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The after life

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After the princess of a kingdom dies from an incurable disease, her forbidden love is over. Or is it?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one

Once upon a time there was a very sick princess. She was the princess of the Star kingdom which is the richest kingdom in the land. There are four kingdoms and they are the Magic kingdom, the River kingdom, the Wind kingdom, and the Star kingdom. Each kingdom can do a special power.
The Magic kingdom can do all things Magic and that goes from flying to enchanting water and even doing black magic. The Magic monarchy is kinda like a pyramid: first it’s the descendants from the first Magic user. Then it’s the people with the most powerful magic. Then people with weak magic and then it’s poor people with no magic.
The Wind kingdom can do anything they want with air; they can even take the air out of someone’s lungs! Ok so I guess all the kingdoms’ monarchy is like a pyramid. The air’s pyramid is kinda like this: on top are the people that can bend the most air so you can probably tell how the rest goes.
The River kingdom can bend water. They use their powers to swim, fish, boat, and they can take the moisture out of somebody’s body and they can move the blood around someone’s body. The people that are on top are the people that can bend the most amount of pure water.
The Star kingdom can tell the future through the stars. The people on top of the pyramid are the people who are the descendants of the first fortune teller. Then it’s the people who can tell fortunes most accurately and then the rest falls into place.
The Star, River, and Wind kingdoms made an alliance. But the Magic kingdom did not want to join the alliance because the Star kingdom had a power similar to theirs so they put a curse on the princess. The Star kingdom got all the best healers from the River and the Wind kingdom but so far none have worked yet. Well I’ll let Veronica tell the rest of the story.
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