The Beast in Her Paintings

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A story based on the old-time tales, beauty and the beast. and cinderella. A young artist is invited to a ball by an old friend and meets someone unexpected who turns her life upside down.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Streaks of red follow the soft strokes of the brush across the paper. A slight smile spread across Raven’s face as she painted. Although she wished she had a real canvas, she was happy to be painting. Her parents couldn’t afford more than the paintbrush and paint, but they had saved enough money over the years to appease her artistic desire. She was thankful that she had such kind parents, even though they were struggling financially, they did their best to make her happy.

Raven was freestyling today, painting whatever she felt, and letting her heart guide her brush. She often did this, as her work stemmed from her feelings or dreams. Raven’s artistry wasn’t the best in all the world, but she was fairly good at showing her emotions through her work.

Stopping for a moment, she looked over her work. Her paper was full of blacks, reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. The focus of the painting was of a man standing holding a rose up to his nose, with the setting sun gazing upon him. The painting emitted tranquility and peace. Raven looked around the table she sat at, it was covered in multiple papers she had painted, all filled with the same figure; a man from her dreams. He lingered in the darkness while she dreamt at night, but she always noticed. He became a spectacle of her artwork, and the focus of her thoughts. She never saw his face, but often imagined what it would look like, this was shown in many of her paintings; she always gave him a different face.

"Raven, it's time for dinner," her mother interrupted her train of thought.

Raven looked up and smiled at her mother, who was standing in the doorway. Her hair was tied in the back to keep it away from her face, it was her signature look, and Raven rarely saw her with her hair down. Her mother worked as a seamstress and was paid pretty well, but that didn't stop the king from over-taxing them.

She followed her mother down the hall where her father sat at their dinner table. Three bowls of soup sat before them, and they ate happily, with a light conversation about their day. Raven's father finished his soup and looked towards his daughter.

"I heard a ball was coming up, the king is celebrating his marriage to the queen."

"That sounds nice, I wonder what the new queen looks like." She smiled. The king was on his third marriage and it hadn't been too surprising to find that he had married once again. The last queen had died during childbirth.

"Well, you don't have to wonder, Kevin invited you to come along with Laila." Her father said as he washed his bowl out in the sink. Kevin was an old family friend who her father had known since he was a boy. Raven saw him almost like an uncle and grew close with his daughter, Laila.

"Really, I can go?" Raven asked, her voice filled with excitement.

Her mother nodded, "Yes, we agreed that you could go as long as you stayed close to Laila during the ball." She then got up and left the room for a moment, coming back with something in her hands. "I made this a while ago, waiting until there was an occasion to wear it. And now you have a reason to." She handed it to Raven and grinned.

The dress was a beautiful pale blue with a glittery finish to it. It was sleeveless and flowy, it stopped a little below the ankles, and it was definitely elegant enough for a ball. Raven stood up and hugged both her mother and father, she was more than happy to finally go to one of the king's famous balls.

Once they had cleaned up from dinner, they retired for the night and wished each other sweet dreams. Raven lay in bed, a million thoughts running through her head. According to her father, the ball would be in a week, and since she already had her dress, she didn't have much to worry about.

With her mind on the ball, she slowly grew sleepy enough to fall asleep. And her dreams took over her newly empty head.

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