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Will my husband love me?

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The story of three souls ,who are too stubborn to confess their love thinking they lost the chances already and in the verge of losing in the battle when they already lost it or thought so I saw him from far away lost in his own thoughts ,I want to shout and say that I love him only and what he saw was a misunderstanding but I didn't cause I know for he won't trust me as I already lost the trust he had on me Aditya Varma. Kavya sharma , Souvik ghosh the three souls give it a try. hope you guys will like it

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kavya pov

Damn when this will end, I want to leave this place as soon as possible.

I thought people will gather together at least for today as it was the farewell and my last day of enjoying my freedom but I think I shouldn't have had my hopes up.

Looking at them I feel like I want to punch them as well as hug and cry my eyes out.

Come on guys let's at least have some group photo we not gonna see each other for a long time unless I get invited for their marriage .whom I'm kidding they won't even remember me or my average face.

I think I need to be alone for now. I ran away from everyone and hid in the classroom .i sat on the desk and recalled what all I had planned this day. Like clicking pictures with my crush.

Damn that guy didn't even show up today. But more then that I remember the guy who I pranked and humiliated I didnt even get a chance to apologize him. Even in the lock down I missed him like hell.

I didnt even have the courage to face him after that or thank him for taking care of me from the beginning without my knowledge.

I felt something wet on my cheeks damn it's my tears. The great me who never cried easily is crying over a guy now. I remember the lost and betrayal look he had whenever he saw me still breaks my heart.

That's it I'm gonna apologize to him now and make him understand it was not my intention to hurt him. Come on I got this.

While walking down the stairs I hear some laughter. Since the nosy girl I am I tip toe and try to listen what's all the fuss about.

"dude do you remember the girl who betrayed you ". I become still hearing that " yeah" another voice "bro I think probably she will come to apologize to you since its the last day " he laughs like maniac and says"i think this is the right time to take advantage of this situation to use her and take revenge on her " that's it I can't hear anymore ,I run away from that place as far as possible.

I see my friend who had crush on me and hug him tightly and cry. He doesn't push me like I thought he would.

He just pats my head and whispers "it's alright will meet again don't worry everything is fine " he thinks I'm gonna miss him but it's true I'm gonna miss him. But what I just heard will forever be a scar in my memories...

After some time I release him from my tight grip which I had on him. He wipes my tears and whispers in my ears" I know you had crush on me but didn't know this much. I know the girl who never cried for anything is crying for a guy and that's me I'm honored "

I laugh and jokingly hit him but I feel someone else is looking at me I turn and see the guy I betrayed is looking with so much hurt in his eyes but why he is hurt it should be right then I remember from the angle which he is standing it's like I'm kissing my crush.

He starts backing away slowly and the sprints. That day I lost two things my smiling face and the guy who took care of me.

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