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His moonlight

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He was just the bad boy next door with a bad attitude with only a soft spot for her, she was a quiet good girl with the highest of grades. What happens when he’s made to look after her while her parents are out of town, will the fall for each other or will it drive them apart ????

Romance / Action
Ellie 🌒
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Ugh I hate Mondays… to be honest I hate every school day’
I roll out of bed and get ready for school I put on my favourite Ariana top and pair it with light blue ripped jeans and my combat boots.

Walking down the stairs I smell pancakes oh yummy I love pancakes,
But when I walk into the kitchen I see the boy I wanted to avoid for my last year of high school Alec

Good morning Alice darling how are you’

“Why are you in my house’ I spat

‘Alice don’t be so rude Alex is a nice boy and has offered to drive you to school since I can’t anymore’ my mum said leaving us along to talk with my pancakes in front of me

I sigh and start eating my pancakes I can’t lie I have always had a crush on him ever since I was younger and people have always said he has a soft spot for me which annoyed all the girls in my school because he was closed off and didn’t give them the time of day, but I mean I wouldn’t mind it us being together hes never done anything to bad to me really

‘You ready to go Alice’ Alec said while putting out plates in the sink

‘Yeah I guess so’ I said quickly as we walked out to to his black Lamborghini and blacked out windows he opened up my door to let me in. Once I was in he went round to his side and got in he took my phone and connected it to Bluetooth my music would play but I know he really done it for me because I know he doesn’t like pop music as we drove away our mums staring at us with a huge grin on their faces.

As we where driving I caught him staring at me every now and then and we would makes small talk and honestly it was kinda nice but I’ll never tell him that as we pulled up at school I was so nervous for all the looks I’d get and I think he realised that because he got out first and opened my door and helped me out and honestly I could hear all the gasps and the popular girls burning holes into the back of my head but he just held my hand tighter and wouldn’t let me go as we walked up to his friends I could see them all smirking and laughing as if to say about time but as they seen alecs face they all stoped.

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