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An Unrequited Love With The Bad Boy

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"You're mine now, Angel." He said after pushed me against the book shelf. We were both in the library coincidentally. I was here to study a little bit and he was here to annoy me. "I'm not yours, Romeo." I said trying to get myself away from him. "You're going to be mine." He said looking into my eyes. His eyes then trailed down to my lips. I did the same and looked at his soft pink lips. . . ~~~~~~~ Now that Angelina Harkov is back from living with her dad in Russia. She wants to see the person who made her leave in the first place. The person was the love of her life. Well actually the person who she used to love. That person is her twin brother's best friend. She thought that moving would help her forget about her little big crush on Romeo Bianchi. When moving back she thought she would see the person that she fell in love with long ago, but no. The guy she fell in love with changed completely. The guy she wanted to see was the smartest guy in the school, very quiet, and not so outgoing. But the guy she found out was her unrequited love was much more different. He's now this popular jock that gets in trouble a lot, is very outgoing, has several tattoos, and smokes.

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Chapter One - Well Now They Know

Chapter 1 - Well Now They Know

Angelina POV~

I believe that everyone has had that one moment in life where you love someone so much that you can't stop thinking about them. Even if you try and try again to get over them, you can't. You truly can't even know how much you try. That person is always the person you want to talk to, but don't even have the courage to talk to them. He's always the first person you think about when you wake up and the last person you think about before going to bed.

The person I think about every single day is the smartest guy of my school. He's this quiet and not so outgoing guy at my school. I've known him since I was little I grew up with him. Because he's my twin brother's best friend.

It wasn't my choice to fall in love with him. I actually never expected it to happen. It was something that just happened. I never wanted to fall in love with him. Mainly because he's my brothers best friend.

Falling in love with him made me stop dating guys not because I didn't like them. But it was because they weren't Romeo. I liked the guys that I dated, but after time went on. The feelings I had for them stopped. After a while of dating a few guys I stopped completely, because I knew in the end of the relationship I'd be the person to break up with them.

In the end I ended up moving to another country. I thought that moving to another country would make me try and forget about him and my big fat secret crush on him. But it never did. Moving back to California and living with my mom means I have to see Romeo every single day.

Which means I'm not truly ready to see him again. Through out the 4 years of living with my dad in Russia I only could visit my mom and my siblings a few times. I never got the chance to see Romeo when I visited my family. Mainly because when I came to visit we would always go to our families beach house.

My dad has lived in Russia for almost my entire life. It was because of his work that made him stay in Russia. Mom didn't want to move to Russia for dad's work. It was because mom loved her job here. Both of my parents understood that. Since then dad visited a lot. My family even spent almost every summer in Russia with dad and for Christmas break.

"Hello everyone. I am your flight attendant we are about to land at LAX airport. So everyone can you please sit down in your seats and buckle up." I buckled up and looked out to see the view. I loved the view of LA, but I do say the view doesn't compare to the view of Moscow.

When we landed and were able to get up from our seats I grabbed my carry on bag. I walked out of the airplane and went to see my mom and my brothers waiting for me to get out. I walked to them and all of my brothers lunged towards me. All of them gave me a dieing hug. I could literally die from them hugging me too tightly.

All of them finally let go of me so my mom could give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When she let go of me and I felt a arm wrapped around my waist. "I've missed you so much, sis." Aiden said.

Aiden is my fraternal twin brother. He's not the oldest twin I am. When I mention that I'm the oldest he always gets mad about it. He has the same light brown hair. We're both pretty tall I'm 5'9 and Aiden is 6'1. It's pretty much normal for my family to be tall. We both have green eyes like our dad . We both turned 17 in June.

Mason was on the other side of me. He's also the fifth child. Mason is turning 14 next July. He has the same blue eyes like our mom and the same light brown hair.

Lucas is the third child and Joshua is the fourth child. There identical twins. It sounds weird when people find out that my parents had two sets of twins. The only way to tell them apart is how Lucas has a smaller chin while Joshua has slight freckles and bigger chin. They have blue eyes like our mom and has dark brown hair like our dad. They're both 5'11. The twins were also a year younger than me and Aiden.

Than there's the last and youngest brother, Bryson. He has the same light brown hair and mom's blue eyes. Bryson is much more different from the rest of our brothers. He's much more quiet. The others are more loud and most of the time obnoxious. He's also very shy for a 6 year old, I do know that he only has a few friends in school.

"Boys can you guys put Angelina's luggage in the car." My mom said to Aiden, Lucas, and Joshua.

We waited a a little bit for my brothers to put all my luggage in the one of the cars. I was in the car with Aiden, Lucas, and Joshua. Aiden was driving and was arguing with Joshua about something.

I looked over at Lucas who was texting some one. "Are you trying to snoop on who I'm talking to, sis?" I was a bit baffled when Lucas noticed me look at his phone. "Sorry, I didn't mean to. I just thought it was weird that your texting some one. Because you rarely even texted me a paragraph."

I then looked up at Aiden and Joshua. Aiden glanced at Lucas and Joshua was looking at him with a stupid smile on his face. "Is it your boyfriend Lucas?" Joshua said while he was wiggling his eyebrows in a weird way.

I looked at Lucas with my mouth open from shock. "Since when did you tell them about you being gay?" I then felt my entire body go forwards from Aiden slamming his foot on the break. I then looked at Lucas. He was now giving me a chilling death glare and right there I knew that I fucked up. "Well now they know!"

We both turned to face Joshua and Aiden. Their faces were priceless. They both had the same face like they were trying to piece everything together in their heads. It shouldn't be really hard for them to piece everything together. I mean I found out because Lucas was kissing a guy once when he was visiting me and dad in Russia. That was why he had to tell me his big secret.

"Wait you Lucas Ivan Harkov. My twin brother is gay."

"It's not that big of a deal guys. You guys thought I was gay before I ever told you guys." It was true it wasn't that big of a deal. Our family doesn't think anything bad about being gay. We just think that people should be with any one they love.

The thing that I didn't understand and didn't know. Was that Joshua and Aiden thought that Lucas was gay and didn't even know that it was even true. I mean Lucas can be the kind of person to never tell all of his true secrets. He's the kind of person to have them hidden away or told to a person who is super close to him. But they are his siblings and they should've seen what was going on with Lucas.

"All I want to know is when are you telling our parents and how did Angelina knew before me." Joshua was practically yelling at Lucas for not telling him first. I understand why Joshua was yelling at Lucas, it's mainly because he's his twin brother. They've always been together and never made a better friend than each other. They actually struggled on making friends when they started school.

"Some day I will tell mom and dad, but I'm not really ready to tell them right now." I understood why Lucas didn't want to tell mom and dad. He actually doesn't know when to tell them. "Also Angelina found out after a weird encounter that she saw." Both Joshua and Aiden looked at us in a weird way.

"I saw Lucas kiss a guy and then he told me everything last year. It wasn't because he wanted to tell me everything."

I remember how Lucas was kissing a friend of mine back in Russia and first instinct was gouge my eyes out. They both then had to explain what was happening and how it ended up with them kissing each other. When Lucas had to tell me that he was gay. Lucas couldn't even look me in the eyes. I could tell that he wasn't really ready to tell anyone about it. Since then I haven't really bugged him about the whole gay thing.


I started unpacking my stuff and putting my clothes in my very large closet. It's much weirder being back in this house than in the house in Russia. I was used to seeing this big mansion that could have about 40 people in the house. Back in Russia my two uncles families lived in the house with my dad, so it wasn't really lonely at the house.

In this house you could have about 90 people here. I never really understood why my parents even wanted to buy this big mansion, but at the same time I understand that we have a big family. There was also a small house that my family gave us so we could play video games, watch movies, or have friends over if we didn't want to be in the main house. There was also a big swimming pool in the backyard which I really loved.

I finally looked at the empty suitcase and felt relieved that I unpacked everything. But I really didn't like how it's still early and I'm feeling the jet lag right now. I really need a nap or just sleep all day.

I walked back to my bed to take a little nap before family dinner started. I never really understood why my family wanted to start family dinner even though not all us of were here.

My eyes were now feeling very heavy and then fell into this peaceful nap. I fell like I can sleep all day. "Sis, wake up!"

Why? Why did Mason have to wake me up. I was so happy sleeping and now he ruined my nap. "What do you need Mason?"

"Someones here for you?" He said and started dragging me out of my bed and out of my room. I made sure that I was careful going down the stairs since my room was on the top floor of the mansion. I still don't understand who's choice was it to buy this big house.

I stepped down on the last step of the stairs and almost got pushed down onto the floor. The person was holding me to tightly that I couldn't breath. The person had a very strong grip and then another person hugged me.

"We've missed you so much!" Both of the people let go of me and I could finally see their faces. It was my two best friends that I grew up with. They're also the only friends I have in the States.

Keyarra Thompson was half African American and Caucasian. She had short semi curly black hair. With a small figure and didn't look like she weighed that much. She had a big gray sweater. The sweater had a red and white color. On the sleeve it had black, green, and gold. She then had a black skirt and white shoes.

Liam Price was 6'0, a bit muscular, and very pale. Even though he's lived in California since he was 8 he hasn't gotten any color onto his skin. He has messy blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, ripped blue jeans, and I noticed that he had a black watch on. That looked brand new.

"We really need to recap on everything that has been happening in school since you were gone."

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