The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 7

It was the nighttime now. Well actually it was always the night here in the realm of Rovana. The sun never shone, making me almost feel bad for all these demons. They never got to experience the wonders of sunlight. Didn’t it get so gloomy all the time?

I retired to my bedroom with Thomas beside me, not looking forward to dealing with Shauna. I wished I was sharing a room with Pam, but unfortunately not. And I didn’t feel like asking Dimitri for a room change or something because I’m so sure he hates me. In fact, I know very well that he does.

Once I entered the room, I came to find Shauna standing by the bed with her arms wrapped around Dimitri’s neck. “Goodnight Dimitri.” She sweetly said, plopping a big juicy kiss on his cheek. I rolled my eyes and walked inside, ignoring Dimitri’s fixed gaze on the side of my head.

I instead turn towards Thomas and start asking him about his day. He very excitedly told me about all the new friends he made at the castle daycare today. “That’s amazing, Honey. You have to introduce me to your friends. I really want to meet them sometimes!” I exclaim, happy that at least Thomas had a good day, unlike me.

“Isa-bitch! How rude of you to completely ignore His Highness! He’s a King! Have some respect.” Shauna’s annoying voice retorted.

“Shauna, watch your language! Can’t you see a five year-old boy in the room? I don’t want to hear any words like that coming out of your mouth around Thomas ever again!” I exclaim, appalled at the fact that she would swear in front of an innocent child. She simply rolled her eyes before pointing toward our oh so mighty King.

“Oh I am so sorry, Your Highness." I say almost mockingly. I walk up to him and curtsy. “Please, Your Highness, would you like me to escort you to your room?”

He doesn’t say anything, but instead stares back at me cautiously. I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t sure what I was up to. Honestly I wasn’t sure either, just that I felt like mocking him. “Thomas, be a good boy, while I go deliver our precious King to his chambers.”

“Okay, Mommy!” He says smiling at me before plopping down on a chair. Thomas was such a sweet, obedient child. He was honestly amazing.

“Come, Your Highness.” I say as I walk out my room, Dimitri following behind me. I could see Shauna scowl from the corner of her eyes. We walk in silence before finally reaching his room. I open the door, smiling at him. He frowns not sure at all about what I was up to, but he seemed to look curious.

I pull the blankets away from his bed, patting the revealed bedding underneath. “Come, Your Highness. Get in and I’ll tuck you nice and cozy.” I say, looking up at him.

He stood many feet away, watching me with his calculating gaze, trying to figure me out. I don’t know what he was trying to see as I personally had no idea what I was going to do, but to each his own. “I’m not sleeping yet.” He said.

“Oh?” I say. “Then what is my sweet King going to do?” This time I spoke very mockingly and I could see the anger starting to build up in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything. I doubt he was going to after I had called him sensitive earlier on. Instead he replied to my question. “I was planning on uh... doing some reading.”

This I was surprised by because I was so sure that earlier on today he said he didn’t read. “Whatever my precious King wants to do. I’ll accompany you, Your Highness. Please grab your book and sit down and I’ll give your shoulders a nice massage as they seem very tense.” I honestly had no idea what I was doing now. A massage? Really Isabella? I’ve never even given anyone a massage before. I know, I know, I’m so smart, aren’t I?

I waited as Dimitri went somewhere to grab a book and almost choked on my own spit when he arrived shirtless with a book tucked in his hand. I immediately shifted my gaze as I knew I would literally start drooling over the beauty of his hard constructed chest and abs. It was all muscle. So much muscle. Even more muscle then Kenneth had on his body.

Dimitri then sat down in his chair, with the book in his hands. He looked up at me expectantly and that’s when I remembered I had promised him a massage. I gulped nervously. I knew I’d completely melt if I felt those beautiful muscles underneath my fingertips. What did I get myself into?

I hesitantly walked behind his chair and rested my hands on his shoulder, gasping at all the hard muscle I could feel. I gently started working my fingers into his shoulders, working away all the stress and knots there. His muscles honestly felt like heaven under my hands. I was trying so hard not to stare down at his amazing body but instead focused up ahead at the door. This was honestly torture. So much torture. I couldn’t handle it.

I decided I needed to focus on something else to keep myself sane, as my sanity was starting to slip away. I decided I would peek over his shoulder and see what he was reading, maybe even read the pages along with him. And that’s what I did. I looked over his shoulder, only to find the book he was supposedly reading wasn’t a book, but rather a journal. A journal that he was holding upside down. An upside down journal that he unconsciously kept flipping the pages of to the point where only blank pages were left. So he wasn’t reading after all? Why’d he lie to me?

Unless... He needed to find an excuse for me to stay in his room for a while longer. But, how would reading make me stay in his room? So I guess maybe that wasn’t an excuse. But maybe, my massage is so amazing that he can’t concentrate enough to read. I felt a smirk cross my face. I guess I knew one of my precious King’s weaknesses.

I decided I would try to embarrass him a little. I slipped my fingers forward and over his chest so that my hand was resting directly over his heart. I also brought my face closer towards the side of his head, my lips very close to his left ear. I smiled as I felt his heartbeat quicken slightly. I also noticed his eyes closed shut, his face relaxed into a very serene state. Reading huh?

“Why are you reading a journal, upside down? And why do the pages have no words? And most of all, why are your eyes closed?” I whispered, causing him to jerk his eyes open. I giggled softly as his eyes widened.

“I uh... I... I’m getting sleepy. That’s all.” He spluttered out, his eyes still widened.

“Oh? Then why don’t I direct you to your bed, Your Highness?” I ask and he quietly nods his head. He then gets up and puts the book down onto the nightstand. Then he goes to the washroom to brush his teeth and stuff. Once he’s done he comes out, glances at me and then settles into bed.

He reaches for his blanket but I get it before he can. “It’s okay, I got it.” I say as I pull it over his body, tucking him in. The whole time I can see his gaze fixed to my face. “There. Goodnight, Your Highness. Sweet dreams.” I say as I turn around to walk away.

He suddenly grabs my arm stopping me. I turn around and smirk. “Want me to kiss you goodnight or what?” I ask and he shakes his head. “No. I just wanted to say that from now on, I want Shauna to help me to bed. Not you.” He states causing me to take a step back away from him.

“O-oh, ok-kay. Sure.” I say giving him an uneasy smile as I slowly back away, before completely turning around and walking out his room.

I kind of felt hurt at what he said. Did he really despise me that much? Or was it not about me at all but about Shauna and how gorgeous she was? Probably that. I mean she was absolutely stunning. Guess he wanted to see her pretty face before going to bed, not mine. He probably wanted to make out with her for a bit. Which hurt me since I had grown a special bond with dream Dimitri. But I was stupid and wouldn’t understand that dream Dimitri was, well, a dream. Not real at all.

I sulked all the way to my room only to groan as I saw Shauna asleep on the only bed in the room. I noticed Thomas asleep on the couch. I was definitely not going to sleep beside Shauna and there was absolutely no room beside Thomas on the couch. I mean, I could squeeze myself in but I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable all squashed up between me and the couch.

So I had only one choice left. And it was the cold, hard ground. I groaned internally as I settled down onto the floor. I already had a lot of sleeping issues, I didn’t want more trouble trying to fall asleep. I could have gone back to Dimitri and asked him if there was somewhere else I could sleep but I decided against it. I’m sure he didn’t want to see my face.

I lay flat on the ground, shivering as I felt the cold hit me. I had no idea how I managed to fall asleep, but somehow I did, only to be thrown into another Dimitri dream.

The same Demon was coming after me and I was running away from him, when I remembered that my saviour actually was the Demon King himself and that he wouldn’t be my saviour anymore as he hated me. And so I let the demon drag me all the way to Dimitri. I didn’t want to see dream Dimitri as only the memories of the real one lingered in my mind at the moment, but I kinda had no choice. I was going to run into him either way.

Once we reached him, I found Dimitri staring back at me with a smile gracing his lips. He had his arms wide open as if he wanted me to run into them. “Come.” He said, beckoning me towards him. “Don’t be shy.”

I smiled and started running towards him when I felt someone run past me. She reached Dimitri’s arms before me and Dimitri hugged her nice and tight to him. I stopped right in my tracks realizing it was Shauna in his arms. Shauna had wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her forehead against his. They both had so much love in their eyes for each other. It was starting to make me sick.

And here I thought he had his arms open for me.

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