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The Ashes of Death

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"The world won't end in a bang, or a whisper, but rather one scream at a time..." Skyler has met her faith with Death after entering the woods. Her whole life has changed since she became the chosen one. Is her life about to be sucked away from her by THE Angel of Death or does Death have another shot at life?

Romance / Thriller
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Grumpy Beginnings

The blazing fire comforts me in its heat as I sit in the camping stool. I lay my head down on the back of the stool letting my gaze meet the stars as the chattering of the circle of friends continues. Soon my attention is broken from the sky when a light touch tickles my cold skin. Avery smiles towards me, rubbing her thumbs in a circle then goes back to laughing at one of Kyle's corny statements. A giggle leaves my lips when I look at the group of idiots I call my friends. "Uhm...so..." silence overwhelmes us all as Zoë rises. "Enough with the speeches already!" Kyle snorts clearly rolling his eyes, Zoë huffs and try to keep herself confident.

"Obviously not, just... before we all become stuck-ups, can't we live a little more tonight!" Once again silence, big eyes watching her every move. "Sure, why not?" Everyone looks towards me, smiles spreading. "Not it!" I yell as I scurry towards the trees. Everybody spreading like wildfires leaving Kyle the tag. Laughter fills the woods but soon quiet down as we disappear deeper into the unknown. Trees rush past me while I'm running, my breathing the only noise filling my ears. I stop in my tracks with nature as my only view, my hand slips into my back pocket searching for my phone.

The bright light blinding me for a few seconds before my eyes readjust, 00:01, I slip my phone back into my back pocket as I hear footsteps shuffling through the leaves. Slowly I start walking back, my heart racing at the sound of my name being called through the trees. "Come on Sky, I saw you coming this way!" A chuckle follows, "That doesn't mean you caught me!" I yell back, laughter filling the woods once again. I start jogging deeper, twigs breaking with each step, a second pair of steps soon join, "If you ever try to escape a kidnapping you would be deadmeat!" I jump hearing Brian's voice besides me causing me to hit the ground, a loud grunt escapes my lips.

A smile spread across his face as he offers me a hand, dusting myself off my eyes caught a glimpse of an open spot between the trees. A perfect open circle was formed by grass, trees surrounding it, the moonlight hitting the spot directly. In the middle stands an old couch covered with green and yellow faded stripes. A rotten wooden table fills the couch's side while holding a block covered book. Strolling closer I can feel Brian behind me, my eyes widen with each step closer to couch.

A white cloth now covers the couch, bloodstains cover the white material. My fingers twitch before brushing over the cold black cover, out of curiosity I open the book. "Tantum aperiatur electi! Electus!" A dark demonic voice scream from the book before shutting. I spin around looking at Brian, "You saw that too right?"

"Saw? I think you meant heard!" I grab Brian by the arm and storm out of the woods, after what felt like hours we finally escape the darkness. Catching my breath I saw Avery who's already waiting at her car, "You two love birds done?" I shoot a confused look towards a lip biting Kyle. "You did not!" I gasp. "So Miss Hard to get isn't so hard?" I roll my eyes at Kyle's remark, I tighten my hand into a fist, "It was nothing." I mumble under my breath.

I stroll closer to the fire which once again wrap its warmth around me. "Your first kiss!" A round of applause make it's way over the group, "My first kiss in about 11 months" a little bit of disappointment crosses Avery's face, guilty boiling in my insides. "Come on Pretty princess, get in the car." Walking towards the car we all howl like a pack of wolves. Entering the passenger seat I give a straight face at a Broadway smiling Avery.


"You didn't tell me, you always tell me everyone! Why didn't you tell me?"

"What do you want to know?"

"Everything!" She exclaims mimicking a make out session, I giggle a little pushing her away. "Well...it was two days in the dining room?" She scoots closer, "We kissed slowly." She wiggles her fingers encouraging me to go on, "Then we broke up." I add plainly.

"You did what?" Irritated she starts the car "Why? I swear to Greek gods I will fill that motherhuggers sinuses with urine!"

"We both decided it's best and I'm fine." I softly pat her leg, she cocks an eyebrow in my direction. "You sure?" I nod staring at the road ahead.

"Asshole." She mumbles, I giggle a little before slipping into sleep. After a smooth drive we finally arrive at our small apartment. We both say our goodnights and head to our rooms, I lay on my bed when a sudden feeling of discomfort overwhelms me, the feeling of being watch intenses. What the actual hell is going on with me? It must be a dream! I pinch my arm to make sure the discomfort is real, a smile creeps upon my face, so the witch remedy from Google DID work! "I'm a vampire!" I whisper to myself. A deep chuckle escapes from the dark corner of my room causing me to reach for my bedside lamp, a tall figure like man sits on top of my desk wearing a hoody covering his face. My hand slowly makes its way to the baseball bat hiding besides my bed.

"Well aren't you a little ray of pitch black!" He states. My voice is caught in my throat, screaming is pointless, my grip tightens around the bad waiting for the right time to beat the sin out of him, "Who...a..are you?" I stutter as he strolls closer to the edge of my bed.

"They say I'm powerful, They say I'm the darkness, they say I instill fear in the hearts of many, it is even said that the devil himself is afraid of me!" He snorts, a confused look crosses my face, please tell me that mr. Intruder here is on crack or just mentally ill.

" So you're the Boogie man?" A growl escapes from the hooded figure.

"No, I'm Death! Boogie man already pegged in die 1800's." He snaps knowingly. My eyes widen, okay crack is an understatement.
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