The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 70

I was at the drugstore picking up some feminine products since it was going to be that time of the month soon, the most dreaded time of all. Dimitri was picking up junk food as he was obsessed. He was in love with Lay’s ketchup chips, Kit Kat and Skittles. You couldn’t find those in Rovana so he wanted to buy a bunch of junk and bring it with him to Rovana.

While I was there, I also decided to pick up a few packs of condoms since Dimitri ran out. They had quite a variety but I needed the largest size they had. Unfortunately, all I could see were the small or medium sizes. I ducked down to look at the bottom row as I walked forward and eventually I found the extra large ones and picked them up. As I got up, I took a few steps forward, bumping into someone.

“I’m so very sorry.” I spoke and when I looked up to see who it was, I found Tyler staring down at me.

“Isabella! Hey!” He grinned and I smiled, not expecting to see him here. His gaze then dropped to the condoms in my hand and I felt myself blushing. Thankfully he didn’t say anything as I dropped them in my basket. “How’s your summer going?” He asked as he started walking alongside me.

“Pretty great actually! How about yours?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Could be better.” He spoke as he shoved his hands into his pockets. I asked why but he just shook his head, saying it wasn’t important.

“Are you sure, Ty?” I asked and he gave me a sad smile, nodding his head.

“Just family issues, you know.” He spoke and he looked so upset suddenly, I couldn’t help but give him a little side hug. But instead of keeping it at a small hug, he turned it into a full blown hug. He pulled me close and tight, wrapping his arms around me, resting his face against the junction where my neck met my shoulders.

I pulled away as soon as appropriately possible as Nina’s words came into my mind. She said I was leading him on and that I shouldn’t, especially because I haven’t told anyone else that I was with Dimitri. And also, the hug just felt too intimate for my liking.

Once I was about to pull away, I looked behind Tyler and found Dimitri standing a few feet away watching us with anger blazing in his eyes. He had a large bottle of Pepsi in his hand which he immediately crushed in his hand, spraying pop everywhere. I flinched, forgetting how strong he was sometimes. Thankfully no one else was near to see the mess Dimitri created.

He looked absolutely furious as he stalked towards us. I shook my head at him, begging him with my eyes to not do anything stupid. We were in public and if he even did one thing against another human, the public wouldn’t forgive him this time and would begin to fear him again, although they hadn’t really stopped.

Thankfully he listened and stayed back, but I could see he was seething on the inside. I mouthed a ‘thank you’ but he only returned an angry glare. I knew the conversation we were going to have was not going to be pleasant by any means.

I admit it wasn’t a smart move on my part, but my hug was completely innocent with no feelings attached to it whatsoever. Tyler just looked so upset, but instead of making it a quick side hug, he was the one who pulled me into a full hug and I know how it must have looked to Dimitri. If I was him, I’d be really angry too.

“I hope everything is fine with you.” I said, sneaking glances at Dimitri who was pretending to buy things, but he was by the toys and I knew he was not looking to buy any toys. His shoulders were tense and his hands were in tight fists.

This was like a vicious cycle, first I got angry and upset about Dimitri potentially cheating on me and now he was angry at me.

I talked with Tyler for a bit longer before we parted ways. I then took a few deep breaths, preparing myself for Dimitri’s wrath. I started walking towards him and noticed him talking to a little boy, well, more like hugging a little boy.

When he pulled away, I gasped. It was Thomas. “Thomas!” I exclaimed and he immediately turned at my voice before bolting towards me, practically jumping onto me. “Oh my god, Thomas! I missed you so much!” I exclaimed as I hugged him to me, feeling tears prick my eyes.

“I missed you too Izzie!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around my neck tight. “I missed you so much! I told my Grandmama and Grandpapa about you too and they think you’re very cool!” He said causing me to let out a small laugh as tears slid down my face. “They also told me that if I ever see you again, that I should say thank you for keeping me safe.” His sweet voice spoke and my heart warmed at his cuteness.

“Oh Thomas, I’m so happy you’re with your Grandparents and that you’re happy and safe.” I spoke and he pulled away and the most adorable frown settled on his face. “Why are you crying?” He asked as he reached up and touched my tears, watching them with curiosity before he frowned even more. “Are you not happy to see me?” He asked and I pulled him towards me again, holding him very tight.

“Of course I’m happy to see you, silly! I just missed you so much!” I smiled at him when he pulled away.

“You should come visit me sometimes. I live in the house on the other side of the street. It’s the last house with the black car.” He said and I nodded my head.

“I’ll definitely come and visit you.” I said and he told me to bring Dimitri too, to which I nodded my head.

Suddenly Thomas was quiet as if thinking hard about something before he pulled me closer to him. “Can I ask you something?” He whispered and I nodded my head. “Why is Dimitri so angry? I mentioned you and he got really angry at you.” He whispered quietly and I sighed, not sure what answer to give him. I decided to settle with the truth.

“Dimitri’s angry at me because he saw me hugging another boy.” I spoke loud enough so that Dimitri could hear me and by the tensing of his shoulders, I could tell he was listening. “I think I hurt Dimitri’s feelings but I didn’t mean to.” I spoke as Thomas listened intently. “The boy was really sad so I was going to give him a small hug to make him feel better, but then he pulled me into a very big hug and that made Dimitri very upset. Do you think I did anything wrong?” I asked Thomas while sneaking glances at Dimitri.

“If the boy was sad, then it’s good you gave him a hug. When I was sad you gave me a hug too and I felt a lot better. You should give Dimitri a hug too, he won’t be angry anymore and he’ll feel better. He probably thinks you don’t love him cause you didn’t hug him and hugged another boy. So you should hug him and tell him you love him.” Thomas said and I couldn’t help but find it so adorable. Thomas was honestly the most sweetest boy ever.

“I’m scared Thomas.” I spoke knowing Dimitri was listening to our entire conversation. “Do you think he’ll forgive me?”

“Yup, he will! Dimitri loves you! My Grandmama told me that when you love someone, you forgive them. Grandmama always forgives me when I’m being loud or making a mess. Grandmama and Grandpapa fight sometimes and they forgive each other because they love each other.” Thomas said before grabbing onto my hand and taking me towards Dimitri. “Go! Hug him! Dimitri isn’t mad at you, he’s just sad. Your hug will fix it.” He whispered and I couldn’t help but look down at him with love and amusement. He truly was the sweetest and it was endearing how he thought Dimitri couldn’t hear his whispers.

“Okay, okay!” I whispered back as I approached Dimitri from behind.

“Don’t forget to tell him you love him!” He whispered and I nodding my head, whispering I wouldn’t.

“Thomas!” We heard a female voice say suddenly and Thomas quickly said goodbye to us before running off to his Grandma.

I watched him leave before I turned towards Dimitri again and felt really nervous and scared. I wasn’t sure how angry he was at me. I walked up close and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind, resting my cheek against his back. “I’m sorry Dimitri, I’m very very sorry.” I spoke softly feeling him tense at my touch. “I love you and only you. I wouldn’t let anyone come in between us, you know that. I know I made you very upset and I’m very very sorry. He’s just a friend and he was honestly very upset and I only meant to pull him into a very quick side hug, but then he just pulled me into a full hug.” I said before I pressed a small kiss against his back. “Please forgive me. I hate making you angry or upset and please believe that I didn’t mean to.” I pressed another kiss on his back. “And I’m not letting go until you tell me we’re okay. Please tell me we’re okay.” I whispered feeling my voice shake at the end.

He let out a sigh before turning around and pulling me into his arms. I instantly melted into him, closing my eyes as I pressed my cheek against him. I loved the way he was holding me, I felt so at peace, so at home, so in love. Being in his arms felt like magic, like a miracle, like all the wonderful things that exist in our world and other worlds. Being in his arms felt like true love. It was true love.

I pulled away so I could look up at him and his eyes were glowing with so much passion and I couldn’t help but feel so much love towards him. I smiled at him as he took my hand and brought my fingers up to his lips. He kissed them one by one before slipping one into his mouth, lightly sucking causing me to feel weak in the knees. The things he did to me was dangerous.

He then removed my finger and cupped my face in between both his hands, holding my face softly. He smiled down at me before slowly leaning down, and just when our lips were about to touch, we heard a bunch of cameras flashing, causing us to pull away and look at the source.

We had a huge audience taking pictures of us, from random people to paparazzi. I felt so overwhelmed and shocked but before I could react, Dimitri pulled me towards him again and pressed his lips against mine, causing the camera flashes to go crazy. He gave me a small, sweet kiss before pulling away with a satisfied look on his face. “Now the whole world knows you’re mine.” He whispered and I smiled.

Suddenly everyone was throwing questions our way and more and more people came and started crowding around us.

“Are you guys dating?”

“You seem so in love! It’s so romantic!”

“King Dimitri, is she your Queen?”

“How does it feel to date the Demon King?”

Dimitri turned to a reporter, taking her mic in his hand. “She’s mine and only mine.” He practically growled into the mic causing a few people to move back in fear, including the reporter herself. I had to admit the look on his face was scary but crazy hot at the same time.

I tugged on Dimitri’s arm, wanting to leave. There were so many camera’s pointing my way, so many news reporters and paparazzi. How the hell did they get here so fast and so suddenly? How was that even possible? Were they following us from the beginning? It seemed like the only explanation.

Dimitri grabbed my hand and pushed through the crowd of people as they bombarded us with questions. It was getting really hard to get through and people started tugging on my arms and clothes to get my attention and it was starting to make me feel really uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to be all over the news. I didn’t want the world to criticize my every move and action, the way I looked and acted as I knew they would.

“Don’t touch her!” Dimitri growled causing everyone to move away from me in an instant. I smiled up at him, grateful he was here with me. Suddenly, with no warning, he picked me up in his arms, bridal style and everyone moved out of Dimitri’s way as he shot them a deadly look.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, watching him shoot dangerous glares at everyone. He looked really angry and it was terrifying yet the most hottest thing ever.

Humans were still scared of Dimitri despite the peace between us and the Demons. Dimitri had tortured and killed so many of us, causing so much terror, that even despite Dimitri’s apology and explanation for his actions, people still got scared. He even looked scary to me when he was angry and I knew the real him.

“You look really hot right now.” I whispered in his ears as he carried me down the streets, feeling people take multiple pictures of us. We had walked here and entered the store separately because we wanted to keep our relationship a secret but now that it was out of the bag, there really was no point in hiding it.

“I’m really turned on right now.” I whispered softly, as I pressed my legs tighter together.

Dimitri’s gaze caught onto the movement of my legs and he smirked down at me. I lightly bit the side of his neck. “Behave Izzie.” Dimitri demanded causing me to giggle.

“I can never behave when it comes to you.” I spoke seductively, toying with the neck of his shirt.

“We’re in public babe.” His voice came out sounding harsh as his hold on me tightened. I simply rest my head in the junction between his shoulders, trying to control myself. With Dimitri it was so hard to not lose control.

“Can we talk?” I asked quietly, as I thought about everything that happened recently.

“What do you want to talk about?” He asked as he turned down the street.

“Can you put me down first?” I asked and he frowned. “Do you not like being in my arms?” He asked as he kept his gaze forward.

“Of course I like being in your arms, it’s just getting kind of embarassing.” I said and he chuckled before putting me down. He then wrapped a possessive arm around my waist, keeping me close to him. “Now tell me, what do you want to talk about?” He asked.

“I was just thinking about the way we got so jealous over each other when we had no reason to be. I got jealous because you were helping some girl and you got jealous because of Tyler, the guy in the store. It’s not really healthy for us Dimitri.” I started and Dimitri seemed to be in deep thought.

“It really isn’t.” He responded as we continued walking. “I was so angry, who knows what I would have done if we weren’t in public.” His arm tightened around me and I jumped at the suddenness of it.

“We need to learn to not get so jealous. We both know that we love each other, so we’ve really got no reason to be jealous.” I spoke before I stopped Dimitri on the sidewalk. “We could have gotten into really big fights, causing even bigger problems in our relationship. I don’t want to ruin our relationship. I want things to always be okay between us.”

“But we were able to get past it.” Dimitri said smiling down at me, before he reached down and took my hand in his, interlocking our fingers together. “And Izzie, you know we’ll always be okay. Better than okay! We’ll always be perfect.” He was smiling at me so sweetly I couldn’t help but get up on my tiptoes, reach up and press a kiss on his cheek.

Just then we realized that more paparazzi, different paparazzi than the ones at the store, started taking pictures of us. I could hear Dimitri let out a string of curses in annoyance. Once they noticed the anger on Dimitri’s face, they instantly backed away keeping their distance, while we continued on walking. Dimitri started speed walking so fast that I practically had to run to keep up, until he picked me up again and carried me all the way home.

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