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Book 3 - Solid Stone - Choices

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Chapter 1


“Okay, Paul. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

When Paul Anders’s name flashed across my cell screen just now, my heart nearly stopped. I thought it was about her, Violet. Mugged again or worse!

Fuck, it’s a cold Sunday night in Chicago and it’s snowing. I’m here on personal business, so I was surprised to hear from Paul. He’s now set something else in motion. My input, huh? We’ll see.



Winter in Chicago. It snowed back in November, the day I arrived. That was four months ago. It’s Sunday night, and I’m looking out the window as I speak with dad on the phone. The snowflakes look pretty.

“I miss you, dad, only two months to go.”

“I know, and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out there to visit you.”

“Don’t worry, it hasn’t been that long, and we talk on the phone a lot and Facetime, so that’s almost the same.”

“I wanted to be more supportive, honey. I hope you know that. It’s just the airfare was ridiculous every time I checked.”

“Honestly, dad, it’s no biggie, and I’ll be home soon.” I can tell dad’s upset about not visiting, so I ask about his girlfriend, “How are things with you and Barb?”

“Oh, we’re okay.”

“I thought you were glad she moved in!”

“I am, and we’re good, don’t worry.”

“I’m just making sure my dad’s okay, that’s all.” He laughs, and that makes me feel better.

“I’m fine, we’re fine, really. But, I still miss your mom and sometimes feel guilty about that.”

“I miss mom every day. I bet Barb would understand.”

He takes a deep breath. “You’re probably right. So how’s work going?”

“It’s not crazy busy. I guess it takes time to build up a new law office. Different laws and protocols here. I’m learning new things, so that’s good.”

“Yeah, that’s not surprising, and I’m sure you’ll do great. So, what’s your week like?”

“I’m meeting my friend Jane for coffee. She’s the lady who works with me and has two kids.”

“I remember you mentioning her. Good, I’m glad you have a friend there, and I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown. I’ve noticed the changes. You’ve been fending for yourself and done well.”

He’s right. Here, it’s just me, myself, and I. “I’ve had to. It’s been eye-opening, but in a good way.”

“I’m glad to hear it. I still worry about you, though.”

“It’s the dad in you.” We both laugh.

“Yes, I know that, but I’m always thinking of you, Vee.”

“I know you are, and I think of you too.”

I sense he’s smiling. “Well, it’s almost TV time. I miss you, sweetheart, and can’t wait for you to move back. Two months and counting.”

Moving back to live with my Dad and his new girlfriend doesn’t really excite me. It’ll only be temporary until I find a place. Try to sound excited! “Yes, me too. I’ll call you next week. Love you. Bye.”

“Bye, Vee. I love you too.”


Lying in bed, I think about home and Ann. Even though we speak often, I really miss our live chats and our favorite deli. I can almost taste those delicious corned beef sandwiches. I can hear her voice in my head now, ‘Never mind, Vee, you’ll be back in a couple of months. It’ll fly by, you’ll see.’

Life moved quickly after I got through my first week here. I found a small one-bedroom apartment that’s within walking distance to work. I spent long hours getting the new office ready for business and on schedule. At night alone, I cried over Adam, actually bawled over him. There were many sleepless and teary nights, and no shoulder to cry on, only me. I’d read enough romance books in my day, but they didn’t prepare me. The reality was a fucking bitch, reminding me of what I felt for Adam. All those genuine and loving feelings were a waste of time. To think, I used to believe he made me whole, he made me happy, and that he loved me. I sneer to myself, pulling the sheet over my head.

He still creeps up in my mind, always unannounced and when I least expect it. Seven months was a record for him. What did I know? He was my first everything. Thankfully, Ann came to visit the first month. I knew she thought I’d made a mistake leaving him. In fairness to her, she didn’t have all the facts because I didn’t share them with her. As far as she knew, I’d left to pursue my career in Chicago. It was just easier at the time to keep things simple, so she wouldn’t worry or, worse, confront Adam on my behalf. That wouldn’t have been good.

Adam did what I asked and hasn’t tried to reach me. He’s probably quite content with Tanya now anyway. The thought of that makes me feel sick.

I force myself to think of more pleasurable things so that I can fall asleep. Gia saved me once and soothes me now that I’m alone again. She and the prince take my mind to interesting and arousing places and help me to relax. Looking up at the ceiling and closing my eyes, I lower my hand, and my mind takes over.

Today is the Prince’s birthday, and seven of us are getting ready to help him celebrate. Our bodies are adorned in only beautiful plumed peacock feathers that rest on our heads and tailbones. The colors are bold in turquoise, green, and tan. Being his favorite, mine are larger and in bolder shades of turquoise, pink, and purple. Each woman has a large hand-held, colorful feather fan. The den mother pulls us all together so we can take our places on the large balcony. It’s a gloriously sunny day.

There are two beautiful blonde women, one with hazel eyes and the other with blue. The two lovely redheads have flawless porcelain skin, while the chestnut-haired women have full rounded breasts like mine. My dark brown hair shines and hangs down my back, and my eyes are made up and lined in dark black, so they stand out. I’m kneeling in the middle of a life-sized golden cage, set beside a large rounded bed in the center of the balcony. The other women are placed around me in various sensual poses. Some with one hand on their hip and some bent over at the waist with a slightly bended knee. When they move their hips, the feathers behind them sway and are quite captivating to watch.

It’s not long before we hear the den mother clap, announcing that the prince is now in our presence. He is so handsome and majestic. My eyes roam over his muscular arms and chest to his narrow waist and strong abdomen. His naked body is magnificent and very pleasing to watch. I lower my head, still peaking upward, so I can continue watching him.

Music begins to play behind a hidden wall. The prince scans the room and smiles. He likes what he sees, a room full of beautiful birds for his pleasure. As he walks past the blondes, they sway their hips and spin around with their beautiful plumed fans moving with them. He grabs one around the waist, and I watch her bat her eyelids at him. He kisses the other one gently on the lips. In seconds, he moves to the redheads who sashay their bottoms for him. He runs his hands over them and smiles. The chestnut-haired women wave their fans delicately in his direction while swaying their hips from side to side. He is smiling and caresses their breasts while glancing in my direction. Their nipples perk up.

As he’s getting closer, my heart quickens. Standing in front of the cage, he opens the door and takes my hand to help me into a standing position. My eyes are lowered when he says, “Look at me, my beautiful Gia; I want to see your lovely eyes.”

I look up at him and smile. He smiles back; his dark blue eyes twinkle and stand out against his dark hair.

“Happy Birthday Master,” I say gently.

Still smiling, his eyes cascade over me. “Yes, this will be a very happy birthday indeed.” He gently pulls me out of the cage. “Such beauty can’t be locked away. Show me all of you, Gia.”

I turn around so he can see me from behind, and I sway my hips as I do. There’s a light breeze from the feathers. He likes that and runs his hand across them and then down over my bottom. He turns me around abruptly to face him. In seconds, he pushes me down on the bed and lies beside me. His strong hands caress me. I’m brave when I move on top of him. He’s surprised at first but then smiles, awaiting my next move.

“Please, Master, close your eyes.” He raises an eyebrow appearing to protest. I lean down and kiss his beautiful lips and speak into his mouth. “Please, Master.” His breath feels warm, and he closes his eyes.

Plucking one of the large feathers from my headpiece, I trace his body with it. Starting at his calf and slowly moving my way up. His cock grows as I glide the feather along his body. The music in the background seems distant now.

The beautiful birds around us use their fans to create a soft breeze. I trail the feather along his arm. It glides up and down over muscle. Goosebumps form, bringing his skin to life.

When I reach his lengthy cock, it waves proudly back at me. I’m mesmerized by how it moves up and down with each touch. The sight makes me want to taste him. Repositioning myself, I lower my head and wrap my lips around him. He moans, his eyes still closed. I suck his cock, and run my tongue up and down his shaft. I’m very aroused and very pleased that he trusts me. He moans again, his senses are heightened with his eyes closed. This only arouses me more. Scanning the room, I catch glimpses of the beauties around me; one of the blondes trails her fan over my bottom. It feels good, so I wiggle it for her, and she does it again. Our eyes meet, and she smiles back at me mischievously.

My master’s beautiful cock swells in my mouth. When I look up, his eyes are open. He’s seen what transpired between me and the blonde beauty. Pulling me upward, I’m flipped over and now lay beneath him. He’s taking his control back and shows this when he pins my arms above my head. He looks hungry, no ravenous when he looks down at me. With his knee, he forces my legs apart and moves in between them.

He commands, “Lift your legs, Gia.” I lift my legs to rest against his chest. In seconds he fills me. He’s deep, and each time he thrusts, my pleasure rises. The music has gotten louder and the beat faster. The gentle breeze from the waving fans adds sensuality to our union. The beautiful women sway their hips and wave their fans provocatively. They turn in unison to the beat of the music. It’s beautiful to watch while being fucked by such a man as the prince. His cock glides in and out rapidly. Every now and then, a feather trails down his back. He looks up at the woman and grins. His hungry gaze returns to me—his momentum increases. My legs bounce off his muscular chest. He looks glorious, towering above me. “Oh, Gia, I enjoy being inside of you. You were made for my cock.” I moan; I was made for him.

My eyes close as the pleasure increases. He slows down to prolong his pleasure. His hips glide over mine, and occasionally he looks up, enjoying the view of the beautiful birds surrounding us. The swells of delight begin to rise higher as my master’s hips move faster. The sensations come closer together, moving up from my center through my belly. His hips hit the backs of my thighs with each forceful thrust. I won’t last long. “Get ready, Gia.” I moan as I’m only seconds away. The music tempo quickens, four hard thrusts follow before we rise to the occasion. Our moans overpower the sound of the music. Our bodies soar like birds as each sensation takes us higher and higher. And then we lay still and breathless as we land together in complete bliss!

“Ahh!” I moan and writhe in my bed. Finally, my body relaxes free of tension. I will sleep very well tonight.

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