The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 76

“What are you saying Tyler?” I asked as the tears kept sliding. He couldn’t look at me as he stared down at the bed.

“I... I... Dimitri was coming over to your house. It was the day after he proposed to you. Nina had told me what happened and I was coming too, to see how you were doing. And I saw him, he was coming to see you too and he had a huge bouquet of flowers in his hands and all this other stuff. I got jealous Isabella, I wanted you. I was happy you rejected him but I knew you loved him and Nina told me that she talked to you earlier in the morning and that you were going to say yes. She said you tried calling Dimitri but he didn’t pick up. Well that was probably because he was busy getting you flowers and all this other shit.” Tyler spoke as I listened eagerly. “Anyways I got jealous and I grabbed this random human girl walking by on the street. And I changed her outer appearance to make her look like you.”

“What kind of nonsense is this!” I exclaimed. What bullshit was he feeding me? How could he make some random girl look like me?

“I’m half-human and half-demon Isabella. I have rare Demon powers such as changing people and making them look like someone else. I don’t ever use them but I did this time. I let my jealousy get too far. I started making out with this girl that I made look like you and she fortunately for me, didn’t push me away and responded to my kissing. And well, Dimitri saw, thought you were cheating on him and left.” He said as I stared at him in pure shock.

I think I sat frozen for a good five minutes not being able to process what he just told me. Dimitri thought I cheated on him. Tyler was half-demon and half-human with crazy manipulating powers. He made us think we cheated on the other.

“Why did you invite Dimitri to the party? Why did Jennifer tell me that Dimitri and her have been fucking since way before I caught them? Why Tyler why?” I was yelling at this point wanting answers.

“I invited him to please you.” He said in an ashamed voice. “I wanted to show you I’d do anything you want, I’d help you through anything, I’d support you. I fucked up I know! I didn’t think he’d show up but he did and he brought Jennifer with him.”

“You told me Dimitri was there! You made me look for him while knowing he was here with Jennifer. Did you want to hurt me so badly? And you never told me why Jennifer said they’ve been fucking since way before!” I was yelling angrily now, as I furiously wiped my tears away.

He looked even more ashamed now. “As soon as Jennifer saw you enter the party, she quickly took Dimitri to the side. Then I heard her say, ‘Isabella’s here, let’s show her that you don’t care about her and that you never did.’ They never fucked. Dimitri never cheated on you, that was just a front they put up in front of you because they thought you cheated on him.” He spoke quietly and I buried my face in my hands.

I needed time to process this. Dimitri thought I cheated on him and he was heartbroken, all because of Tyler. Then Dimitri kissed Jennifer as a way to show me he didn’t care about me, because he was hurt. He never cheated on me and we both suffered the past three years in heartbreak, thinking the other cheated. God, this was so messed up.

We could have been together the past three years. We could have been married and happy, but instead we suffered so much heartbreak.

I was so angry, I couldn’t believe this.

“I hate you Tyler!” I exclaimed as I slapped him across the face before breaking down into sobs.

He held the side of his face in shame as he stared down at the bed. I can’t believe he did that to Dimitri and I. He ruined our lives! And I can’t believe I slept with this sorry excuse of a man. I can’t believe I thought I could love him.

If I hadn’t woken up today crying, would he have ever told me? Would Dimitri and I have always hated each other because we thought the other cheated?

“I need to find Dimitri! I need to somehow get to Rovana and explain everything! And I don’t care what you want, you’re helping me!” I exclaimed as he finally looked up. I felt so much disgust for him. “Since you’re half-demon, you’re opening the portal for me.” I demanded as I grabbed a robe and covered myself.

I quickly ran to the bathroom to take a shower and scrub Tyler off of me. Once I was out, I quickly grabbed the dress I wore last night because it was the first thing I could see. I then ran out and Tyler looked so guilty.

“Take me to Rovana right now.” I demanded and he just stared at me.

“I can’t open it.” He spoke softly and I was furious at this point. I stalked up to him and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, pulling him to me.

“You are opening the damn portal for me, I don’t fucking care! You’re opening it!” I ground out with clenched teeth. “Or else I’ll make your life a living hell! Don’t doubt me on that!”

“Okay, okay, let me just call my stepbrother, he’s full demon and he can open it. You just go and get ready, eat some breakfast and I’ll figure something out.” He said and I let out a breath in relief.

Tyler left the room with his phone as I went back to the bathroom. I was going to see Dimitri for the first time in three years, I wanted to look good. I found my blow-dryer and started drying my hair before I took a hair straightener and straightened it. Once my hair looked good, I went to my makeup collection and did my makeup.

By the time I was done, Tyler came back and told me everything was set. I checked the time on my watch and it was two in the afternoon. I hoped Dimitri was in his castle at this time and not out and about.

Before leaving the house, I grabbed the necklace he gave me the night he proposed and put it on. I needed it to reassure me that everything would be fine. I’d get my King back. Our love was true and we’d always be okay, no matter what happened.

I immediately rushed to the car as Tyler drove me to where his brother opened the portal.

During the car ride, we sat in silence while I thought about everything. It made sense why Dimitri changed so much, why he became so angry and ruthless as everyone said he had. He was heartbroken. He thought I cheated on him.

I had hope that he still loved me and that he’d be willing to restart things with me again.

We finally reached the portal and I immediately ran out. “Wait!” Tyler yelled as he ran after me.

“What do you want?” I asked as he suddenly grabbed me and kissed me. I tried pushing him away but he wouldn’t let go, he just kept kissing. I kicked him and that’s when he let go as I immediately ran into the portal. I felt so disgusted by him. I can’t believe he just had the gall to kiss me like that after everything he’s done.

Thankfully he didn’t come in the portal and after a while it closed. I closed my eyes as I mentally prepared myself for how I was going to do this. Would Dimitri give me the time of day? Would he give me a chance to explain? Would he believe me? I was stressing and panicking! I was so scared and nervous and terrified. I didn’t know how I was going to do this.

Eventually the portal dropped me off right in front of his castle. My eyes widened as I saw hundreds and hundreds of people lined outside. They were all dressed up and I wondered if Dimitri had thrown a party. For what occasion though?

This party was going to make it hard for me to find him and explain myself. But I guess I’d be able to sneak in easily. I got in line and had to wait about an hour until it was my turn. The guards turned to me and asked my name. I saw a random name on the guest list that wasn’t checked off yet and I was about to say it, when I couldn’t.

I tried again but nothing came out. I couldn’t talk! All I could make out was indecipherable noises, that’s it. No proper words.

I felt my anger bubbling as I realized Tyler must have taken my ability to talk when he kissed me. But why the hell would he do that? I was so angry and frustrated at this point. It’s like the whole world was against Dimitri and I.

“Ma’am we can’t let you in until you tell us your name.” The guard said as I racked my brain for an idea. I closed my eyes before decided to knee the guard hard. Once I did, I pushed past him and ran inside. I heard a series of cursing before three other guards started running after me.

I swore as I realized I couldn’t outrun them. They were Demons and they were fast. I then noticed a bunch of huge vases and decorative pieces along the wall which I grabbed and threw behind me, causing the guards to trip. I kept grabbing stuff and throwing it to prevent them from catching up.

I kept running and I finally found a bunch of people that I hid between. They were all making their way out back. It seemed the party was occurring outside. “We aren’t allowed to go out back, only special guests are allowed there.” Someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me. I nodded my head, pretending as if I was going to listen.

I continued pushing past everyone so I could at least get to the window and see if I could find Dimitri. And I also needed to hide myself deeper so the guards wouldn’t find me.

Once I got closer I noticed a t.v broadcasting what was happening outside. It was a wedding. Dimitri was getting married.

No, no, no, no!

This couldn’t be happening. I had to stop this wedding. I quickly pushed past everyone, not caring that people were getting mad at me. I then rushed out the door out into the back where the wedding was taking place.

“You may now kiss the bride.” Those words caused me to freeze as I watched Dimitri lean in and kiss his new bride.

I felt everything in me crumble at the sight. He was married to Jennifer.

Suddenly I felt two guards roughly grab onto my arms and I immediately started struggling. Our little scuffle caught everyone’s attention, including Dimitri’s.

I tried yelling, but I couldn’t talk, I could only let out shrieks. I wanted to tell Dimitri. I needed to tell him now but I couldn’t.

Dimitri had a shocked look on his face before a blank expression settled in. “Take her to one of the guest rooms and lock her up. I don’t want her coming out.” He ordered his guards as I gave in. There was no point in fighting, I couldn’t win. For now I was grateful that Dimitri was letting me stay in his castle, albeit being locked up. I needed to figure out how to tell him and time was what I needed.

The guards dragged me upstairs to a room I had never seen before, and then they threw me inside, locking me up. I fell to the ground as they shut the door.

I felt like crying once I was left to myself. Dimitri was married. I was too late. And I couldn’t talk and Tyler ruined everything and I just wanted my Dimitri back but I had no idea how I was going to get him back. It would have been hard enough to convince Dimitri I was telling the truth when I could talk but now it’s practically impossible because I can’t utter even one word.

I started looking around the room hoping for a pencil and paper I could write on but the room was practically empty with nothing but a bed, a side table and a dresser, all of which were empty.

This was hopeless. I had no idea how long I’d be locked in here. There was a whole wedding going on and I’m pretty sure everyone would forget I was in here locked up. I wouldn’t be surprised if I starved to death.

This was all such a mess and I sat down on the ground burying my face in my lap as I tried to make sense of everything.

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