awaiting his touch down there. His fingers finally made it to my core and my legs almost buckled as he starting rubbing his fingers through my wet folds, in a slow, torturous way. I gasped as he pinched my clit in between his fingers, feeling pleasure spike up my body. I could feel my legs getting weak as he started plunging his fingers inside me causing me to moan out his name.

Suddenly he yanked my hair hard, pulling my head back causing me to cry out in pain before pleasure overtook me again. “I want you screaming my name. Loud.” Dimitri demanded causing me to whimper as he tugged at my hair again, while simultaneously biting my nipple in between his teeth.

He was extra rough today and I found it very attractive. I wondered how it’d feel if he went even rougher and spanked me, to have him tie me to the bed and blindfold me.

The thought had me blushing and Dimitri seemed to notice as he quirked his eyebrows at me in amusement. “What is my sweet Izzie thinking about?” He asked, tugging at my hair when I gave no response causing me to let out another whimper.

I soon tumbled down on him as my legs couldn’t keep me up anymore. I started getting up but Dimitri pressed his hand against my back, keeping me down. He brought his hand down to my core again and began pumping causing me to cry out in pleasure. “What were you thinking Izzie?” He growled into my ear and I was too embarrassed to say so I shook my head, staying quiet. “What dirty thoughts are going through your mind right now?” He asked before he bit my neck, hard.

I cried out in pain and pleasure, holding onto his shoulders tight as I trembled at his touch. He flipped me over and yanked at my hair again as he bit down my neck to my chest. I knew I’d have marks all over my body by the afternoon, but I didn’t care. I wanted Dimitri’s mark on me everywhere.

He grabbed onto my nipple and twisted and pulled at it causing me to whimper out again, grabbing at his hand to get him to ease up, but he only pulled harder. “I know you like it.” He whispered in my ear as I cried out and he was right, I loved it.

I remember how gentle he was with me during my first time and how rough he’s being right now. I liked both Dimitri’s, the gentle Dimitri and the rough Dimitri. They both had their own time and place and frankly right now I was really enjoying rough Dimitri.

Suddenly I felt him at my core and he plunged in with no warning, causing me to cry out in pleasure. He started thrusting in and out while leaning down to kiss my lips. He then brought his lips to my ears again. “I still want to know what you were thinking.” He grunted as he kept thrusting, going harder and harder. “The way you blushed, I don’t think I’ve seen you blush like that before.”

“Dimitri!” I cried as he thrusted and thrusted. “Just shut up and go harder!” I screamed out and he chuckled, increasing the pace even more. As a Demon, Dimitri could go way harder than he was right now, but I knew he was still scared he’d hurt me cause I was a human and humans couldn’t handle as much as Demons could. But I wanted him to go rough, to go so hard that I couldn’t walk for months.

But if he did, I literally wouldn’t be able to walk for months. The thought didn’t seem too bad because it would totally be worth it.

We went at each other for another fifteen minutes, as Dimitri kept slowing down when either of us was about to climax, in order for us to last longer before he finally let us both climax. We were both breathing hard by the end and I wanted to go to sleep again but Dimitri made me get up.

“We’ve had enough fun in bed. I made breakfast for us but it’s probably cold by now.” He said and I groaned, not wanting to get out of bed. I was hungry though so Dimitri tried forcing me to.

Eventually he just picked me up in his arms, wrapped a robe around me and carried me downstairs for breakfast. We had to heat up the food again cause it was cold now but it was still just as delicious. I was surprised that he even knew how to cook, but I remembered he told me that his mother loved cooking and he’d help her out sometimes with breakfast.

I was still high off of Dimitri and couldn’t stop smiling the entire time and Dimitri was smiling at me too. “You liked it, didn’t you?” He asked and I shyly nodded my head. “I wasn’t sure if I was being too rough especially since I am a Demon and I was scared I’d lose control and go harder than you could handle.”

“No, you were perfect.” I smiled softly before continuing my breakfast. I then started thinking about all the Demon girls Dimitri’s been with and frowned. After seeing him today, I knew he liked it rough, really rough and even now he was going nowhere near as hard as he used to with his Demon women. What we did together I was sure was nothing to him.

Yesterday Dimitri made it clear he wouldn’t cheat on me. But if I couldn’t give him what he always used to get, then why wouldn’t he cheat on me? I know he was telling me the truth but there was still this voice at the back of my mind telling me otherwise.

“Isabella, if you didn’t like it, I want you to tell me.” He spoke suddenly, mistaking my frown as being unhappy with the way we just had sex. “I don’t want to make you go through anything you don’t want to. I want you to tell me, otherwise I’ll never know.”

“No, Dimitri, what we did, everything I do with you, I love it all. Whether you go easy on me or hard, I love it all the same. I love being with you in any way.” I said making sure he understood that I’d be totally okay, even if he wanted to go harder like he used to with all those other women. “I don’t want you holding back because of me. I want you to do what you always did, with all those other women. I don’t want you to feel like I-”

“Is this what it’s all about? You don’t think you’re good enough for me? Is this also why you thought I’d have it in me to cheat on you, because you think you’re not giving me what I used to get? Is that it Isabella?” Dimitri asked and he sounded angry, really angry.

I looked away and he sighed. “How many times do I have to tell you that I want you and only you. I want what you give me Izzie, not what someone else can give.” He said but I still felt wary. Maybe he did mean that, but one day he was going to wish he could go as rough with me the way he could with his Demon women without having to worry about hurting me.

“Why don’t you trust me?” He whispered as he gripped my chin, pulling my face up so I was looking into his glowing eyes. “I’d never choose anyone over you. I love you and only you. There’s no one in this world, more beautiful, more sexier, more loving, more kind, more worthy than you. You’ve given me so much love, you showed me so much kindness even when I treated you horribly. You cared about me and you endangered your life just to save me. You were there for me when I was at my loneliest. I didn’t believe anyone could truly love me but you did and you still do. Do you really think I’d be willing to destroy what we have together? Do you really think I’d have it in me to throw you away just for my sexual desires?”

“So you admit that you wished I could give you better sex?” I said and he sighed in frustration.

“That’s not what I said at-” He started again but I cut him off.

“But you just said you wouldn’t throw me away just for your sexual desires? That means that if you didn’t love me or whatever, you would have thrown me away by now and the only reason you haven’t is because you love me.” I said and he just looked back at me in surprise.

“Izzie why are you doing this?” He asked in frustration.

“You didn’t deny it Dimitri! You really aren’t satisfied with our sex life.” I exclaimed and I admit it hurt that I couldn’t satisfy him the way he did me. But that also brought a lot of fear because he could still have been lying to me about the other girl. No one’s loved him like I have and so he doesn’t want to throw that away but at the same time he wants better sex. “Who is she?” I demanded, trying to mask my hurt with anger.

“Please don’t do this again Izzie!” He begged softly but I shook my head. I wanted answers or else I wouldn’t get any peace of mind.

“I want to know everything, who she is, what you were doing with her, what the big emergency was that you missed my graduation for. And I want you to tell me how you truly feel about us. No lies Dimitri, I don’t care if you’re scared of hurting my feelings, I want to know if I’m enough for you. I want to know if you wish you could be with someone better.” I spoke softly, trying to hold the tears back in.

“Izzie baby, I wish you wouldn’t put yourself down the way you are right now. I think you’re perfect, perfect in every way and the truth is that you make me very happy. Whether that’s in bed or not, you make me happy. What we did today was amazing! What we did when I first took your virginity away, that was amazing! Everything with you is amazing and I want you to know that.” He spoke, pulling me into his lap. “And as for the other girl, her name is Jennifer. She’s a childhood friend of mine, that’s all!” He explained and I couldn’t help but think, childhood lover. “And the reason I couldn’t come was because she came to me with a problem and I was helping her Izzie, that’s all. That’s all baby.” He looked so sincere as he stared down at me, hoping I’d understand.

I understood, I understood he had other people in his life that might need him from time to time but that didn’t stop me from feeling jealous. “You sure she isn’t a childhood lover of yours? Because I know how you used to be with women.” I couldn’t help but say and I could see Dimitri getting really frustrated.

“Goddammit Izzie, please, just let it go!” He exclaimed seeming angry now.

“I’ll let it go but only if you answer one last of question of mine.” I said and he looked down at me, waiting for me to ask. “Have you ever fucked her before?” I asked and he stared at me silently for a few moments before he looked away from me and down at the ground. He couldn’t look at me and I got all the answers I needed. Of course he’s been with her too! When has Dimitri not been with any woman in Rovana?

“I see.” I spoke softly as I tried to keep the tears in. I slid off his lap and at first he tightened his hold on me before loosening it, realizing I probably needed some space.

“Just because I’ve fucked her before, doesn’t mean I want her now!” He spoke with determination, staring back at me with so much fire in his eyes as if he was ready to tear down the entire world to prove to me, that he loved only me. “If I wanted her, I wouldn’t be with you right now. I’d have left you long ago and been with her right now.”

Maybe he actually didn’t want her anymore but I know deep down that he did wish I could be better at sex for him. I wrapped my arms around myself, moving far away from him. “You still don’t think you’re good enough for me, do you?” He asked in a low quiet voice.

Not only were Demon women better at sex, they were better looking too with better bodies. They were all tone and muscle, while all I was was soft everywhere and flab, with huge hips and thick thighs.

He slowly walked up towards me, reached up to wipe tears from my face that I didn’t even know were falling down, before he ripped my robe off me. I gasped and tried covering myself with my arms and hands. I felt really self-conscious suddenly and I wanted to hide from Dimitri.

He then grabbed my hand and made me grab his dick. “Do you feel that?” He asked referring to the hardness that I could feel getting harder and bigger by the second. “That’s happening because of you. Because of you Izzie. Because you’re so damn sexy and hot and I wish I could make love with you everywhere and anywhere, all day long. I want you all the time, morning and night and I go crazy with need for you. I’ve not once thought about being with any other woman ever since I began loving you. And I don’t want anyone else but you.” He gently cupped my right cheek, swiping at my cheeks with his thumbs, wiping away anymore remaining tears. “Please trust me Izzie.” He whispered out as I pulled away from him.

“I do.” I say as I tried to reach for my robe but he wouldn’t let me get it. So I kept my arms around myself, trying to cover myself.

“Then why are you still hiding yourself from me?” He asked softly and I shook my head, feeling very self-conscious. I had started feeling very comfortable and confident around Dimitri, more confident than I’ve ever felt but these recent events brought back my insecurities and I couldn’t help but feel them no matter what Dimitri said. I knew that not only did I lack in my abilities to sexually please him but I was also lacking in my physical appearance compared to everyone Dimitri’s been with. “Are you hiding from me because you don’t like the way you look?” He asked even more softly and jackpot, he hit it right on.

I don’t know what he saw in my facial expression but he knew that was the case. “Tell me Izzie, tell me what you don’t like.” I shook my head as more tears sprung to my eyes.

That’s one thing I especially didn’t want to talk about with him. Because what if he didn’t notice something about me, but would start to once I pointed it out. “Please tell me, Izzie. I want to ease your pain, I want to ease all your insecurities. You know I’d never judge you. In fact I don’t understand why humans are so judgemental to each other. We don’t have an ‘ideal’ body type like you humans do. We appreciate everyone’s bodies the way they are just like you should appreciate yours.”

“Easy for you to say, you Demons already have perfect bodies! You guys live for centuries and centuries looking so young and healthy, your healing abilities prevent you guys from scarring or having any marks on your skin, you guys never get acne, you never develop extra fat, so of course you wouldn’t judge each other.” I spoke quietly as I stared down at myself. “All the women you’ve been with have probably been so beautiful, I’d never compare. They all have toned, thin bodies with smooth perfect skin, no flab or extra fat anywhere, unlike me. My stomach isn’t toned and flat like all the girls you’ve been with, I have all this extra flab. My hips, thighs and butt are all so big. My boobs aren’t big enough. My nose isn’t cute and small, I get acne sometimes and my hair’s frizzy unlike the shiny, smooth and soft hair all your Demon women have. You wanted to know what I didn’t like about myself, well that’s what I don’t like.”

Dimitri frowned at me as he stared at me in silence. He obviously didn’t know what to say because he knew it was all true. “You know I find it funny how the things you hate about yourself are some of the things I really love.” He said as he knelt down on the ground in front of me. “I don’t want a super thin or super toned girl. I want your body, soft curves in all the right places. If you’ve noticed, Demon women aren’t super curvy but I find curves attractive as fuck. I was even talking about this with Devon, how some humans are very curvy and how attractive that is and he agreed too.” He spoke while grabbing onto my thighs, kissing them. “I love your thighs, I love how sexy they are.” He whispered as he placed lingering wet kisses down their length. “I love it when girls have bigger thighs rather than thinner ones. It’s just my preference and you fulfill it.”

He then kissed up towards my hips before he travelled to my stomach. “I love the shape your hips give your body. I love the softness to your stomach, it makes it so much more comfortable for me to lay my head on.” He then flipped me around so my back was facing him, and I felt him place wet kisses on my ass, before he cupped it between his hands. “I love the way my hands mold around your ass. I love how I can hold onto it.” He spoke as he gave my ass a squeeze causing me to gasp.

He then flipped me back around to face him again and I felt shy now as he smiled up at me. He stood up and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking lightly, causing me to gasp at the way he played my nipple in his mouth. He then started sucking on my breast, opening his mouth wider as he sucked. “You know exactly how much I love your boobs.” He gave me a little smirk before giving my breasts another hard suck.

He then grabbed my face, pressing soft kisses against my cheeks and nose. “I don’t know why you don’t think your nose is cute because I think it’s absolutely adorable. Especially the light dusting of freckles you have on it. And your skin is the softest ever, I love touching it.” He ran his fingers gently over my cheek, feeling my skin. He then moved to my hair and lightly gave it a tug. “I love the way your hair frames your face so perfectly. I also really love tugging at it, and the little cry you let out whenever I do it is the most sexiest thing on this planet.” He grinned as I blushed, before tugging at my hair with no warning, causing me to let out a cry which I tried to muffle because I felt so embarrassed.

“I love you Isabella, I love everything about you and I want you to love yourself too.” He spoke seriously and I couldn’t help but smile. Dimitri really did know how to make me feel better about everything and I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down to my level. I leaned in to press my lips against his parted ones, but I stopped, too mesmerized by how handsome he truly was. His eyes were closed as he waited for the touch of our lips but I couldn’t stop staring at him.

He opened his eyes soon and raised an eyebrow, causing me to smile. He then leaned down and pressed the softest of kisses against my lips before pulling away and staring down at me. “I brought you a gift, a graduation gift that I was supposed to give you on your actual graduation day but again, I’m really sorry I wasn’t there! But you’ll only get it if you agree to go out on a date with me. Just me and you for a whole day. We’ve never went on a proper date together and I want to make it up to you for not showing up to your graduation. So what do you say?” He asked and I nodded my head with a huge smile on my face.

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