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Thalia is a powerful, brave woman from the 21st century, but broken by the society and hopeless without a way to go in her life. She drives without direction to and end she wishes to reach as soon as possible. You can't really say if she follows her wishes or she just doesn't know what more to do. She has a boyfriend or at least she had it until she discovered without surprise that he was an asshole but an asshole really hot. What will she do after that? How will she react? And most important how did she broke? All of these questions are answered through the story, if you want to know just read it :) Stay Tuned ;) Hope to see you soon!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1-Intro: The Start.

If you are shy, you lose.

That’s how I ended up here. In a lost but famous bar of my city. The music here is good I have to admit that and I’m not saying it because I’m drunk and someone made me angry af.

Well, he was an asshole, I mean even if you were going to cheat on me you should have done it without me knowing.

Before continuing, a little introduction about myself:

My name is Thalia, Lia for anyone but my family, have you ever heard about the story of John without fear?

I’m like him at the start of the story, if you haven’t heard about it it’s about a man, named John, that doesn’t fear anything so he accepts to save a princess when they tell him that there’s a terrific house in which a beauty is closed. And like every story he saves her and marries the princess but it doesn’t end there but one day when they are walking the princess tests him almost throwing him in a lake and surprisingly he is scared for a moment.

John wasn’t scared at the start of the story because he didn’t have the will to live and nothing to lose but when he falls in love, he discovers that life is beautiful and has something he wants to never lose.

But that’s a fairy tail so it ends happily but c’mon this is real life and when you enter the adolescence you discovers how ugly, sad and hard is to live and I lost the will to live a while ago so I’m not afraid of living nor dying, because they are the same damn thing for me.

And that’s why I don’t believe in love either, I have seen a lot of couples and they didn’t live happily ever after.

That’s why at some point when you are young, you believe in true love but when you get to some point of your life, I believe is different for everyone, you only judge a book for his cover.

I mean if you don’t believe in love then just for fun get a good man and I don’t mean one with one personality, you know what I mean.

At this point, I know what you are thinking; this girl is too pessimistic but I’m only being realistic.

C’mon you all know what I’m talking about no one has a perfect life and a perfect first love or a perfect family. Life wouldn’t be life if it wasn’t hard, to not be rude.

As kids we only see the world through our innocent eyes and it all seems wonderful but as we grow we start to realise the truth about being alive and some of us don’t want to be born a second time, we realise life is short for a reason. Or at least I realised that when I was 14, but that’s a story that I will tell you about later.

Earlier that day...

The phone started singing one of Thalia’s favourite songs, that was the signal that hell had started, yeah waking up in this life is waking up in hell. If you don’t think that way is because at some point of your life you thought it.

Back to the point, it was six in the morning when she woke up and started getting ready for the day starting with working out a little.

She put on her work out clothes that marked her figure making her beautiful even while working out. She put on her headphones and the music started playing.

She started running and stopped when she reached the thirty minutes she had to do that day. Yeah, it isn’t too much but she was starting to run and didn’t had too much resistance as she was recovering from an injury, her body wasn’t helping either.

When she finished running she went to the grocery store to buy some breakfast and studied while having breakfast when someone crossed the door, she wasn’t surprised at all, it was the routine of everyday.

-Babe, what ya doin’?

She didn’t answer but the boy approached her and kissed her. He was very tall and he was in shape. It was as if he was born in a gym but not that much to be too much, it was just perfect. He had brown, dark and deep eyes that could see through your soul in a moment and dark brown hair. The he sat near her and looked up in her laptop.

She kept working and the boy ate breakfast with her. The she suddenly stood up and kissed him.

- Finished?- he asked

- Yeah

-Let’s go then.

And they packed up and went to the campus university together. Thalia was majoring in computer science while the boy, Ash, was majoring in design. They farewell and went to their classes.

Afternoon classes ended, Ash and Lia didn't see each other through the day, because Ash was busy during lunch break.
Lia was walking home to change her clothes. Then she would go to the restaurant they frequented almost every night.
She showered and laid in the bed for half an hour looking at her phone, she had some time to rest until going out.
She took a deep breath and stood up, she was tired, she closed the door not expecting to be back so soon. And took the bus to the restaurant.
She arrived at the restaurant and received a text from Ash.
-Sorry, Babe, something came up and I can't make it to tonight.
Lia took a deep breath and thought it was a lose of time to get angry and she was too tired so she decided to eat there as she was there already.
She went in and sat in a table apart from the other ones. She ordered the usual first plate, houses's speciality, and a chocolate cake for dessert, she loved chocolate. She had a tough week too, so she was too tired for everything and of everything.
She took her phone out and looked through it for a while and then she looked around and saw an unexpectedly familiar back.

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