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His Mafia Mate

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(THIS IS FIRST BOOK IN ROYAL BLOOD SERIES) Ashley Winters is a mafia heiress. And she is not someone you will mess with. She called the cold monster in her world. Luca James Williams is not your typical mob boss just the difference is he also the next wolf king in line and guess what there 5 pure blood families in mafia and Winters and Williams are both one of them. Enjoy their adventures story with a cup of tea ☕

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Luca's POV

Have you ever got in a situation where you are very irritated but you can't quit? Cause man, right I just want to shift in my Lycan and go for a long run.
My mother just fired my secretary cause he was a boy and people were doubting if I was gay but I replied to them that no but my mother wants to find a girl as my secretary cause she hopes that I will find my mate. Woww right. Feel the sarcasm.
James what do you suggest on this
I think you should give it a try maybe we can get our mate.
Are you sure cause I'm not in the mood of meeting some self-centred bitches who think that they are the queen?
Maybe one of those self-centred bitches is our mate.
NOOOOOOOO a big NO I am gonna reject my mate the instant I meet her if she is
one of them.
Ha gotcha
James you fucking bastard...
Wow, you think so highly of yourself I didn't know that.
Ok, I apologize
But the moon goddess won't do this to me as I haven't done anything wrong except beating my beta to a pulp for breaking my 2 million-dollar watch or killing rouges for fun. But she won't give me such a big punishment for this right.
"So, I think I have to go," I said to myself.

At the office

I arrived there but you know when you are the CEO of the biggest company on the continent and no. one of the top five sexiest bosses paparazzi and fangirls don't
leave you alone anywhere and when I say anywhere I mean it.

With bouncers as my knights in shining armour/suits, I made it to my office building unharmed. Now the biggest headache is "the interview." Please somebody save me.
I got in my cabin and sat there waiting for the candidates to appear.
The first candidate appeared and it would be an understatement if I say that she looked like a human she looked like a clown. I can smell her expensive yet cheap-smelling perfume. It burned my nose hairs. I just want to kick her out. She tried to do a catwalk (keyword: tried) but she was looking like a stick swinging in the air.
This is gonna be a long day.

She sat on the chair like a seductress an ugly one I might add. I just want to snap her neck.
"So miss" I started speaking with anger and irritation evident in my voice "Carter I must say that you have a pretty good report but I think you came to the wrong place." I completed
"Why sir?" she said in a sex-laced voice.
James calm down

"Well, actually the cause of the way you walk till here and the way you sit on that chair I think you here for a modelling interview," I said in the same tone I used earlier.
"But" she whined "I..."
"You are disapproved," I said "now out of my office"
She started crying. But like fuck I was gonna fall for that. But it was a hilarious scene to see her layers and layers of makeup being ruined by her tears.
"I said NOW" I yelled. I have had enough of it.
She started crying more loudly and stood and got out.
That's more like it.

(Many centuries and interviews later)

Please tell me it's all over.
Sorry to disappoint you but no it's not.
Luca just approve the next fucking candidate.
Yeah, I am thinking that only. Bitchy or not I am gonna just select him/her.


Hey guys,
So I started writing this book on Wattpad first so, it's a little ahead from here but I will try to keep them both same.
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