The Demon King & The Prophesied Girl

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Chapter 83

Why is it that I can never have some peace.

The words keep repeating in my head while Dimitri looks at me as is he cared so much. The pain hurts more then it the day I thought he cheated on me. But the day tyler told me it was all in his plan, that hurt more. I came here to tell Dimitir that but instead he hurt me even more all out of Anger.

But I never hurt him or hated him until now. All my emotions are all over the place, I hate him and love him, I want to hurt him they way he hurt me but I don't. I want to kill tyler but then again I can't, I don't have it in me to kill him even though he hurt me but i know who will and i wont stop him. "Izzie" Dimitri whispers to me, I raise my head slowly, still in pain from the blow "Y-yes" i say quietly not wanting to start an argument or talk louder " tell me what happened" I look into his eyes and all I saw was pain "you know what happened, tyler said it all for you, you know why I came back and that was to tell you what was going on and what happened that day and night, I came to tell you that on that day I was going to say yes but you never showed. Then when I saw you at the party that night it broke my heart. To see the main i fall for with another woman, it hurt and it still does. you promised you wouldn't leave me ever but you did" I started to cry again and i couldnt stop.

"im sorry izzie, what I saw that day looked so real and I just couldnt deal with it, I came back here right after throwing the flowers away, never wanting to come back to see you. I thought you moved one and was happy, but every night I kept having dreams of you and that you were in pain and I did not know what to do" Dimitri looks at me and walks closer to me " So I shut them out and kept on going with my life, I am so sorry for hurting you and I can understand if you hate me and never want to see me but I want to see you, I want to pick up where we were when I asked you to marry me" my jaw dropped. I'm at a loss of words. I have no idea what do to Esther says to follow my heart but my heart says to stay and run.

" I couldnt never hate you Dimitri, I just don't know what to feel right now, I know you wouldn't hurt me without a reason and you thought I hurt you. you didn't know the truth and I get that. I didn't either but the day you left I was going to change my whole life for you. I even spoke to Devon about changing me to be more like you and I was going to do that. I was going to become a demon for you so that I could stay with you because I know if and when I died it would have killed you"

His Face lit up with my words, Devon must have never told him that, but that was what I was going to do, but then everything went to hell " Dimitir I can't help but love you, even when i don't want to and I know it is had but you need to give me time to breath and think. My emotions are all over the place and I don't know what to do right now" He looked and me a nods his head "I get it, I do and i do love you. I have even when we have been apart, I just never the guts to show up at your place and tell you, I wish I did, I wish I saw though Tyler's tricks and I wish I saw my Step Brother back then before all this happened. He is one crazy monster and is even worse than the Shadow you helped me with"

Thinking of the shadow gave me shivers down my spine, To think I went all though that trouble and pain just to end up here. "We need to come up with a plan to get out of here and get the Lovesand" Dimitri says snapping me out of my own head.

"But how are we going to do that, i'm chained to a god dam wall" he looks at me then back to the wall " I can make it so that it looks like we aren't in here, perks of being the demon king and when they come and check on you, they won't see you or me here" sounds like a great plan but "what if it doesn't work and you get hurt" I say with hush words. I couldnt see him hurt as much as I don't like him at the moment "it will work and and I won't get hurt I just don't want you hurt. I don't think I could handle it" the look in his eyes, it breaks me even more. The mixture of guilt, pain and sadness, it's the same emotions I have currently but there is one emotion I see that I haven't seen since I came here, LOVE.

"Okay, I will go along with your plan but I hope it works, because I don't think I can handle whatever the Master decides to use me as a toy for god knows what" Dimitri looks at me "he won't touch you, ever and neither will tyler" I hope not. I really hope this works. I can't deal with a loss again or any pain. "First let's get out then if you want to change into a demon you can, but that is up to you Izzie" the words he spoke shocked me to my core. I did want to become one for him but do I still want to. Do I want to risk it all and change, will it help me take down his Step-Brother. "Will it help take your brother down" I ask giving him a small smile "Yes because he would think your human still and wouldn't expect it, but you would need Esther and my blood" its alot to take in Devon didn't tell me all the details about it only that it works.

"My dear Child, you do not need to worry I will help, you have time. We can do the process while your here but it will hurt and you will need Dimitri to hold you" Shit. I need to make this decision and fast. "Okay I will do it, if it will help" Dimitri's face lights up "Are you sure, once this is done there is no going back. EVER" he walks closer "yes I am sure, Esther can we get started"

"Yes my child, i am glad to see you following your heart. This will hurt"

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