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What the heart wants

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Best friends Liv and Raven, who have known each other for most part of their lives but are different in everyway, from looks to personality. Olivia Banks, the popular highschool cheerleader, loved by all super social with a stunning body with Raven Hills, a total badass. Raven is the type to take zero shits from no one even the bad boy of East Creek High? A relationship built on lies and deceit and throw in obsession is to be put to test in a love triangle. Will the relationship survive or worse, will they be choked up to enmity. Will friendship for years win over who you love? Your heart chooses who it wants, that's something we can't all control but what if we want it both ways? Copyright ©2021.

Romance / Drama
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1•Clingy bitches

Raven's P.O.V

"What's that bitch doing all over Alan, she's so fucking obsessive" Liv said with disgust written all over her face making me roll my eyes at her "and you're one to talk"
"Hey, I'm not obsessive over anyone" she fought which made me roll my eyes again. "Then why have we correction you" air quoting the you "been stalking Alan since forever"
" I'm just watching over what's mine" she replied with a toothy smile then continued watching the scene going on not to far away.

How unlucky can I be?

Having a best friend obsessing over a guy who rarely looks her way. She has done a lot and when I say a lot I mean a billion things to get his attention.
She makes sure to change her wardrobe, attends parties and puts on new makeup and shit every now and then which is not much of a problem as her parents are rich as hell.
Did I mention she attends all his games and even joined the cheerleaders because of him?
I just did.

I've advised her to just quit this and live normal but she won't budge. Unfortunately, he hasn't acknowledged most of her efforts to pleasing him.

She's had this crush on him since 6th grade in middle school but she decided to take it another level and started this 'Stalk- Alan- Down (SAD)' routine since freshman year and now we're in junior year, so two years and counting of wasted efforts.

It's really SAD watching her sometimes -pun intended-, like the time she gave him her number and waited an entire month expecting a call or text but it never came. Liv became super depressed for like 2 months and I thought that was like some kind of sign telling her no need to waste her time but nah, she didn't stop there. She just assumed he forgot because of school work or stuff.

Yeah, like bedding 90% of the female population in our year.

And sometimes I find it hilarious like when she newly joined the cheerleaders, I was obligated to sit and watch her train the entire time. Not that I'm complaining, I mean I would pay to witness a replay. She totally sucked at it and she would nag every five minutes about how stressful it is and me being the best best friend ever would advice her to quit, that it's not too late now but she won't.

With time, she just sadly became a pro at it and now I'm stuck with watching he train after school every Fridays.

Alan's POV

"Baby pleeeaaaaase" Tracey dragged out for the billionth time since lunch giving her best puppy dog eyes and pout which only disgusted me further.
"What?" I bit out frustrated as I yanked my arm from her grip. "I asked if I can talk to you privately about our little misunderstanding" she said shamelessly as she used her palm to tilt my face to her make up filled one. I held her hand that was on my face with a death grip as I stared down at her, anger bubbling within me "misunderstanding?" I scoffed as she nodded as if she was innocent.

Innocent my foot. If anything, it's far from being innocent.

"So you fucking another guy while we're still dating is tagged a misunderstanding?"

"Babe don't talk like that...." She started but was cut short by Jake who was also tired of hearing her bullshit. "Tracey or whatever you call yourself, why don't you just fuck off? Alan here is through with you so go back to that dick you were fucking". She shot him a deadly glare which didn't faze him at all before she looked up at me with those annoying innocent eyes again.
"Is it true? Should I really leave?"

"Does someone really need to say it again before you fuck off? You're not wanted here so shoo away you whore" Jake spat at her, also mad at her. She's so fucking bitchy.

We've been dating for a while and she's been fucking some guy the whole time and as soon as I found out, I broke up with her and I bet the entire school has heard about it but I couldn't give a fuck or two and since then she's been on my back, stalking me everywhere I go, trying to get to ' explain to me about the misunderstanding ' her words not mine and also trying to get back with me.
She doesn't want to get with me because she has feelings or shit but just for the clout in it.

"Can you just shut the fuck up Jake" she snapped at Jake, a bit loudly though, gaining some attention " I'm trying to talk to my boyfriend here".

Okay, that's it.

" Your ex-boy friend" I pointed out " now can you just leave before I tell the entire school how much of a whore you are?"
She stared at me, looking taken aback for a while by my outburst before she stood up and said " you'll come running back to me and I won't be there for you". "Oh, trust me that won't happen anytime soon" I replied bored and unfazed by her tantrums.

Seeing my reaction, she stormed out of the cafeteria, leaving behind a gossiping mess of teenagers.


"About time dude, she was being too clingy" a guy at the table said to which others also at the table agreed to.
"Yeah, about fucking time" I finally said not very audibly, mostly to myself as I ran my palm down my face.

About fucking time.

Xoxo Ruth.

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