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Forbidden love

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This book is about two boys who don’t have such a loving and supporting life as they had hoped, they fall inlove with one another without realising.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Early one morning grey awoke to the sun shining on his face, realising that today was his first day back to school from summer break. He groaned as he unwilling got out of bed and headed downstairs.

“Good morning sweetheart.” His mother said as he walked down the stairs.
“I told you not to call me that!” He yelled back at her.
“Stop being so gloomy,” his sister joined in, “she was only being nice.”
He rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen to make himself something to eat.


Jupiter was the first one awake in the house and had started making eggs and bacon for his parents. He finished making the food and left it in the oven so it wouldn’t go cold, he then sat down and started to eat. After he had finished eating he got up and put his plate on the side to be washed up.

He went upstairs and got changed into his school uniform, he dreaded the first day back at school and hoped it would go better then expected.

Back with Grey…

Grey had finished getting ready and was surprisingly excited to go back to school. After all he hadn’t talked to or seen his friends in a while, he was also excited about there being a new student in his class.

Grey always was excited about new students, what they look like and what there hobbies/interests were. He just hoped that they were a person with a nice personality.

Later that day, in school…

“Oh! Hey, umm do you know where class 1c is? I’m new here.” Jupiter asked.
“Oh, yea it’s down the corridor, up the stairs and should be the first class on your left.” Coal answered.
“Thank you so much!” Jupiter reply’s thanking him. He then ran up the stairs, bolting into the classroom. “I’m so sorry I’m late mrs!” Jupiter apologised “I was a bit lost.”
“That’s okay, no need to apologies,” replied the teacher, “how about you introduce yourself, to the class!” This was the moment Jupiter most dreaded, he wasn’t very good at speaking aloud to lots of people. “Uhh ok…” Jupiter replied, “hello, my name is Jupiter and” *the class started laughing*
“What sort of name is that!” One of the boys spluttered out.
“SILENCE!” The teacher yelled, “Let him speak! If I hear another word from any of you then your going to leave my class room!”
“Go on.” The teacher said to Jupiter.
“A-and umm I hope I can be good friends with you all.” Jupiter said shyly. *some of the class snickered*
Jupiter then walked to an empty seat and sat down feeling embarrassed.
“Hey,” grey whispered “I liked your speech.”
“Yea, I could never bring up enough courage to speak in front of that many people.” This made Jupiter feel much better.
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