The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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chapter 78

Later on Dimitri showed up again and he looked even more angrier this time. “Why are you here?” He asked but instead of staying silent this time, I pointed at my mouth and then shook my head, trying to explain I couldn’t talk. He stared at me for a while in confusion before he seemed to get it.

“You can’t talk?” He asked and I nodded my head, happy that someone finally figured it out. I was hoping now he’d give me something to work with. “Why?” He asked and I shrugged. “Are you staying another day?” He asked and I slumped in disappointment. I thought he’d give me a paper or something so I could explain why I was here but it seemed he could care less at the moment as his eyes filled with lust.

I nodded my head but this time I was angry. If I was nothing compared to demon women, then why was he still lusting after me?

“Strip.” He demanded and I watched him for a moment before I sighed as I started removing everything. I felt really self-conscious suddenly but I had to do it. Once I had my clothes removed he suddenly slammed me against the wall and I flinched at the sudden impact. He was looking down at me, his eyes darkening even more with lust.

He pinned my arms up above my head with his left hand, while his other hand, he slowly slid it down my body. I closed my eyes as I felt pleasure and want run through me at his touch. He then slid his fingers in between my legs and I felt weak suddenly. I let out moans as he thrust his fingers in and out.

“You’re disgusting Isabella.” He spoke low as I ignored his words completely. “How many guys have you let touch you like this? How many guys have you cheated on and showed fake love to just so they could fuck you as you please?” He suddenly started pumping hard as I let out a loud moan. “How many guys have you opened your legs for like this?”

I felt so angry. He’s slept with so many women yet that didn’t matter? That didn’t make him disgusting? I continued ignoring his words. I knew he was hurt and he wanted to hurt me back.

He then removed his pants before thrusting into me at full speed. I gasped as he went harder than he did yesterday. He was really angry and I figured it was the thought of me cheating on him with many guys that was making him angry. He was very rough today as he gripped onto my arms, my hips, my legs, everywhere, most likely leaving huge bruises behind.

I cried out in pain as he rammed into me, causing him to meet my eyes. “Too hard for you?” He grunted out as he pounded hard into me. “If you can’t handle it, then leave.” He said as I shook my head, tears falling down my face. I was going to stay no matter how hard he went. “That’s my little whore.” He whispered as he smirked at me. Soon we were done and he let go of me causing me to lose my balance and fall to the ground.

He looked down in disgust before crouching in front of me. He then placed his finger against my cheek, picking up a tear that was sliding down. I closed my eyes as I felt pain, everywhere. He inspected the tear before smirking at me. “I like seeing you cry.” He said before he grabbed my face in between his hands, tight and painfully. “I like hurting you.” I tried pulling my face out of his hands but he wouldn’t let go. I felt more tears fall as I let out a sob.

“You really are disgusting Isabella. You could easily say you want to leave and I wouldn’t do anything to you but you enjoy this, don’t you? You enjoy being fucked like the cheating whore you that you are!” He spat out as I shook my head. But it didn’t matter what I did, he believed only what he knew. “But I guess it works in my favour, because I really do enjoy hurting you. It brings me more joy than you could ever live to know.” He grinned as he got up. “And if this isn’t enough for you, I can arrange many other guys to come and fuck you. I know many who’d love a dirty, disgusting whore like you.” He said and I tried so hard to keep myself from crying even more in front if him, but his words hurt so much.

Devon was right, Dimitri really had changed. It’s like he was completely heartless.


The next two weeks went by the same way. Food would be delivered to my room, along with clean clothes. And Dimitri would come by, ask me if I was staying another day and then he’d fuck me and leave, along with throwing horrible, heartbreaking comments my way. I didn’t think I could take this any longer. The emotional pain he was causing me was so much worse than the physical pain I felt. I couldn’t handle his horrible words any longer. My heart couldn’t take any more.

I wished he’d come and ask me why I was here and give me some writing utensil so I could finally explain. But all he wanted to do was hurt me and that was the only reason he was letting me stay without giving him any reason.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower and stripped down in front of the mirror so I could inspect myself. I had bruises everywhere from Dimitri’s rough hold on me. I had a series of hickeys and they were all so dark red, scattered along my neck, down to my chest.

I couldn’t even hate Dimitri for any of this. He always asked me before he fucked me. He always asked for my consent and I always gave it, knowing exactly what would happen.

I flinched as I took a shower, even the slight movement causing pain to shoot up from between my legs all the way up my core. Dimitri had come every single day and I wasn’t getting any break, so I was extremely sore, especially since he went so hard. At this point I had become numb to the pain, my emotional pain overshadowing everything.

But I was going to stay here and hope that eventually Dimitri would get tired of me and ask me the real reason I was here.

Once I was out the shower, I wrapped myself in a towel as I felt my eyes prick with tears of pain. My whole body ached. I walked out of the bathroom and froze when I found Dimitri waiting for me. I felt tears slide down my face because I couldn’t do it today. I just couldn’t, I was too sore. There was only so much pain I could take.

He was sitting on my bed before he looked up at me and I completely burst into tears. He got up and slowly walked towards me as I stood in fear, sobbing. Once he got up to me, he ripped my towel off causing me to cry harder as I covered my face. I expected him to grab me and throw me onto the bed already, but he hadn’t yet.

“Are you staying?” He asked and I started sobbing harder. I couldn’t do this, it hurt too much. I didn’t even know how I survived through yesterday. I removed my hands from my face and begged him with my eyes to not do this as I nodded my head.

He pressed me against the wall as I continued sobbing. He started kissing my neck and I closed my eyes tight, trying to stop crying as his hold tightened painfully, forming more bruises. He wasn’t going to give me a break. I had to do this. But I couldn’t stop crying, my whole body hurt too much, I wouldn’t be able to handle this at all.

He suddenly pulled away as my cries turned into hiccuping. He looked really uneasy suddenly as he softened his hold. He stared at my face as I tried to stop crying but I couldn’t. He moved back as he looked at me, looked at all of me, the horrible mess I was, the bruises, everything.

He then let out a string of curses as I sat down onto the ground, not being able to hold myself up. He then grabbed two of the lamps sitting on the wooden table and threw them, breaking them. I could hear his heavy, angry breathing as he tried to control himself.

He then looked at me, cowering into the corner before he left, slamming the door behind him. I slumped down in relief, crying out tears of all the relief I felt.

I sat down, wondering why he didn’t take his payment today. Did he feel guilty? Was some part of the old Dimitri still in there somewhere?

Then suddenly realization hit me. Today was the first time he kissed me. He had kissed down my neck. The past two weeks, not once did he lay even one kiss on me. I didn’t know if that meant anything, but a part of me was hopeful.

A few hours later he showed up again and the hope that I gained, I lost it just as quickly. He probably came to kick me out or to come take my payment from me.

I looked up at him and I noticed him stumbling into the room. He said something to me but his words came out slurred. He was drunk.

I was scared now. If he was drunk, he had no control over himself and who knew what he’d do.

He stumbled over to me and sat down on the bed, looking at me. I scooted far away from him, but he simply pulled me to him. He then started pulling at my clothes as I tried pushing him away, but he wouldn’t listen. He removed my shirt and my pants, leaving me completely naked.

He reached out to me again and I flinched causing him to pull away again, holding his hands up in surrender. “I just want to look.” He slurred out as he put his hand out in front of him. I hesitantly grabbed it and he slowly pulled me to him until I was sitting on his lap.

I looked up at him and he was watching me so intently, or as intently as he could while being drunk. He ran his finger down my cheek as I closed my eyes. “You cried a lot.” He said and I slowly nodded my head. “I hurt you.” He slurred out as he brushed his hands over my bruises.

He then made me lay down as he hovered over me. “Don’t cry.” He said when he noticed my eyes watering. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He whispered over and over as he leaned down and kissed my bruises. He kept whispering apologies in between every kiss. He kissed every single bruise he caused on my body and I was crying again, because he was being so gentle.

I felt like all I ever did down here in Rovana was cry and cry and I knew it wasn’t getting me anywhere but I was just so emotional. Everything hurt so much.

“I’m sorry Izzie, so sorry.” He exclaimed louder when he noticed me crying. He pressed more small little kisses everywhere. I missed this so much, I missed this kind, loving Dimitri. I wanted him back.

What sucked was that he was only acting like this because he was drunk. When he was sober, he’d go back to hating and hurting me. I closed my eyes really enjoying this moment for as long as it lasted which wouldn’t be very long.

Once he was done kissing every bruise, he crawled up my body until his face was right above mine, his lips only inches away. I wanted to reach up and press my lips to his so badly. I wanted him to hold me. But he just stayed there, looking down at me.

“You hurt me too.” He said and the pain in his voice absolutely broke me. “You hurt my heart. Are you going to say sorry and kiss me too?” He asked and I broke out into a sob as I pulled him into a hug. I held him so tightly, never wanting to let go.

After a few moments I pulled away and reached at his shirt, pulling it over his head. I then made him lay down before I leaned over and leaned down to kiss the place on his chest right over his heart. I placed multiple kisses there. I then, pulled away and made sure he was looking at me. Then, I mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ over and over again, until he smiled.

He wrapped his arms around me and made me lay down on top of him, my head resting over his chest. “Do you forgive me?” He asked and I nodded my head. “I forgive you too.” He said before he remained silent for a while. “I understand why you did it. I don’t deserve anything good. I’ve killed so many people, hurt so many. I don’t deserve anything.” He continued and I pulled away so I could look down at him. “I never deserved you.”

I shook my head as I grabbed his face in between my hands but suddenly he pushed me away. “I don’t deserve anything.” He said as he started to leave. I got up off the bed and tried running after him but he had already left, shutting the door and locking it behind him.

I didn’t know he still felt guilty for everything he’s done and I hated how he was blaming himself. This was all Tyler’s fault, no one else’s. And the killings weren’t his fault either, they were the Shadow’s.

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