The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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chapter 81

We were both standing beside each other, two guards holding each of us.

“Now this is where the real fun begins.” Master said as he watched us all. “Dimitri, you said you wanted Jennifer back. Is that still true? Or is there someone else you’d like to save, now that you know we are holding someone else hostage? You only get one choice.” I immediately looked down at that.

The only person that was getting out of here was Jennifer. Not me. I was going to remain stuck here going through god knows what. I didn’t want to think about it.

I kept waiting for Dimitri to say Jennifer’s name but he remained quiet. Master barked at Dimitri to hurry up but Dimitri stayed quiet.

I finally looked up at Dimitri and found him staring back at me. I felt hope inside me, hope that maybe he’d pick me. But in that exact moment, he spoke. “Jennifer.” He kept his eyes on me as I heard Jennifer sigh in relief. I don’t know why I even believed for a moment that he’d choose me. And honestly, I was happy Jennifer would leave this hell hole.

I wouldn’t feel good leaving her behind in a place like this, while I was being saved. I’d feel sick to my stomach.

“Interesting choice.” Master said while eyeing me for a few moments before he turned to Dimitri. “If you want Jennifer, I need something from you in return.” Dimitri nodded his head, waiting to hear what it was. “We heard you found Rovana’s rarest gem. Lovesand. I want it.”

Dimitri’s eyes widened. “I don’t have it anymore.”

“Well then you can’t have her ba-”

I took the necklace out of my shirt and put it up in the air for Master to see, causing him to stop talking mid-sentence. “Well look at that, you gave it to Isabella. You must have loved her a lot to give her something like that.” Master spoke in a taunting voice while Dimitri remained silent. “I guess it’s up to Isabella now to make the choice. If she gives it to me, then you can take Jennifer. If she doesn’t, then Jennifer stays.”

Everyone suddenly looked at me and I reached my hand out towards Master, holding the necklace out. I looked at Dimitri and noticed another surprised look on his face. Did he think I wouldn’t give it? What kind of person did he think I was?

Master took it and then nodded his head towards the guards holding Jennifer. “You may leave.” Master said to her.

She immediately ran up to Dimitri and hugged him, causing the guards to pull them apart. “Jennifer, go out, Devon’s waiting in the car. Tell him to take you home, because I don’t think they’re letting me go that easily.” Dimitri said as Jennifer nodded her head and ran out.

“No Dimitri, your job here is done. You may leave now.” Master said causing me to close my eyes and hold in my tears. I was being left here alone to be tortured in who knows how many different ways.

I looked up at Dimitri one last time as tears slid down my face and found him staring back at me. I looked away immediately as Master told the guards to take Dimitri out. I was hoping he’d say something, ask Master to let me go but he didn’t. The guards kept slowly dragging him out.

Suddenly someone yanked at my hair hard causing me to cry out and pushed me down to the ground. “Sorry Isabella but it seems like you’re the one who’s going to have to pay.” Master spoke as I felt something metal hard hit down on my shoulders causing me to scream out in pain.

“Stop! Stop right now!” I heard Dimitri’s voice over my crying. I looked up at him through my blurry eyes and found that the guards had stopped walking and turned Dimitri around to face Master. “Stop hurting her! I want her back too.”

“Oh? Now you want her back?” Master spoke with a wide grin on his face. “Tyler was telling me that you didn’t love your sweet little Isabella anymore, but it seems like you still do.”

“I don’t.” Dimitri growled out through clenched teeth and his words hit me hard along with the wave of physical pain thrumming through my body. “If any other girl was here, I’d do the same. I wouldn’t want you hurting her. I wouldn’t want you hurting an innocent. Now give her to me!”

“Hmmm fair point. But the price to get Isabella back is going to be a hundred times larger than the price you had to pay for Jennifer.” Master said as I quietly sobbed, feeling one of the guards trying to slip their hands in my pants. “My guards seemed to have taken a liking to her and if I’m perfectly honest, I have too.” He said winking at me.

“What is it?” Dimitri growled out as Master smirked.

“Your Kingdom. Pass me over the throne and let me rule Rovana. I want to be the new King.” I was shocked as I heard the words pass through Master’s mouth. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted Dimitri’s kingdom. He wanted to rule Rovana. He wanted to be King.

Dimitri would never give up his Kingdom. He’d never do it; it was his entire life. He loved his Kingdom and he’d never let it be ruined by someone like Master. Especially not for me.

I slumped down onto the ground as I lost all hope. I was going to die a slow, torturous death here and I was preparing myself for it.

“Okay.” Dimitri suddenly spoke and I immediately looked up at him in shock. “You can have it.”

My mouth fell wide open and Master looked surprised too. “You’d give up your entire Kingdom for her?” He asked and Dimitri stayed silent as everyone looked at him in shock.

“Just give her to me already!” Dimitri growled when no one moved. I could feel tears of joy sliding down my face. Even while thinking I had cheated on him, he still was willing to give up his entire Kingdom, just to save me. I didn’t know what to think. His entire Kingdom, the very thing he took so much pride in, the very thing he loved very much, the very thing he had put so much work into.

But then I realized what the consequences of his mistake would be and how horrible this was. It wasn’t worth saving me when Dimitri could keep his entire Kingdom safe and out of Master’s hands.

“First hand me your key.” My eyes widened as I realized this was actually happening. If Dimitri handed the key over to Master, then Master could control all of Rovana, all their water, energy and power supplies. Master would be able to control everything and he’d ruin Rovana forever.

I tried shaking my head, trying hard to talk out loud but all I could get out were little sounds. I caught Dimitri’s gaze and shook my head vigorously as he retrieved his key. He unlocked it and I watched a bubble of light glow out all around him, before settling down.

And there was the key in his hand, dark black and glinting in the light. I kept shaking my head at him, trying to tell him to stop, but soon he had placed the key in Master’s hand and suddenly it was like everything left Dimitri. This huge beam of light drained out of Dimitri and poured into Master and I cried out.

Master smirked at both of us. “Thanks Dimitri for this beautiful gift. Don’t worry, I’ll take great care of my new Kingdom. But the only way you’ll get Isabella is if you stay here with her, which you are. Guards!” He yelled and I stared in shock as the guards shoved Dimitri into a jail cell and shoved me into the other one.

“What the hell!” Dimitri growled in anger as Master chuckled. “Let us fucking go! I gave you my damn Kingdom!”

“Well you see Dimitri, I’m the King, and what I say goes. You have no worth anymore.” He said before he left us locked into our own jail cells.

I could hear Dimitri curse loudly as he banged his hands into the walls of the cell, over and over again. “You might want to stop, you don’t have your healing powers anymore.” One of the guards said as Dimitri hit the wall one last time before he stopped, letting out a string of curses.

I was hiding in the corner with my face buried in my hands, not believing what just happened. Just when I think things couldn’t get more worse. They got worse.


It seemed as if weeks had gone by and they barely gave us anything to eat or drink. We were living off of stale bread and dirty water and there were many times I had gotten sick. The guards would get so angry at me for having to barf, they’d punish me severely afterwards for it.

I had so many painful welts on my back that I couldn’t even sleep anymore. It was too painful to do anything.

The showers were worse. The amount of times I felt humiliated because the guards would strip me down in their bathroom and wash me themselves. The amount of times they touched me in places they shouldn’t have, it was disgusting. I always left the showers sobbing my eyes out.

Dimitri would ask them to let me shower myself. The amount of times he offered the guards whatever they wanted, they’d simply laugh and say Dimitri owned nothing anymore. He had already given Master his entire Kingdom.

Tyler would sometimes come by and apologize to me over and over again but I wasn’t ever going to forgive him for this. I couldn’t believe I had thought I could love him. The only person I’d ever love was Dimitri.

I still couldn’t believe he’d given up his entire Kingdom for me. I was nothing to him anymore yet he still did it. I thought back to my dream and how dream Dimitri was right. I still had the real-world Dimitri looking out for me. He was still here for me, despite everything he believed about me.

I wish I could see him from my jail cell but I couldn’t. The only times I could see him was when they let me go to the bathroom. But I couldn’t go whenever I wanted. Only when they felt like taking me.

I hadn’t seen Master in such a long while until he finally showed up. “Why are you doing this to us?” Dimitri barked as soon as Master came.

Master’s grin soon turned into an angry glare. “Well you see step-brother, you’ve gotten everything you’ve ever wanted while I had nothing!” He growled out and my eyes widened in surprise at Master’s words. Step-brother? Dimitri’s step-brother?

“What kind of bullshit is this? Step-brother? I have no siblings.” Dimitri spoke but Master shook his head.

I took a closer look at Master and noticed the similarities in appearance both Dimitri and Master had. Their hair was the exact same texture and colour, just in a different haircut. And the anger blazing in Master’s eyes matched that of Dimitri’s. Other than that, they looked pretty different.

“You’re Dad is my Dad too Dimitri. He fucked my Mom, getting her pregnant with me and then left her to fend for herself. My Mom was in love with your Dad but your Dad was too in love with your Mom so he left me and my Mom to live in so much poverty. You had everything when I had nothing. I’m his older son, the Kingdom belongs to me. Not you!” Master spat out before he grinned in my direction.

I really didn’t like the look he was sending my way as I knew he was up to something.

“Your Dad hurt my Mom and ruined her life. She already had nothing to begin with and than having me on top of that, was more than she could handle. She had nothing! She couldn’t even take care of herself! She ruined herself trying to take care of me. And I will avenge her troubles.” Master spoke in a low, dangerous voice. “Your parents are already dead so I’m going to make you pay. I’m going to hurt you, by hurting your precious little Isabella. I know how much you love her.”

“I don’t love her anymore! You’re wasting your time on her. If you want to hurt me then hurt me directly. Hurting her is only going to make me sympathize like I would with any other innocent person. It won’t kill me like you think.” Dimitri spoke nonchalantly as Master laughed loudly.

“You gave up your entire Kingdom for her. Do you take me for a fool?” Master yelled causing me to flinch and shiver in fear. “Take her out!” He ordered his guards as my eyes widened in fear.

They all came and grabbed me, dragging me out so I was standing in front of Dimitri’s jail cell. My gaze met Dimitri’s and I noticed cold fear in his eyes, fear for me.

“Dimitri we want you to sit back, relax, watch and listen as we tell you a little story.” Master said as he pushed me down to the ground so I was on my knees. He then brought a knife against my neck and I clenched my eyes shut in fear as I whimpered. He lightly ran the blade down my chest, ripping my clothes from the front but thankfully not scratching my skin at all.

“Your sweet little Isabella loves you very much Dimitri. She came all the way to Rovana for you. Didn’t you Isabella?” He asked as he yanked my hair hard causing me to cry out. He then wrapped his hand tight around my neck so I could barely breathe. “Tell us Isabella.” He growled in my face as he kept tightening his hold. I clawed at his hands but he wouldn’t let go. I felt tears slide down as I couldn’t breathe at all.

I could hear Dimitri say something but I didn’t pay attention to what it was because I was in too much pain, trying to breathe. Master finally let me go and I collapsed to the ground, coughing hard as pain spread from my neck down to my chest.

“Tell us Isabella. You came for Dimitri right?” He asked and I nodded my head, looking up at Dimitri through my blurry gaze. Suddenly I felt something hard and metal-like hit my back and I cried out in pain. “Use your words!” Master snapped at me as I started sobbing. I couldn’t speak.

“Talk Isabella, or else I’ll hit you again!” Master growled out and I remained silent, not being able to talk. I felt a swoosh of air suddenly as Master lifted whatever it was he was hitting me with.

“Stop hurting her! I gave you everything you fucking asked for!” I heard Dimitri growl in so much anger before I felt another hit against my back. I cried out again before Master removed my shirt.

He then picked something else up and hit me with it. I screamed as I felt a small blade-like object, hit my back, cutting through my skin. I heard Dimitri yelling but I couldn’t hear over my screams.

“It hurts you to see her like this?” Master asked with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, it’ll hurt more once you find out Isabella never cheated on you. Oh! Oops, I let it out a little too fast, didn’t I.” He said before he chuckled again.

I could barely move as the pain pounded through my body. I hoped he wouldn’t do anything else. My back was burning and the pain travelled in waves.

“What the fuck do you mean?” Dimitri growled out and that’s when Master explained everything to him. He was the one who had forced Tyler to do this to me and Tyler did take my voice away. Getting me to go to Rovana was part of the plan as well so Tyler could help Master take Dimitri’s kingdom away.

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