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Pains of a Devil

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In which she battles with one true self. ‘How strong can your mind yield you? Research says only 5% of our brain is ever conscious of our surroundings and ourselves, yet we we still bare the stupidest humans on earth—‘ “BITCH WAKE THE FUCK UP!” ‘Dammit, do I look asleep? Stupid’ I said to myself as I glared at the stupid chienne. “Adalya, I can’t hear what you’re saying, stop glaring at me!” “Your Majesties,” Albert, our economics professor and also an advisor of Planet L’eau interjected. “Let us put off tea time for Social Graces, please.” “Sorry Albert.” My demon best friend smiles at him then squints at me. “Babes, do you know your eyes change when you talk to yourself?” ‘It’s true, my eyes darken as I speak in my head. Like something’s about to come out of me. My mother had me tested. No, it’s not a damn werewolf, it’s just my mind.’ My Mind. My Pains. My Devils.

Romance / Scifi
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The Mission

Planet Earth has perished.

Pollution and Global warming turned to be the final straw of mankind’s downfall as they remained ignorant and bliss.

Officials have hidden their plan for years, they knew what was coming, what was inevitable, and instead of trying to fix the problem, they made a new one.

A new planet, scratch that. It’s actually thousands made just for the smart, rich, and wealthy.

They have secretly transferred royals, officials, and servants up to their own designated planets to ensure the tightlipped secret must stay hidden.

And I, Adalya Risette Yolanthe, loathed them for their ignorance. Loathed who? The ignorant citizens or the ignorant officials? I guess mankind at best.

I was one of those who tried solving Mother Earth’s problems. Yet no one listens, no one cares, and it’s so fucking frustrating.

It’s was my frustration and hatred, that caused me to join the organization. They planned the construction and rehabilitation of new planets, and made new rules for humanity to last longer.

They only included that smartest of the smart, the ones of royal blood, and the ones who strived for the planet’s future.

Of course, the royals would never be left behind, no matter how annoying and privileged they may turn out to be, they are taught how to lead, and they will be the future of this stupid specie.

Unfortunately, I was once one of those royals, the ones who thought a perfect world would exist. Love and prosperity, and the BS of world peace. What the world doesn’t know, is that peace is always an illusion. Somewhere deep in our sick twisted minds, we have a battle of our own. When we see this—


Warning, incoming attack.

“Yeah, thanks for the warning Siri.” I rolled my eyes at her incompetence. I should really upgrade to Jarvis now.

You’re welcome


“Siri, put up the shield, I’m in no mood for my father’s wrath.” I said knowing what he wants from me.

“Too late ma fille, I guess I was right again by something we have fought about.” He looked at me, no, he glared at me. Those obnoxious French lips pursed disappointingly.

Dammit Siri, you had one job.

“Papa, I am not going out.” Oh shit. Is it just me or are his eyes getting darker.

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