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Myra Rawat a young teenage girl with big dreams she has just completed her high school and wanted to become a successful businesswoman. Her life was never a easy one she had faced each and every difficult in her life . But she only needed someone who can love her with full heart. She always waited for her MR. PERFECT Tarun Mehta a playboy , university football captain for others he is a ruthless arrogant but for the people who know him he is a calm person. He never had fallen in love and felt yes she is the one Will they both find there love Or will love find them?

Romance / Drama
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First day

Myra POV

Tick!!! Tick!!! Tick!!!! .... Erggghh who the hell discovered this bull shit alarm?? .. They don't sleep or what.... Ohh myra what are you talking bull shit wake up lady today is your First day in university ... Finally you have achieved half way to succeed your dream. I thought to my self and woke up from my bed and went for my morning business. After shower I came out and now I'm standing in front of my cupboard from last half an hour thinking what to wear.. Finally I got it..

I picked up a offshoulder top and blue jeans I wore it and eent to my dressing table. According to me my make up is minimal just eyeliner, kajal and lip gloss. I wore a loop earnings , I kept my hairs open.. Yes... Now I'm perfect.. I went to my dinning room and found no one... " I gusse everyone left for there work" ... I thought . I wore my shoes took my home keys and left to college.

I went to my bus stop to catch the bus then I reached station i went to catch my train.... Yeah you gussed it right my college is 1and half hour of travel but it's ok.. I'm happy for that i love travelling.. You might find it weird but i love it.

I finally reached my college and I went inside . As I was searching for my class....someone bumped into me.. " Hey Mister ! Can't you see you got eyes or button idiot..." I just shouted over him... And he was just looking at my.. I snapped my finger in front of his face.. "Come out of your dreamworld idiot". "Ohh hello miss fizzi sorry he didn't see you you don't need to shout like that " One of his friend I guess said me.. " Ohh right role shut up " I told that guy. And I turned to that guy who bumped into me he had a smrik on his face, " Look I'm sorry that was a mistake " He said " You better be " I replied and went from there..

I finally found my class on 3rd floor I went inside and sat on a sit that was vacant. After sometime that same guy came inside with his friends...

" Good morning all my name is Tarun Malhotra . An cultural representatives and senior for you guys. I warmly welcome you all freshers to ICM we are one of the best college for business management all over India. We are glad that you are part of our family . " Why did he said this line looking at me?" I thought..so today will be you Orientation.. I would request our Dean to say few words. "Everyone started clapping after his line I looked at me and he had a smrik on his face. I just ignored it.

After that I was talking to a girl her name is Arya she is from Delhi she is a nice girl full extroverted. " Hey do you wanna grab something to eat I'm hell on hungry.. " Arya asked me.. " Hell yes let's go to canteen " . After that we went towards the canteen . "So what are you gonna order? " Arya asked me. " I guess I will have a sandwich " I replied ." Oohkk same choice" She said. And after 10 min our order was served. We were talking normally about our school days when the snow White and his seven drawf entered the canteen ( actually that was tarun she has named him and his gang as snow White and his seven drawf) .. I saw around all the girls were drooling over him. " Errghh this is soo irrating " I thought. After that as there was no lecture today we left and we also exchanged our number.

I finally reached my home and again no one was at home. I thought of giving a ring to mom she picked up " Hello how was your day " She asked " Good amma and I also made a frnd " I replied. " Okay make something and eat i will be late in night ". She said " Okay amma I will make something for you too " . After that I cutted my call. And went to change and then went to kitchen to make something. After 1 hour my lunch was ready and I took for myself and went to Hall sat on the sofa put on the TV and there goes my favorite movie After . I don't know why but i just love it I can watch this movie on a loop.And also my favorite line " Whatever our soul made of his and mine are the same " . I'm a person who always wished for a happily every after and this is it. After my 2 part I went to sleep there itself.

Around 6 pm I woke up and had my coffee and I was sitting and watching my K drama series. After sometime I called mom just to ask her about her whereabouts she replied that she will be late and not to wait for her. Then by 9 pm I had my dinner and washed the remaining utensils and then went to sleep by 11 O clock I heard the door unlocking I know that's mom she went to her room and then I slept.

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