The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 71

A couple days later, Dimitri had came over with a bunch of magazine and newspaper articles written about us. We were sitting beside each other reading the things people were writing.

‘Future Queen of Rovana?’, one of the headlines read and I flipped open to the article.

“Sexy Demon King of Rovana, Dimitri Rae, was spotted at Supermart in a passionate embrace with his mysterious doe-eyed beauty. Get this, she’s human and King Dimitri looks absolutely smitten. Who is this mysterious girl who’s captured the dark King’s heart? Was she the real reason he stopped his attack on humans?” I read aloud as I looked at the pictures they put underneath the text.

There was a picture of Dimitri holding my face in between his hands, his lips inches away from mine. Another picture of Dimitri lightly sucking on my fingers with me staring up at him, with a shy smile on my face. And there was another one with me in Dimitri’s arms, him staring down at me while I stared up at him. We looked so in love. We were so in love.

“Who is the object of King Dimitri’s affections? A few trusted sources say she was one of the girl’s who was last sent down to Rovana. We think it’s absolutely romantic that they fell in love, given their circumstances. She saved Earth’s doomed fate through the greatest love story of all time! We are quite jealous!” Dimitri read aloud before turning to me with a grin on his face.

“Not only did you save Earth from its doomed fate, but you saved me too.” He spoke as he caressed my cheek. “You mean the world to me, you know that right?” He asked as he stroked my lips, with his thumb. “And this article is right, we do have the greatest love story of all time.” He said before he leaned in and took my bottom lip into his mouth, lightly sucking and biting on it. He then pulled away and pressed his forehead against mine, closing his eyes. “If anything happened to you ever, I won’t be able to live anymore.” His words made me feel so much warmth and love for him.

“I’m always going to be here by your side. I’ll support you through everything, I’ll be whatever you need me to be. I’m not leaving, ever!” I exclaimed and he smiled, his hold on me tightening before he pulled away. He grabbed another article and I did as well.

“Hot Demon King goes possessive over his potential future Queen!” Another article read. “It was pantywetting hot the way the King Dimitri Rae claimed his girl in front of many reporters. ‘She’s mine and only mine’, he had practically growled into the mic and it was the hottest, sexiest, most dangerous sound we ever heard. Then he proceeded to get angry at anyone who dared touch his Queen (we’d love to see a human-demon wedding!). Just watching the way he protected his love, got all the females at our headquarters turned on for sure.” I read and felt jealousy surge through me but I tried to calm it down. He was mine and the whole world really did know it now.

“Weren’t you really turned on too?” Dimitri spoke with a smirk on his face while I just glared at him. These articles were just feeding his ego, weren’t they? I threw the article far away from us causing him to smirk even wider.

“My panties were not wet, in fact I was drier than the Sahara desert. You haven’t turned me on in a long time. I think you’re losing your touch.” I stated causing him to look at me in surprise before a scandalous look crossed his face. Oh no, he was going to do something, wasn’t he?

He suddenly grabbed me and sat me down on the table, on top of all the articles. “Drier than the Sahara desert, huh? We’ll see about that.” His voice came out dark and low and I knew he was going to do something to prove me wrong. I refused to lose, I refused to get turned on.

I kept thinking about random things, getting my mind off of him. But he grabbed me and pinned me down flat against the table, causing me to gasp in surprise. “I love shirts that button down the front and you’re wearing the perfect one.” He growled in my hair and I gulped, knowing I was going to be so far gone and that there was no possible way I could win this. “Too bad, I’m going to destroy it.” He whispered as he grabbed the shirt in between his teeth and pulled, popping and breaking all the buttons.

“Dimitri!” I exclaimed, angry that he ruined my shirt.

“Screaming my name already huh.” He grinned and I shook my head.

“I’m not going to scream your name or moan or anything. You’re not even that good.” Biggest lie I’ve ever spoken but one thing for sure I wasn’t going to do today was scream his name. His ego was already really huge and he ruined my shirt on top of that.

“Okay, then I don’t want to hear not one little noise leave your mouth.” He said and I responded, saying, ‘not hard at all’. He then grabbed my shorts and ripped them off too, causing me to get even more annoyed, but I had to admit it was hot at the same time.

He then grabbed my bra in his mouth and ripped it off, causing me to gasp again, feeling cool air hit my chest. He then flipped me over on my front, and I closed my eyes feeling really turned on already.

I was wearing a thong and it was in between my ass. I knew Dimitri was going to retrieve it by his mouth and the thought really turned me on. And he did exactly that, he pulled my butt cheeks apart and brought his mouth down. I felt his teeth and tongue scrape against me and I covered my mouth keeping my moans in. He then grabbed the thin piece of my thong and ripped that off of me too.

I could tell I was still dry and I mentally high-fived myself. Distracting your mind by thinking of random things, really did help control things down there.

He then flipped me around again so I was laying on my back again. He then completely pulled my legs apart, as he looked down at me. I was completely exposed to him, he could see everything and I felt really shy suddenly as he knelt down and inspected me down there. He frowned, seeing I wasn’t wet yet and I smiled but seeing the lust on his face, the dark dangerous look in his eyes as he stared down at my sex so exposed to him, really had an effect on me and I suddenly felt warm liquid down there.

Soon he saw it and he smirked. “What is this I see Izzie?” He asked and I looked away annoyed that he got what he wanted. I knew I wasn’t going to last but couldn’t I have lasted just a bit longer? And it was embarrassing because it only took one look from Dimitri to get me going. “What is this?” He asked as he reached down and touched the wetness and I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t moan.

He then took the finger that he touched my wetness with, and ran it down my leg, leaving a wet trail on my leg. “So wet. Thought we were at the Sahara Desert, but it seems I made it to the Pacific Ocean.” He smirked up at me and I gulped in nervousness. I was completely weak in his hands.

He then stuck three fingers inside me and my eyes widened as pleasure hit me hard. I clenched my eyes shut tight and bit my hand, holding my moans in. He left them inside me and I could feel my walls close in on his fingers, the hold so tight he groaned. “Fuck Izzie, you really don’t want to let me go, do you? Don’t worry baby, I’m not going to be done with you anytime soon.” He groaned out, as his eyes darkened with so much lust.

My walls just tightened even more around him. “Ease up Izzie!” Dimitri demanded and it’s as if my body listened to him and only him as I loosened up all by myself. He then started moving his fingers in and out and I covered my mouth with my hand. It was getting so hard and I could feel Dimitri’s eyes on my face. I glanced at him and saw the bastard laughing at me. He came closer to me, hovering right above me. With his free hand he removed my hands away from my mouth, pinning my arms up above my head so I couldn’t hide behind my hands.

I couldn’t help it as I let out a series of moans as he thrust his fingers in and out, he twisted them around inside of me, feeling me everywhere inside. I let out a cry at his explorative fingers. “Your body is under my control, do you understand?” He growled out against my lips and I felt so turned on by his words. He was right, I was completely at his control. “Now tell me what I want to hear.” He whispered, his voice husky and I shook my head. I didn’t know what exactly it was that he wanted to know but their were many things going through my mind that I wanted to say. “Say everything going through your mind. I want to hear it.” He whispered as he bent down and bit my nipple. My body shuddered underneath him at his touch.

“I’m yours. Completely yours.” I whispered and I could tell my words really satisfied him.

“Are you now?” He whispered as he tugged at my nipple hard. I cried out as I tried to struggle my arms out of his hold, but I couldn’t, he was too strong for me.

“Y-yess.” I moaned out, breathing uncharacteristically hard. “My body is yours.” I ground out through the pleasure as he kissed down to my belly button, sticking his tongue into it. He added all four fingers inside me now and was getting his thumb in as well. His hands were big so it kind of hurt but I was used to it. It felt like the same pain I felt when he put his dick inside me. I still hadn’t gotten used to it, it was just so big.

He then took his hand out causing me to cry out in want. He then brought his hand up to show me and it was completely dripping with juices. “Do you see this Izzie? Does this look dry like the Sahara dessert?” He asked and I whimpered, closing my eyes. “Open your eyes and answer me!” He demanded and I immediately obliged shaking my head no.

He then sucked each and every drop of liquid off his hand. It was the hottest thing ever and I groaned feeling more wetness pool down there. He still had my thighs pulled apart and I tried closing them but he stopped me. He slid me down the table and made me cross my legs since they were hanging off the table. He then reached down and pulled at the folds between my legs, and he simply watched with a smirk on his face. “I see you just keep on getting wetter and wetter.” He then let go, ordering me to stay on the table like I was. He then left and soon came back with a little bottle in his hand. It was whipped cream and he smiled down at me. “Time to have some more fun and get some more desert as well. Not that you didn’t taste good already. You’re my favourite desert.” He winked and I felt something ignite inside me.

He pulled me right to the edge of the table and pulled my legs up on his shoulder. He then sprayed whipped cream on my sex, before using his hands to rub it around. I moaned, biting my lips, feeling excited. I loved the way his mouth worked against me. It was the best feeling in the entire world, and this time he’d be eating something off of me. “Don’t worry, I’ll get every little inch of this whipped cream off of you.” He whispered before he grabbed onto the side of the wooden table.

The look in his eyes was so fierce and I loved it. His hold on the table was fierce too. And soon he brought his mouth down and started ravaging the whipped cream off of me. It was all tongue, whipped cream and pleasure roiled into one and I could feel myself losing my mind.

I grabbed onto his dark soft strands and tugged at some pieces as the pleasure got too intense. He was going hard at me, licking everything, sucking everything. The sounds of his tongue and mouth sucking, turned me on so much. I could feel his stubble against me too and it was heavenly. He rolled his tongue around everywhere, making sure to get every little bit of whipped cream that could be hiding, while I was a moaning, screaming mess.

Once he was done, he flipped me over so I was laying on my stomach. I felt him get on top of me from behind, and he then grabbed my hair and yanked my head up causing me to whimper. He kept his hold tight on my hair as he kept my head lifted up. With his other hand, he sprayed whipped cream by neck and I felt it slowly slip down my front, to my chest and down to my stomach. His mouth attached onto my neck as he started sucking and biting. His hand was still buried in my hair holding my head up.

His mouth travelled to my shoulder, which he bit at and I shuddered at the pain. “Dimitri, please go softer, gentler.” I moaned out and he chuckled, knowing full well how much I was enjoying his roughness.

While still keeping my head painfully tugged up, he ran his other hand down my whipped cream covered front and down to my breasts. He took my nipple in between his finger and twisted and pulled at it hard, while simultaneously biting my neck and pulling at my hair. I cried out, feeling tears prick my eyes. “Is that gentle enough for you?” He whispered and I felt the tears slid down me as he still had my nipple twisted in between his fingers. He then tugged harder causing me to cry out.

“My sweet Izzie, you’re so naughty.” He groaned as I rubbed my bottom against his dick. “Your parents would never forgive me for doing this to you, for turning you into this dirty, naughty little girl.” He whispered and I moaned.

“I like being your dirty naughty little girl.” I whispered as he grabbed my ass, before getting off of me. He made me get into doggy position before he grabbed onto my hair, lightly tugging before he positioned himself behind me. I felt myself tense up. He had never taken me from behind.

“This is going to hurt a lot Izzie, I’m not going to lie. So if you don’t want me to do it, tell me now otherwise I’m going to go hard and not stop until we’re done.” He asked and I felt scared but I wanted to give him everything he wanted. I knew I was no where near as good at sex as the other women he’s been with, so I didn’t want to deny him anything even though I so badly wanted to say no.

I knew it was going to hurt a lot, a lot more than it would if I did this with a human, a hell of a lot more. But I still nodded my head yes, closing my eyes tight in fear of the pain.

Dimitri pulled me closer to him once I gave him permission and I felt him finger me from behind, sticking a finger or two in, easing me up to the pain that was sure to come. “Are you sure you want this Izzie?” He asked and I immediately nodded my head, scared I’d say no if he gave me more time to think. “Okay baby.” He whispered before reaching down and kissing my lower back.

He slipped a few fingers into my hole and I flinched at the pain. I could already feel tears in my eyes at the pain but I didn’t stop him. “Tell me when you’re ready baby.” He spoke gently and I told him I was ready now. I didn’t think I’d ever be ready and I could feel myself starting to chicken out.

I felt Dimitri position himself behind me and I braced myself for the pain that would hit soon. And soon he plunged inside me and I cried out from unbearable pain. It was too much and I wanted him to stop immediately, but I held it in, hoping the pain would eventually go away like it did when we normally had sex. But this was different, a lot different, anal sex hurt more.

“Are you okay, Izzie? Do you want me to stop because I will?” He spoke and I shook my head no.

“I’m completely fine.” My voice came out weak and it shook as I lied and Dimitri questioned me again to make sure I was really okay but I just told him to keep going. I was going to do this for him, no matter how unbearable it was. He deserved it.

He started thrusting into me over and over and it was so excruciatingly painful. I was full on sobbing trying to muffle any noise, so Dimitri wouldn’t realize. I knew he’d stop immediately if he realized how much it hurt me.

It hurt more than when he took away my virginity, more than anything. I could hear Dimitri grunting as he pounded in me and I was happy he was enjoying it, no matter how much I hated it.

My tears were pooling on the table beneath me as I sobbed from the pain. It was horrible, so horrible, not pleasurable at all. I wanted it to end already but it felt like it was going on forever and forever. I felt him tug at my hair, pulling my head back as he attached his lips onto my neck, before biting down. I focused on the pain emanating from his bite instead of the excruciating one coming from behind but I couldn’t.

I was sobbing really hard now but Dimitri didn’t realize, he couldn’t hear me over his grunts. And he was too lost in pleasure anyways.

I wanted him to realize and stop. I couldn’t find it in me to stop him myself so I hoped he’d realize himself. But he didn’t.

Eventually he came and the torture was over as he removed himself from me. My legs gave and I collapsed underneath him. I curled myself up into a ball, the pain still surging through my lower body as I sobbed hard.

And that’s when I glanced up at him, my eyes blurry with tears. From the blurriness I could make out the look of shock on his face which quickly turned into fear and worry.

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