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My Precious

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Lady Cathenne a vinyl-wearing bookshop owner befriends her next-door neighbor, Mouna Lisa Kaspersky. Mouse mostly alone all day managing RegardE Fashion House websites is fascinated by the elegant and worldly lady. But Cathenne is uptown and Mouse is downtown, so what does this surreal lady want from Mouse?

Romance / Erotica
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:

Mouna and Lady Cathenne

The door to Cathenne’s apartment was open, and Mouse saw the daybed with a table and a cherry pie, crème, cutlery, plates, and the like. Mouse walked in, put down the two mugs of dandelion tea she made for them, sat, waited, and wondered what a stunning person like Cathenne would want from her. Moana was a nothing, with no friends, maintaining the website for RegardE Fashions from home and hardly ever going out. Stunned, Mouse ogled Cathenne walking into the living area. Mouse saw the hint of Vinyl on Cathenne’s legs before, but wow.

Covered from head to toe in a deep red classic vinyl gown with loose sleeves and a super-wide skirt, high neck, hood, and a loose hood over that, Cathenne looked like the proverbial magical Princess. The dress’s matching wide red belt showed off her tiny waist and long leg line, and the red hood gave her emerald-green eyes the look of green diamonds sparkling. Mouse was agog.

Cathenne saw Mouse looking and explained, “I hope you like this, Mouse. Alone at home, I usually wear a vinyl boiler suit or two, but I rarely get company, so I wore this.”

Mouse closed her mouth and asked, “Why?” meaning why she went to all the trouble, but Cathenne understood the question differently.

Cathenne sat, distributed plates and cutlery, then portioned out the pie and answered, “I was born when my mother was older. I was an ‘accident’, and to top it off, just as the doctors warned, I was born flawed. From a young age, I needed compression clothing, body support and had to avoid outside air. Initially, I hated it, but then my older sister happened, and I embraced vinyl and rubber. Thank you for coming, Mouse.”

Cathenne’s melodic way of speech enthralled Mouse, as usual, and she was happy to sit and listen. Cathenne’s diction and inflections were almost song-like. It is only because of this voice that Mouse got in the habit of leaving her apartment and going to Lady Cathenne’s Alternative bookstore.

Cathenne sat forward and suggested, “Try some of my self-made cherry pie. I have a specific dietary need you may find not as nice as store-bought. Thank you for the dandelion tea. It is the closest to drinking coffee that I can allow myself. Tell me what you think of the pie?”

Mouse, still atwitter to be in Cathenne’s apartment and that she lived next door all this time, tried the pie. Cherry, raisins, lemon, and some other. It was a strange taste or, better said, strangely pleasant. Mouse did not notice how Cathenne relaxed when she saw she liked the pie.

After the pie, they drank tea and chit-chatted about the last book reading at Cathenne’s book shop when Cathenne observed, “You’ve been staring at my heelless toe boots. Is that good or bad?”

Cathenne lifted her skirt and petticoats over her red vinyl -covered knees and looked at her heelless boots. She extended one forward and spoke, “In for a penny, in for a pound. Once I embraced my condition, I could embrace rubber and vinyl as a pleasure, not a burden. So, I made it my style entirely rather than hiding it under muggle clothing. Do you like my style, Mouse? Or is it too far out for you?”

Mouna looked at the small bottoms of the heelless toes boots, the tight body and hood part on Lady Cathenne’s body, the way she matched the colors perfectly, the layers of fine vinyl petticoats, the shiny material and mumbled “Y, yes, a lot.”

Cathenne put her leg down, covered them with her vinyl petticoats, but not quite right. Mouse shot down to her knees on the thickly carpeted floor and adjusted the petticoats and righted the skirt. She also noticed one of the boot’s laces was uneven and re-laced it to match the other.

Finished, satisfying her OCD, Mouse resettled on the couch quickly and stuttered, “I, I am sorry, Ca, Cathenne. I have some OCD and use to always tuck in peoples labels, and that, and I just had to. But, but I never do that anymore.”

Cathenne guessed, You looked after children for a while at some point.”

Mouse stuttered, “How, how did you, you guess that? Yes, five younger sisters, and I am sorry that I took the liberty with you.”

Cathenne shot back, “I am not! Tell me, do you like the feel of my smooth and shiny latex?” Mouse nodded, drinking tea, ogling Lady Cathenne’s impossibly small waist. What would it take to have a waist like that and move like that, and have long legs like that?

Lulled by the beautiful voice, Mouse heard Lady Cathenne finishing, “May I please?” so Mouse nodded. Anything for Lady Cathenne. She knew she was acting like an adolescent horny teenager and was about to look away but spotted Lady Cathenne’s emerald-green eyes sparkling, with not just amusement but anticipation.

Standing up in the most elegant way, despite the impossible toa boots, Lady Cathenne glided on the tips of her toes toward her bedroom. Her vinyl skirts and petticoats flowed back and forth with her hips swaying, oh-my-Odin, strike me dead now. Oh, if only some of Lady Cathenne’s elegance could rub off on Mouna.

Mauna watched Lady Cathenne return with a hairbrush and something brown and shiny. She came up behind Mouna and spoke, “Would you allow me to brush your brown hair? I do not have any hair and liked brushing my sister, Cassandra’s hair when my parents abandoned us to our own devices.” Mouna just nodded.

Cathenne kneeled on the day bed behind and close to Mouna smelling of something clinical and, yes, cherries. She combed Mouna’s hair in long gentle strokes, humming, lost in the moment. Mouna closed her eyes to enjoy Lady Cathenne’s nearness brushing her hair, and humming. Mouna closed her eyes and hoped it would never stop. She felt so over joyed and relaxed like never before.

When Lady Cathenne whispered, “Are you ready for a surprise?” Mouse just nodded. Lady Cathenne pressed, “Close your eyes, and no peeking.”

Mouse nodded, and felt Lady stretch a snug vinyl hood over her head. She drew Mouse’s long hair through a hole in the hood then too some time positioning the hood just so under Mouna’s turtleneck pullovers. She continued brushing Mouse’s hair, checking, “How does it fell, Mouna?” Mouna lifted her hand to her head and felt the smooth, vinyl. It was, it was, well, like a bit of Lady Cathenne against her skin.

Lady Cathenne came around, offered Mouna her hand and led her to a wall mirror in the corridor. Mouna she saw something she liked, Lady Cathenne’s red vinyl face behind her brown hooded face. Mouna’s long messy hair came out at the back top of the brown hood, gleaming from brushing and at every movement of her head, it sort of danced. Mouse became hyper-aware of how her face, neck, and head felt in the brown vinyl hood. Like, like Lady Cathenne’s vinyl gloved hands!

Cathenne explained, “I feel that the brown of the hood matches beautifully with your huge brown liquid doe eyes. You are quite beautiful, Mouna. Do you like red wine? I can allow myself one glass and do on such special occasions.” Mouse had not had wine before, and just nodded. Mouna sipped the wine and listened to Cathenne telling her more about her sisters and their pranks when they were alone at home and she was out of her plastic isolation bubble...

Startling awake, Mouna saw it was morning. She fell asleep on the daybed in Cathenne’s apartment, with her head in her lap! Oh my, she was drunk after one glass of wine! Mouna shot up and could not hear any sounds in the apartment. She spotted a note on the table and unfolded it. Mouna admired the cursive writing before she could focus on the message.

Dear Mouse. You looked so peaceful and happy that I could not wake you. Stay as long as you like, feel at home. Should you accidentally be walking past my door again about seven’ish, and should you by chance have two mugs of that lovely Dandelion tea, I would be happy to see you and join me for dinner, perhaps? I order a mean takeaway from the Japanese Sushi House. Cathenne.

What time is it? Oh, past ten. Mouna had a zoom at ten-thirty with the marketing department from RegardE Fashions about the spring-summer fashion line. Bugger, she had to hurry. Mouna grabbed the two mugs and was back in her apartment in no time. She quickly used the bathroom, brushed her teeth, made a coffee, then a second, and sat down.

Florence Fernandez was a startlingly beautiful woman, once a model for RegardE, now the head of design. She outlined their current thrust, unofficially names iGen Avantguard but officially named Daring. Flo sent the link to the hi-res model shoots of the new designs they wanted on the web page with text.

Flo explained the iGen color range, purple, lilac, black, green, and moss but suggested that Mouse figure out a complementary color scheme to feature the models and clothing. She had a fortnight to present the proposed web page, which was plenty of time. It was well past five by the time they finished and wished each other a good weekend.

Mouna went to the kitchenette and was about to make a coffee when she recalled Cathenne’s invitation to dinner. She looked at the wall clock and bugger, just enough time to make two mugs of Dandelion tea and visit the bathroom.

Mouna rushed over and found Cathenne already waiting for her. Lady Cathenne went all out, setting up a two-person table with two candles, the rest of yesterday’s wine, and a serving trolly with loads of sushi and sashimi. Lady Cathenne looked stunning and elegant, sipping wine, and looked stunning.

A slim fitting dark blue sleeveless vinyl dress to over her knees matched her toe boots, wrist gloves and over her head open faced hood. A tan loose sleeved blouse coordinated with a tan full body catsuit which showed out at her crossed legs and a thin stripe under her dark green vinyl hood. The blouse also had a loose hood with framed Lady Cathenne’s dark green hood superbly making her glistening sparkling eyes stand out. Mouse almost swooned. She was beautiful, poised, and what the hell was Mouna doing here.

Lady Cathenne stood, glided to her, guiding Mouna to the daybed-couch with, “Come, Mouna. Tough day I see. Still in the same clothing from yesterday. Cathenne guided her to the kitchenette bench, took the mugs from her hand, tied a bib around her neck, sat her down, and offered, “Tell me about your day while we eat, Mouna, my mouse.” Mouna did.

Mouna ate, and listened, drank some wine and next she knew they she was back on the day bed, on Lady Cathenne’s lap. Mouna daydreams of Lady Cathenne, holding her hands around Mouna’s vinyl hooded head. Yes, that was it.

Mouna asked, “How did you come to embrace your vinyl clothing?”

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