The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 73

Oh my god, was he going to do what I was thinking?

“Izzie, a year or so ago I wouldn’t have ever imagined I’d be doing this. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone as beautiful, compassionate and loving as you to love and to be loved by and I’m honestly the most luckiest person in all of existence to have you as mine. I love you more than you’d ever know and I can’t ever imagine being without you. You’re my other half Izzie. I never believed in soul mates or true love or any of that, but ever since I met you, I believe in all of it because that’s exactly what you are to me, my soulmate, my one true love. I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life as I am about you, and I’ve never loved someone as much as I love you! I want to spend my entire life with you, I want to love you forever! So Izzie, will you do me the honour and become my Queen? Will you marry me?” Dimitri said as he stared up at me with a nervous smile on his face, his eyes glowing so bright, holding out a box with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t believe it, I was so surprised. I felt myself smiling, of course I wanted to marry him, I wanted to be with him forever. I was about to say yes when suddenly I couldn’t.

I just couldn’t say it.

This was such a big decision and I was so young and it was just all so fast. And on top of that, Dimitri was a Demon and not just any Demon, but the Demon King of Rovana, while I was just a human. Would my parents agree with this? Would I be able to leave them? Would I be able to give up my entire life here on Earth? And humans age fast while Demons don’t age for centuries upon centuries, how was this going to work? I needed to think about this, discuss all this and I couldn’t in this very second.

Dimitri looked more nervous now as I didn’t say anything and I felt so horrible but I just couldn’t. I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t know how to explain the things that were troubling me. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t want to be with him, because I want to, more than ever!

“Dimitri... I... I can’t...” I couldn’t continue because Dimitri gave me the most heartbroken look ever and it really hurt to watch. He was hurt, really hurt.

He got up, realizing I was rejecting his proposal. He didn’t say anything as he turned away from me. I was too scared to say anything, I knew I really hurt him.

“Dimitri, I love you but-”

“But what? Not enough to want to marry me?” He cut me off and he sounded so bitter, yet so hurt.

“That’s not it Dimitri! You know I love you more than anything!” I exclaimed as I tried to reach out to him, but he just moved away.

“Then why don’t you want to marry me? Is it because you humans love to date a bunch of people before settling down? Was I just one of the many people you’d date before you decided to settle down? I mean, I’m your what, second boyfriend.” He sounded so angry and I shook my head. He was jumping to conclusions too fast.

“That’s not it Dimitri, it’s just too much all at once! There’s so much to think about!” I exclaimed, hoping he’d understand.

“Is it because of Tyler? Because you’ve developed feelings for him?” He asked and I felt so frustrated at this point. I didn’t know how to explain to him.

“Dimitri, no! This has nothing to do with Tyler or anyone! I love you and only you okay! The thing is, I’m so young! I’m only 18 Dimitri, I have my whole life ahead of me, my life’s just starting. And also, I’m a human, I’ll age fast and die way before you even age slightly. And also, taking on the responsibility of a Queen, it’s all so much, so fast!” I tried explaining as he listened intently.

“Marrying me isn’t going to prevent your life from ‘just starting’. And you have nothing to be afraid of with being Queen, you know I’m here by your side and I’ll help you with everything. In fact you don’t even have to do anything if you don’t want to. I’ve been ruling Rovana all by myself for the past century or so, I can continue doing that. As for the aging thing, I can’t make you a Demon but I can slow down your aging to as slow as mine. Izzie, there’s nothing you have to worry about!” He exclaimed as he grabbed my hands in between his.

“I... It’s just too much Dimitri. I have my whole life on Earth which I’m going to have to give up.” I tried to explain to him but he just wouldn’t get it.

“So you’d give me up instead? I’m the easier thing to give up, aren’t I?” He sounded hurt again and I felt like crying. This was going so horribly.

“I don’t want to give you up Dimitri, I never want to!” I exclaimed as I tried reaching out for him again but he just backed away.

“Well that’s what you’re doing right now. I can’t keep coming back and forth from Rovana to Earth every time you want. I’m a King, and I have more responsibilities than you even know about. My work isn’t easy! Every time I come to Earth, I give up so many of my responsibilities. I’m so behind in everything because of you. I’m slacking off badly and Rovana is suffering because of that. But I don’t care because I’m with you. I’ve been giving up so much for you, and you can’t give up a small part of your life for me? It’s not like you’re never going to come back to Earth again, you can come anytime you want, in fact you can come every day! I’m not stopping you from anything.” I was angry now, Earth was not just a small part of my life!

“Earth is my home Dimitri! To you it may be nothing, but to me it’s everything! You’re being inconsiderate now. Did you even think about me? Or is it just about what you want? You just want me to always be there in your bedroom, waiting for you so you can come and fuck me whenever you want! Well I’m sorry I can’t be the little whore you want me to be all the time!” I exclaimed and immediately regretted it as the words came out.

Dimitri looked shocked at my words and I was shocked at my own words. I don’t know why I even said that.

“I’m sorry I’m inconsiderate. I’m sorry that you feel like I want you to be a whore for me. Why don’t you go find Tyler and maybe you won’t feel like you have to be a whore anymore?” He spat out in anger as he started walking away from me.

What the hell did I just do?

“Dimitri, no wait, that’s not what I meant to say!” I exclaimed as I ran after him. He ignored me as he kept walking towards his car. He got into the driver’s seat and I immediately ran up to the passenger seat, opening the door.

“Dimitri, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I’m so sorry Dimitri, you know I love you. I want to be with you forever but please you have to understand that I’m so young and that this is a huge change. It has nothing to do with you. I want to be with you forever but I need to come to terms with everything before I decide to marry you.” I said as I got into the car, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared ahead in anger.

I wanted to reach over and hug and apologize but I was too scared to. I messed things up horribly.

Instead he started driving the car and I remained quiet. He was speeding down the road, crossing all the red lights, driving recklessly. He was furious.

Eventually, he stopped in front of my house. “Dimitri.” I whispered but he just looked away, before I felt tears slip down my face. I didn’t know how badly I ruined our relationship, just that I ruined it pretty badly for the moment.


The next day I was talking with Nina about the night before. I was more like a sobbing mess, rather than talking.

“Yes you’re young and I understand your hesitance but you could have just told him that you want to marry him but before you do that, you want to think about some things and figure things out before you do it, instead of flat out rejecting him. As for what you said afterwards, the whore thing, I’m not going to lie and say that was nothing. If I was him, I’d be pretty pissed. But I get it, you were angry because you thought he wasn’t thinking about you. Dimitri loves you a lot though and you know he’d do anything for you. He would have made everything perfect for you Izzie, he’d never let you feel homesick, you know that too.” Nina said and that made me feel more horrible because it was true. He wasn’t being inconsiderate at all. It wasn’t like he was going to keep me hostage in Rovana.

And ever since I started loving him, I knew I eventually wanted to marry him, so I’d have given up Earth then too, so why couldn’t I do it now? Why was I so stupid? I just panicked last night.

And the whore thing, that wasn’t true at all! I was just angry and it just slipped out in anger, but I never once thought he made me feel like that.

“Nina tell me what to do! I don’t want to lose him, I’d die if I did. And I do want to marry him, I was scared and I panicked. Marriage is no small thing, especially when it comes to Dimitri and I. Its a life-changing decision and I just needed time to think. But I know my answer. I can’t live even a moment without him. I love him Nina!” I exclaimed as I blew my nose into a tissue.

“Then go and tell him that! Tell him you were scared and that you panicked. Tell him you love him and that you didn’t mean anything you said. Tell him you will marry him.” Nina said but I felt more scared then ever.

“If he even still wants to marry me.” I spoke dejectedly as Nina pulled me into a hug.

“He still does, he was just hurt. Trust me, everything will be okay, just go find him quick and tell him.” Nina said and I immediately ran and found my phone.


I had been trying to contact him for a week but he wouldn’t pick up. I tried leaving him voice messages but it wouldn’t let me.

The past week I had been such a mess, hoping I’d somehow be able to contact him but I wasn’t successful. I was scared I really messed things up but Nina kept reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. She said that Dimitri probably needed some time to himself because he was probably really hurt.

I felt so horrible and I just wanted to tell him already how sorry I was and that I’d marry him.

Tyler had found out I was dating Dimitri and he had confronted me about it. He seemed really trustworthy and like a good friend so I told him what happened between Dimitri and I. Tyler then decided he’d throw a huge party and invite some demons and send Dimitri an invite.

I didn’t think it would work, he didn’t even show up to his own birthday parties, well except the one Devon and I threw him. But I was still hopeful. It was really nice of Tyler to try this for me.

Nina said he might show up because he was jealous of Tyler and he’d know I’d probably be there so he’d want to make sure Tyler and I didn’t get together. I was very hopeful and really wished he’d show up so I can talk to him and fix things.

“Here, wear this and look sexy for Dimitri.” Nina said, throwing me a black dress. It was quite short, barely covering my ass, and the front was quite revealing. “Just wear it.” She said as I gave her a look.

Soon we were at the party and it was on full swing, music blaring loud, sweaty bodies grinding against each other. The strong smell of alcohol was making me sick and I guess the nervousness I was feeling was adding to it.

Many people tried dancing with me but I moved away, not wanting to do anything except find Dimitri, if he even showed up. Tyler soon spotted me and he gave me a small hug. “I saw Dimitri come in. But I lost him since there are so many people here. Go find him.” Tyler said and I smiled hugging him again, thankful his idea worked.

I started looking everywhere for him but I couldn’t find him. I decided to go upstairs, hoping I’d find him up there. I checked the rooms but they were empty or occupied by couples, which was something I wished I didn’t see. I checked the bathroom but that was empty.

I was about to go back downstairs when one of the bathroom doors that I didn’t see, opened and a couple came out, the male pushing the female against the wall, while they feverishly made out. I rolled my eyes and was about to go down when I realized who the male actually was.


My mouth dropped wide open in shock as I watched Dimitri and this girl go hard at each other. I stood there frozen because I couldn’t believe this actually was happening.

I felt tears prick my eyes as I stood there. They didn’t even notice me, that’s how into each other they were. Then suddenly I heard Dimitri say the girl’s name. It was Jennifer. My eyes widened even more as I got a better look at her. She was a Demon.

She was the girl he was with when he missed my graduation. She was tall and lean, her hair long, straight and bleach blond. She was beautiful.

I felt tears sliding down my face as my heart felt like it was breaking into a billion tiny pieces being crushed over and over and over again. Just as I was about to turn around and leave, Dimitri and Jennifer pulled apart and finally noticed me.

Dimitri looked surprised for a moment but soon a blank expression came across his face.

“Dimitri.” I sobbed, embarrassed that he could see me crying like this. “Why?”

“Why what?” He asked as he wrapped an arm around Jennifer while she smirked at me.

“Is this because I rejected you? Is it because we got into that fight?” I asked and Jennifer laughed.

“Girl, we’ve been fucking since way before that.” Jennifer spoke up as she laughed at me. “The day he missed your graduation, we were together. He told me about it.”

Her words pierced me like a knife stabbing me over and over again as I couldn’t stop myself from crying harder. “Is it true Dimitri?” I asked, my voice shaking and he stayed silent. But then eventually he nodded his head, a look of guilt on his face.

I immediately turned around and ran. I pushed past everyone and ran out the front door until I eventually threw up outside. After a few minutes I felt someone pulling my hair away from my face and I looked up to find Tyler with a worried look on his face. I started crying harder when I saw him and he immediately pulled me into a hug.

“D-dimitri, was cheating on me!” I exclaimed as Tyler gently stroked my back.

“I’m sorry Isabella.” Tyler whispered as I cried. “I’m so sorry. He doesn’t deserve you, he never did.”

Tyler stayed with me as I spent the next hour crying my heart out. Everything hurt. I felt physical pain in my chest. It was like my heart was literally breaking. Nina had joined us and both her and Tyler tried their hardest comforting me but nothing worked.

How could it? The only person I ever truly loved, the one person I had given everything to had broken my heart. And I was ready to give up everything to marry him.

It made me wonder if he ever actually loved me or did he just use my love to save himself from the Shadow. My love was strong enough to defeat it even if he didn’t love me, that’s how much I loved him.

Did he only want me to marry him so I could take over some of his responsibilities as a King, so his load would lessen? He said he’d do everything if I didn’t want to as a Queen, but he knows I’d never let him do that. He knows I’d help him with everything.

“It hurts so much Nina.” I sobbed as she held me. “I never thought something could hurt this much. Please take this pain away.”

“Oh Isa, if I could I would. I hate seeing my best friend like this. God I just want to kill him for hurting you like this!” She exclaimed and I could hear the anger in her voice.

I never knew heartbreak could hurt so much. It felt like someone took my heart and crushed it in between their hands, while simultaneously squeezing my lungs so I couldn’t breathe. I literally couldn’t breathe.

I loved him so much and he didn’t even care about me. God that hurt too much!

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