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The Queen and Her Little Adviser

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When the barbaric queen and a unlucky man are forced into an arranged marriage they don’t see eye to eye. But that will all change with time, or will it?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: intro

In Belgravia the men are more feminine and th are more masculine, so women tend to be more aggressive and the men more gentle.
Belgravia is ruled by one person and that is Queen Violet, despite her gentle sounding name she is very violent. Which makes her an excellent soldier on the battlefield. She’s so good that people say she is inhuman, and to some extent that is true. Because she is known to have only two emotions: joy and anger. Joy when she is slaying her enemies on the battlefield, and anger when she is killing someone out of annoyance.
Because of her ruthlessness nobody had the courage to court her. So Violet's father arranged a marriage for her. Now of course violet didn’t care because she spends most of her time out on the battlefield. But her husband-to-be was another story, his name was Allen and he was freaking out.
“WHAT, I can’t marry queen violet, She’s said to kill anyone that annoys her. Besides I’m not fit to have any type of royal responsibilities” “but sir according to the grand king you meet the qualifications” “what qualifications the only thing that gives me the slightest bit OK is that I’ve memorized all 180 laws of Belgravia. “ well I guess that is a rare quality that only you had amongst the candidates, sire” it’s ok this is fine this isn’t real, everyone is probably just tricking me. That has to be it, right?
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