The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 82

Looking between Dimitri and the master, while the master started looking at the new toys that were just brought in by Tyler. I notices the way tyler looked at me, the sad look on his face that same look he gave me when I thought I saw Dimitri with jennifer at the party.

“Well you see, dear Tyler here wanted Isabella here and would do anything to get her, but when he found out you asked her to marry her, he was angry and come to me, and when he found out she was going to say yes he had to do something. now for a Half human half demon he came up with good idea, didnt you Tyler” the master looking at him then to Dimitri, while pulling out a knife and heading over to me. I looked at Tyler for help knowing he wouldn't and Dimitri hated me and I couldn't ask for it, but tyler just stood there with a smile.

“yes well, Dimitri, the day you were going over to Isabella's house It was the day after you proposed to her. Nina had told me what happened and I was going over there too, to see how she was doing. And I saw you, You Dimitri had flowers and stuff in your hands and I got jealous," Tyler turned to face me with a evil grin

"I wanted you. I was happy you rejected him but I knew you loved him and Nina told me that she talked to you earlier in the morning and that you were going to say yes. She said you tried calling Dimitri but he didn’t pick up. Well that was probably because he was busy getting you flowers and all this other shit.” as tyler spoke i could see the anger all over Dimitri's face, it was the same look I had when I heard all this the first time.

“Anyways I got jealous and I grabbed this random human girl walking by on the street. And I changed her outer appearance to make her look like Isabella and it worked might I add. The night of the party I made sweet old Isabella here think you came with jennifer and made it seem like you cheated on her since the day of graduation, and it worked."

Dimitri looked at me as tears left my eyes. the pain i felt all these years was real but we never cheated on each other. those nightmares I had came true and in the worst way. What made it

worse is that I couldn't talk, I couldn't tell him how much I love him, how much I miss him and that I was sorry. "Well dear Step-brother it worked I have the keys to the kingdom and you can stay in here and watch the love of your life waste away while I and many others use her as a toy" Master laughs and he brings the blade down my cheek and drag it down to cause me to jerk away and cry out in pain but no noise came out.

"And you dear sweet Isabella will take whatever we give you, or Dimitri here will have to watch you die" I looked at the Master and spat on his face but before I could grin my head swung back from the force of the punch "chain her up, I don't want any of them getting any ideas to get out, oh and thank you for the lovesand" Master says as he walks out and two more demon come with and push me to the cold brick wall and apply the rusty chain to my arms and legs. looks like im here again, the pain from punch and cut radiate throughout my body, my head starts to pound and my eyes can stay open for long. "After all this time, thinking you cheated on me and that i wasn't good enough, I find out it was all a trick just to get my kingdom, You- Were You Involved With This Isabella" Dimitri yells out, I shake my head to tell him know as my vision starts to fade "why did you come back then, was it to hurt me, kill me" he asked I look up at him with tears in his eyes, I try to mouth out what i was saying but I couldn't fine the works "Tyler did take your voice, was it before or after you came here, shake you head for before and know you head for after" I did and Dimiri said and nod me head for After which was true as soon as I got here I wouldn't talk.

"Did you come here to explain what happened" he asked with a soft voice and again I nod my head "Fuck and I did what I did- FUCK, I PROMISED YOU I WOULDN'T HURT YOU BUT INSTEAD I LET HATRED SET IN" he got even angrier by the minute as he paced in the cell " I looked at him as he paced around. I moved the chains to get his attention and when he finally looked at me I mouthed out "Im Sorry, I never wanted to hurt you" he came closer to me and I tried to become smaller than I already am. "you didn't hurt me, tyler did with his tricks and if I told you the truth when you asked you wouldn't have believed that it was me and Jennifer at the party which wouldn't have given tyler any change to get to you, this is all my fault, I just should have told you the truth" he brought his hand down to my check and brushed over the cut "I will get you out of this, if it means my life"

I look at him as the tears start to fall "what about Queen Jennifer" I mouthed out in pain, I wish I had my voice back " she isnt my wife, it is all fake so that I can keep the kingdom safe, she is in love with devon and has been for a while, she is married to him" I looked at him in shock. Out of everything the marriage is fake, i went to say something but out of the corner of my eye a figure stepped out of the shadows. Esther, the lady that helped me save Dimiri the first time.

"My sweet child, pull through this Darkness and follow your heart" she says and she brushes her had down my neck "in time this will end just stay strong, we need you, he needs you" and with that she vanishes again "what does she mean" Dimitri asked looking at me and the spot she came out of "I don't know" I gasped in relasation, she gave me my voice back just like she did with my memories "Izzie" Dimitri looks at me "yes"

"your talking"

"I know Esther much have released the spell or something"

"i can finally hear you speak, tell me what happened so that we can make a plan" why is he so happy, after everything "why, why would you think i would cheat on you, why didn't you come back to talk to me, why did you leave me when you promised you wouldn't, YOU PROMISED" I broke down, I have cried so much over the past three years, all the pain and heartbreak came rushing back, like a wave crashing on the sharp rocks. Why is it that I can never have some peace.

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