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Charlie brown is a brilliant girl who has her eyes set on the world but has low self esteem due to the fact that she is a curvey girl Donnell thorn is a proud billionaire business man who thinks he rules the world. He is believed to not have a heart due to his cold exterior. Can these 2 polar opposites fall for each other and face their challenges despite the noise from both their worlds? Well let's find out

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: A little outside ordinary

Bleep bleep bleep
"Arghhh just one more minute" I groan as I press the snooze button on my phone
Bleep bleep bleep
" Just a little bit longer....oh damn!" I shout out to myself as I see what time it is. "It's 8 am in the morning! How many times did I press that snooze button, damn!"

"I have a job interview with alumni incorporated scheduled at 9 am today!I can't afford to miss it for the world",I think to myself as I run around my apartment trying to get my self together.
This job interview means so much for me because Alumni incorporated is one of the most famous engineering companies in new York! I can't afford to miss this

As I get myself ready for my interview I keep telling myself how I worked my butt off in University to graduate as the best student: no partying,no dating,not even nights off!I can't afford to mess this up just because I overslept

Forty-five minutes later, I'm done getting ready and it is by the grace of God that I am able to leave my apartment on time! As I leave my house I holla at a cab and get in.
Thank heavens I got in as soon as possible. As I take a minute to calm my nerves down,I do a mental check of all the things I might need today.

" Excuse me ma'am, you haven't given me your destination" the cab driver points out.

Oh my goodness can I be more sidetracked!... Get it together girl I inwardly yell

" Sorry sir, my mistake, I'm heading to alumni incorporated please" I reply apologetically

" It's alright ma'am" he responds as we head off in the right direction

As soon as I get out of the cab, I grab my bag and run straight for the entrance and bump into a very hard chest.

My world spins on its axis and as I anticipate the very much deserved kiss with the hard floor,I feel strong hands hold me before I fall.
I lift my eyes and they meet with the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen- almost turquoise in colour.As I look in them I am but mesmerized at their beauty.
Just as I was about to say thank you ,I look back at those beautiful eyes and all I see is irritation - a lot of it!
" Next time see where you're going" he bit out rudely
"I...I..am.." I stuttered nervously. I didn't even finish my sentence before he walked out. How rude! I thought to myself .who does he think he is?a god? It's just that I am late for my interview, I thought, or else I would have given him a piece of my mind.
But on second thought,the guy might be rude but at least he saved me from completely embarrassing myself,gotta give him one for that.

Feeling quite upset I rushed to the nearest receptionist desk I could find before I end up being royally late.

" Good morning miss..er...Darcey" I greeted cordially as I read her name from her name tag." I am Charlie brown and I have an interview today with the CEO, Mr thorn today" I stated formally

Miss Darcey looked like she was in her late twenties- maybe just some years older than me and was very cheerful as she gave me the brightest smile I have ever received from a receptionist. Most receptionists I've come across are usually cranky from working long hours but as they say there are some exceptions

" Good morning miss Brown" she responded cheerfully." If you could just give me your files " she said as I quickly handed them to her," and please wait over there as I inform Mr thorn of your arrival" she added as she pointed towards a place I would assume was the waiting section as it has chairs lined up quite nicely

As I was waiting for Miss Darcey to call me,I took the time to appreciate Alumni incorporated. It was a big building with more doors than I could count,it has this vintage feel to it, like it was designed by someone who is into fine arts. It was a beautiful place to say the least. And the people here are all impeccably dressed, I felt like I was wearing rugs in my simple black suit and white shirt.

"Miss Brown,Mr Thorn is ready to see you now" miss Darcey called out

I was beyond nervous at this point and I checked my papers and I subconsciously pulled my black jacket sleeves due to my anxiety. In my hurry to get ready I didn't notice miss Darcey looking at me with an amused smile on her face. I blushed lightly because for some reason I felt embarrassed.

" First job interview?" She asked.

" Yes" I sighed, " and I'm a nervous wreck" I added while giving her an anxious grin

"We've all been there...just relax " she said
"Now on you go miss Brown..Mr thorn is not known for his patience" she added lightly.

I followed the directions she gave me and I reached these two huge double doors that just smelled of 2 things - money and power.

" Charlie Brown you are going to be okay... remember you have your momma's blessings, nothing can stand in your way girl" I whispered my mantra as I knocked on the doors

"Come in" came a very authorative baritone voice from inside the office.
Wait...that voice seems familiar, I thought, but oh hell! I am so nervous I might be imagining things.

I gathered my courage and turned the knob. When I walked in, I was mesmerized by the intricate designs in the office, elegance was an understatement for this amazing office.

When I looked to the front my heart almost dropped to my feet as I saw who was sitting behind the huge oak table- none other than the man I bumped into when I walked in. My mouth suddenly went dry as I was stood there,lost for words.

He looked at me with the same irritation that he did when I first saw him- please mother earth swallow me now I cried inwardly

Now that I am looking directly onto his face...I couldn't help but notice that he was a good looking man , no scratch that, a rare species of a man if that's even a thing!

He had pronounced masculine features: perfectly shaped lips, a large square jaw ,a straight nose and damn! Those eyes! Those unusual blue eyes that contrasted with his tanned skin tone..he had such wonderful shoulders, which looked like he did a lot of push ups and damn! I always had a thing for broad shoulders.

An angry baritone suddenly got me out of my thoughts

" Excuse me miss Brown! We do not have the whole day",he bit out " sit down over here and let's get started shall we?" He added
Is he always so upset? I thought to myself as I sat down
The meeting proceeded quite smoothly- I might be a clutz but I knew my area of study thank you very much!...

"Miss Brown, I must say your resume is quite impressive.please tell me where your passion for this line of work started from and why you would like to be an employee of Alumni Incorporated?" he asked

And everything was history...to my surprise I enjoyed the meeting with him.He was very professional and it felt like he was a different man- crazy right?

" Miss Brown, I am quite impressed by your grades and your professors gave such a good report about your commitment to results." He started.

Hmm...was that a compliment?

" That would be all for today Miss Brown. We will get back to you next week to let you know whether you made it for this position or not. Thank you very much and you may leave", he said briskly.

And the irritated Mr Thorn is back! I thought inwardly. Is he bipolar?

...." Thank you to you too Mr thorn for having me... Do have a nice day sir", I replied politely as I tried to fake the sweetest smile I could

I stood up as calmly as I could while chastising my legs to not let me down as I subconsciously pulled at my jacket lapels.

Mr brown gave me a nod and waited for me to move out.

"..... Thank you Mr brown for having me...
"Did I just say that! Why oh why did I say that"

When I got outside, I was greeted by miss Darcey who reassured me with a smile. I smiled back as I best as I could trying not to show too many emotions like I did earlier.

But boy, was he hot!

Hey everybody!!! Just wanna say thank you for opening this book and reaching this far....I really appreciate it!
This is my first book EVER and I just want you guys to bare with me and give me some tips if you have any ..I really need your support 😭❤️

Thank you so much lovies!!!!!!!!

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