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A Vampire's Tale

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My name is Riley Woods, and I was born in 1309. At the age of 21, I became very sick with a plague that about took my life. That's when I meet a vampire named Jasper. He gave me a choice to either die or join him on a worldwide quest, so of course, my mind chose life with him. He changed me, and we went on a worldwide killing spree of murders, rapists, thieves, and basically any type of evil people. During the revolutionary war, our house was set on fire. They threw a torch into Jasper's room, where he didn't make it out in time, so I have been alone since then. I never found a woman that I thought was good enough to be my mate for eternity until I met Madeline.

Romance / Fantasy
Marie Hudson
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At My Party


It’s Friday night, and I am having a huge company party at my house to welcome all the new hires and celebrate some of those who are retiring. Anyone employed with my company is invited to show up, mingle and get drunk if they prefer.

Chase comes over, tapping me on my shoulder. “Man, have you seen the new woman who is the senior manager that we just hired? She is drop-dead gorgeous, is twenty-six, graduated college at twenty-three with a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Management. I hired her last week; I do want to get to know her.”

James barks out a laugh as he throws his head back. “Come on, man, you say that about all the girls you have hired in the past three months.”

Tristan looks over at me while chuckling, “Just because you are named VP of the company doesn’t mean that we are not equal here.”

Chase sits down beside me while scrubbing his face slowly. “Yeah, yeah. I know. We are all basically VP’s until the reigns are handed over.”

Nodding while smiling at all three of my best friends, “Yeah, and don’t forget that! I’m still the boss until I say otherwise.”

“I know, man. I stopped by her office this afternoon to make sure she was coming to this, even told her to wear a bikini so she could swim tonight. It must be nice to have a heated pool; I know I love it,” as Chase points out the back door to where there are two huge heated pools along with three hot tubs.

James flashes a huge smile as he looks out the back door, where tons of people are already swimming, laughing, and drinking. “What did she say? Man, you got it bad this time; you never go to a woman’s office. You always email them.”

Chase looks around the room, then lowers his voice to a whisper, “I told you, this one’s different. She’s highly educated, funny, beautiful, and smart. We talked way past her interview time, where I gave her the job immediately.”

“You will have to point her out when she arrives. I have to see who this woman is that has your full attention,” knowing he is not like this ever with a woman.

Tristan’s eyes flick to the front door. “Yeah, she must be one hell of a woman. You are like Riley, fuck them leaving them panting after you.”

Snapping my head towards him with an evil grin, “Hey, I can’t help it. Just because of my age, I just have never found the one, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun, though.”

Just after that, a drop-dead gorgeous woman walks in. She has on a short skirt, white shirt tied off at her belly button while she curves in all the right places.

Chase shifts in his seat as he nods towards the newcomer. “There she is. That’s her.”

My eyes get as big a saucers. “NO WAY, MAN! Sorry, bro, but she is way out of your league.”

He punches my shoulder. “She is not. Watch this.” He goes over with his bright smile on, talks to her for a few minutes then guides her back to where we are sitting. “Guys, I want you to meet Madeline Chastain. She is a new hire from last week.”

We all three say hello simultaneously, but I can’t take my eyes off her; she is gorgeous. My heart actually skipped a beat when she spoke, but now my body is slowly shivering while she is in my presence.

“Hello, guys, nice to meet you; thank you for the invite to this fabulous party. Who’s house does this belong to?” her voice sounds so angelic as she speaks.

Chase points to me with a huge smile. “That would be Riley Woods. He is the one sitting in the chair right there.”

I stand up, walking over to her. My body is humming with electrical currents I have never felt in the presence of a woman. What is going on? It’s like a magnetic pull towards her. When we shake hands, it’s like a huge surge of energy pulsates through my entire body all at once. Holy Shit! My body feels like it’s on fire.

As she speaks, I look down at her lips. “Hello, you have a beautiful house here. Thank you for opening it up to your employees tonight.”

“Your welcome. I enjoy being able to spoil my employees now and then,” trying to keep my shivering under control, but it is taking every fiber in my body to do this.

“Your him? The owner of the business? The self-made billionaire who’s father and uncle helped build.”

“Yes, mam. My father opened this company; then, he was killed by a drunk driver. After that, my uncle stepped in and took over until I was old enough, then also went through college to be educated to run it myself. He died five years ago of a heart attack, so I took it over.”

Chase is looking at me with an expression of ′Don’t take her from me,′ but I continue to talk to her because there is something there that I just can not put my finger on it.

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