The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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chapter 79

Dimitri didn’t come back for a couple days. I wondered where he was as I expected him to come for his payment. Did he remember everything when he became sober again and that’s why he didn’t want to see me?

One morning, one of the maids came and told me that Queen Jennifer wanted me to come and eat breakfast with them. I was hesitant because I had no idea why she wanted that but I had no choice but to listen. As I followed the maid, I wondered if Jennifer knew the amount of times Dimitri came and slept with me whilst being married to her.

Maybe they didn’t have a seriously dedicated relationship and he only married her because he needed a Queen. After all, Devon told me how cold-hearted he’s become so I doubt he felt anything for Jennifer.

The thought made me a little happy if it was true. I really did hope he only married her because he needed a Queen and she was simply an easy choice.

I finally reached the dining room where everyone stood by their chairs. I noticed Dimitri wasn’t here yet as his seat was empty, but Queen Jennifer was and she was standing beside Dimitri’s chair. “Good morning, Isabella.” Jennifer greeted me and she gave me a small smile as I greeted her back, surprised she was genuinely being nice. Maybe that was her way of mocking me, or she just didn’t care because she got Dimitri and I didn’t. “No ones allowed to sit until the King comes. Not even the Queen.” The maid whispered to me and I nodded my head at her before she left.

Eventually Dimitri showed up and he looked really tired, annoyed and angry. He thankfully didn’t notice me yet as everyone said, “Good morning King Dimitri.” He ignored everyone before taking his seat and pulling Jennifer into his lap.

I felt a lot of jealousy surge through me as Jennifer sat in his lap, pulling him in for a little kiss. She then pressed little kisses on his jaw before whispering something in his ear. I noticed Dimitri’s mouth quirk up in amusement for a second before it settled back down into a glare.

I quietly watched them throughout the entire breakfast, stewing in jealousy. This was why Jennifer brought me here, because she knew I’d be jealous. I was just glad Dimitri hadn’t noticed me yet.

I could barely eat as Jennifer and Dimitri interacted with each other. I could tell Jennifer was crazy in love with him but unfortunately for her, Dimitri clearly didn’t feel the same. I did, however notice, that Dimitri was nice to her. It made sense since they had been childhood friends and he probably did care about her to some extent. And it showed.

I was so jealous as I tried to focus on my breakfast but I kept looking back at them. “Let me feed my King.” She said smiling up at him as he shook his head, saying it was okay and that he could feed himself. “No, please, let me.” She said and he looked down at her, staring in silence.

“You always feed me, aren’t you tired of it?” He asked and she shook her head, kissing his cheek.

“Never. I love you.” She said as she brought the spoon to his mouth, feeding him. I watched her feed him, wishing it was me instead of her.

Once they were done eating, Dimitri gave her a small kiss before she got off of him. And that’s when he noticed me. He froze completely as his whole face transformed into anger. “What the fuck is she doing here?” He growled as Jennifer grabbed his hand.

“I asked her to come. I didn’t think it was good to keep her locked for so long and-”

“Did you ask me?” He demanded as I noticed fear in her eyes, along with everyone else at the dining table. “Did you fucking ask me?” He said as he angrily threw his plates off the table, causing them to fall to the ground and break.

Jennifer looked like she was going to cry and I couldn’t help but smirk.

Can’t handle the King huh? I’m soooooo jealous of him yelling at you. He yells at me too, it’s not anything knew. I thought as I watched them in amusement. I wish I had my voice or else I would have told her that he always came to me at night when she was probably fast asleep.

“Take her back to the room and lock her up!′ He demanded his guards as they immediately got ahold of me and started dragging me away. I looked back and noticed Dimitri dragging Jennifer somewhere too.

I let the guards take me back as I was lost in my thoughts. I needed to somehow get out again and find some paper and a pen. But unfortunately there were two guards with me. It would have been easier for me to work with one guard, but two guards was too hard.


The next few days Dimitri still didn’t show up, until eventually he finally showed up again. “You’ve stayed here for a week with no payment.” He said as he walked up to me. The past week I rested myself well and I was ready for anything Dimitri threw my way.

I simply nodded my head in response, looking down at the ground as I started stripping and well the rest went as it used to. He went hard like before and it was still very uncomfortable. I could handle it for now. But if this happened regularly, I’d come to the point where I had come before, not being able to do it anymore.

And it did keep happening for the next week or so, until one day, I flinched when Dimitri started asking for my payment but then he stopped midway. He stood quiet before he left. Then the next morning, Jennifer came and told me that Dimitri wanted me to come for breakfast.

I was so surprised, I couldn’t believe it. I was trying to see the expression on her face but she was simply smiling and it seemed genuine, so I didn’t know what to think. I hesitantly came out of my room as I didn’t see any guards. “I trust you won’t do anything stupid.” Jennifer said and I nodded my head.

I needed to be good because maybe she’d let me come back to this room alone and then I could find some paper or something to tell Dimitri the truth. I was so focused on telling Dimitri that I didn’t even care if something happened to my throat to make me not be able to speak. I know it was Tyler and that once Dimitri knew, he would do something.

I walked into the dining room and I tried to find a seat close to where Dimitri would sit, but I only found the one I used yesterday. We all stood the same way we did last time until Dimitri showed up. I noticed this time he was looking around the table at everyone and his eyes kept roaming all around until they landed on me. I instantly looked down at the table as I felt him staring at me.

I felt his eyes on me the whole time as I sat down at the table with everyone else. I soon glanced up to meet Dimitri’s eyes and I noticed Jennifer sitting on his lap, eating. I quirked my mouth up in a little, hesitant smile to which he just glared harder, causing me to look down in disappointment.

This was going to be so hard unless I found a way to tell him fast. But that was clearly proving impossible since I was never let out of my room. And even if I was, I had someone with me. But this time I was hoping it was just Jennifer that would come with me, because I could easily get away from her and run to Dimitri’s office or something and leave him a note.

Soon we were done breakfast and thankfully only Jennifer was returning me back to my room. We slipped down multiple hallways in quiet as I started slowing down, falling in step behind her. The next hallway, while she turned right, I was going to quietly turn left and make my way to Dimitri’s office.

And soon we got to the end of the hall and she turned right and I quickly and quietly turned left, walking backwards so I could keep an eye on her. I was getting closer and closer to Dimitri’s office when she suddenly turned around and saw me. “Guards!” She yelled and that’s when I ran.

I ran and ran until I reached his office and went inside, locking the door behind me. I then quickly found some paper and a pen and started writing. I don’t even know what I was writing at first but then it all came flowing out. I explained everything from the day he proposed to what I thought when I saw him kissing Jennifer at that party. Then I explained how I got with Tyler and he revealed everything three years later. I wrote everything Tyler told me as Jennifer and the guards kept knocking on the door.

“We need to break this door down.” One of the guards said as I started panicking. I needed to finish this letter.

“We can’t! Dimitri will kill us if we ruin any part of his office.” Jennifer exclaimed as I sighed in relief. Then I heard another guard tell the others to get King Dimitri.

I still had time as I tried to explain everything as best as possible so he’d believe me. Just as I was finishing off the letter, the door burst open and in came Dimitri.

I gasped at the anger in his eyes. I took a few steps back, holding onto the letter tight. “Please.” I mouthed as his anger turned so dark and fiery, you could see it all in his eyes.

He grabbed onto my shoulder and slammed me hard into the wall causing me to wince and hold in my tears. “I let you come out of that fucking room and this is what you do in return!” He roared in anger and I closed my eyes shut, feeling myself shake in fear.

“I’m sorry.” I mouthed and he pulled me back and then slammed me again causing me to cry out.

“No you are not fucking sorry!” He growled as he started pulling me out of his office. I tried showing him the letter in my hand but he wasn’t looking my way. Suddenly he grabbed both my arms, pressing them behind my back and in the process I dropped the letter and I watched it fall down to the ground as he pulled me away from it. I cried out as I tried pulling out of his arms, trying to somehow get him to see the letter, but he yanked my arms really tight behind me, causing me to let out whimpers in pain.

He suddenly got to the room he was keeping me locked in and he shoved me inside, onto the ground. “I try to be nice to you, not taking any payment from you because I know how much you need to rest. And then on top of that, I let you leave your damn room for this? I’m not being lenient with you ever!” He growled out as he grabbed me and ripped all my clothes off.

I started crying now because he was going to have sex with me and I couldn’t right now. I needed a few days but he was angry and he wasn’t going to be any more lenient. “Even now I’m going to give you a choice. Either you leave and never come back, or you let me fuck you and you can stay. Although I don’t fucking understand why you still want to stay! If you’re planning something, just know, I won’t hesitate in killing you.” He growled in my face and I nodded my head. “You want to stay?” He asked surprised and I nodded my head as tears spilled down my cheeks

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