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Love & Fencing

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Isabella is a masterful fencer, she has the weight of her family's future on her shoulders. Will she find the strength to outclass her components ? Or, will her heart soften to the competition ? Fencing & romance awaits.

Romance / Erotica
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A tournament! (Part1)

A beautiful young woman with wavy brown hair is practising relentlessly, with a rapier, in a small gymnasium. Her emerald green eyes are full of determination. She strikes a dummy with stabs in lightning quick succession. Her movements are grace-full and precise. An older woman's voice calls out to her. "Isabella, food is ready! Take a break just for a bit, Bella. I know your competition is soon, but... Isabella quickly interjects." Mother, you know how important this is to me, to us." Her mother approaches and hugs her daughter tightly. "I understand, but you can't win if you collapse of malnutrition, no excuses, go eat!" A small smile forms on Isabella's lips. "You're right, mom, like always. I'll rest for a bit." Isabella exists the small gymnasium with her mother, they walk to their quaint home. The small gymnasium is on the same property has their home. Isabella opens the front door, and is quickly knocked prone. A big furry, fluff ball by the name of Gabriel is standing above his mistress,"Ouch ! Gabriel, what did I say about, charging into others ?" Gabriel's ears droop apologetically. The golden retriever looks with sorrow at his mistress. "I still love you, boy. Just be more careful! We will play later, okay ?" She gets up and pets her prized pup. Her mother chuckles at the display. " Gabriel, making trouble as always." The smell of freshly baked lasagne roams the rooms of the house, filling it with its delicious smell.

"Mom, you made my favourite. You're the best!" Isabella quickly hurries to the kitchen to get herself a healthy portion, of the delectable layered cheesy pasta. "Bella, what did I tell you about eating before saying grace ? " Her mother says firmly. " To not do it." She looks down shyly. Her mother says a quick prayer. "God on high, thank you for our meal, and please protect my Bella tomorrow. Let the spirit of her father watch over her, amen." Isabella remarks, "Hopefully dad will watch over me..." her mind drifts off a bit, but then is quickly focused again on her meal. Its delicious smell is dancing beneath her nose, making her salivate slightly. Her mother chuckles, seeing this. "I'm sure he will, eat up, Bella. Fencing on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster." Isabella nods in agreement. "Dad always sad that too." She begins heartily eating her meal. She eats in a messy fashion. Pasta sauce covers her mouth after a few mouthfuls. Her mother sighs, "You eat like your father. Eat up and get some rest. Tomorrow is the big tournament. I will be praying for you. With all my might!" Isabella's eyes fill with determination. "Thanks mom, I will win it for us, and for dad!" She says, probably a bit too loudly.

She quickly places her plate in the kitchen sink when she's done with her meal. Then goes upstairs to her messy room. It has various fencing trophies and medals, on a prominent shelf. The main focus of the shelf is the photograph, of a young girl and older man with a prominent black moustache. She places her hand on the photograph, then on her chest. She takes off her clothes and slips into her night clothes. Her figure is toned, her muscles are lean and powerful. As soon as she gets comfortable, she drifts off to sleep. The morning comes swiftly, Isabella is awakened by the cold noose of her beloved pup. Isabella is still half asleep, but thanks her loyal companion. "Thanks, boy, for the wake-up call. Time to get ready" She gets up, and slowly makes her way to her bathroom. " I always hate this part, but dad always said it wakes you up and loosens your muscles." She gets in the small shower, it sprays out ice-cold water. Her body shakes slightly from the cold. After washing her slim body and her hazelnut hair, she goes to her mirror. She does her hair in a ponytail fashion, to keep her hair out of her eyes.

"Okay that, now for some breakfast. Then I'm off." She looks at her right hand that is shaking slightly. "My nerves must be getting to me. A lot is riding on this." She stills her shaking hand, then proceeds to make her way to the kitchen. Her mother left her breakfast with a note. The note reads. "Get em Tiger!" Isabella smiles at the note, then eats the meal her mother lovely prepared. "Mom, has to work, I wish she could watch me, like she used to..." She shakes off her disappointment, then gets her fencing gear. She gets her motorcycle keys from her bag, then leaves her home. Furthermore, she makes her way to her front-yard. Her old reliable motorcycle, Lexi, is waiting for her. Isabella gets on her trusted bike, she kicks it alive, then proceeds to the tournament grounds.

She takes her usual route, she makes good time. In the distance, sees, various cars surround the parking lot of the tournament grounds. "Good thing I have you, Lexi." She pats her bike affectionately. The bike its-self is an old model, its red paint is faded. Bella finds a spot quite close to the entrance, due to her bike's nimbleness and size. She gingerly makes her way to the entrance. Her right hands begin shaking again. However, she quickly stills it. " I can't fail here, not now." She enters the tournament ground with determination and doubt...

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