The Alpha and His Russian Mate: Fighting for Her (Book #2)

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[18+] The price of a lie is very big. Kai Burke made the wrong decision to not be honest about the past. Now that has the power to destroy his future. He needs to own up his mistakes and take responsibility for his actions. Hiding the truth was his downfall. Kai lost his mate and without her in his life he can't be happy. Broken-hearted and determined to find Katerina, Kai follows her to Belarus, from his home in Nevada. He knows what is at stake, he knows how strong and overwhelming his love for Katerina is, he knows that he will need to do the impossible to make her even talk to him. Fighting for his mate is the only way to prove himself to her and to show her how strong his love for her is. No matter what, but an Alpha King will need his Queen to rule the world.

Romance / Erotica
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1. Omen

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Kai’s POV

Walking down the paved road, I frowned. Laughter, loud talking, and music were everywhere. God, if only I knew what they were saying. The Russian language sounded too strange for my ears, even if it was beautiful. A young guy was playing guitar and singing ”Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, while his friends were encouraging people to give him money.

I had no idea where I was going. The only thought on my mind was that I needed to find Katja. Wherever she was, I was told that she would be here tonight. Even in Belarus Aria knew where to look. I hoped with all my might that she was right.

Bars, pubs, and restaurants surrounded me. Parties and alcohol. The smell was strong, mixed with tobacco and weed. Wherever you are, people’s unhealthy habits are the same. Where was my woman? Dammit! I stopped near the entrance of a club named ”AYA“. A guy in his thirties looked me over.

“Чем могу помочь (What can I do to help you)?”

“Sorry. I don’t speak Russian.” I stared him in the eyes and saw as he shifted uncomfortably.

He smiled awkwardly at me, stepping aside. “Welcome to AYA.”

I nodded at him, walking inside the club. It was my worst nightmare. It was too close to the full moon, and all these people radiated arousal and it wasn’t doing me any good. My nerves already were sharp like strings, now it looked like I was close to my limits.

I stopped near the bar counter, leaning my back on it, and looking around. There were about 100 people, dancing, and drinking. I bit my inner cheek, feeling annoyed with myself. Did I really think I would find her on the first try?

I closed my eyes, remembering her sweet smell and inhaling deeply. If she was already inside the club, I would feel her. Loud voices talking in Russian were distracting me. I frowned. Dammit! Why couldn’t they just shut up?!

“Привет (Hi).” A woman’s voice in my ear startled me. What fucking bullshit!

I opened my eyes with a snap, turning my head and peering at the red-haired girl. She was smiling seductively at me. I sighed, rasping through my gritted teeth. “What?!”

Her green eyes raked over my face. “Why are you so rude?”

I blinked, surprised. I honestly thought that I would struggle to find people who spoke English, but it wasn’t like that in reality. “Sorry. I just don’t like when people sneak up on me.”

“It wasn’t my intention.” She gave me a small smile. “Are you here alone?”

“For now.” I muttered, scanning the crowd.

“Where are you from? I mean I’m sure you’re from the US, based on your accent but...” She tilted her head to the side, narrowing her eyes a little.

“Nevada.” I answered curtly.

“Nevada? That’s where Las Vegas is? Right?” I just nodded my head, not bothering to say anything aloud. “I would love to visit there.”

Her palm on my chest took me by surprise. I lowered my gaze, staring blankly at this girl. She was beautiful, but she was nothing like Katerina. “Find yourself someone else.”

“Why?” She murmured, her palm sliding down to my waistband.

“Because, I’m not interested.” I wrapped my palm around her wrist and brushed it off me. She held my gaze, staring defiantly at me. What was wrong with this girl? “Leave, seriously.”

She shrugged her shoulders and turned around to the bar counter. A minute later I already heard her chatting with the bartender. Finally, I could concentrate on the real reason for me to be there. Katerina.

I took a few steps forward, immersing myself into the crowd of dancing people. My steps were light. I moved gracefully, just like I do in my wolf form. The bastard went into hiding as soon as he realized that his suspicions about Katja and Noah ruined the whole thing for us. Though, I was the loser who fucked up everything.

Suddenly, her sweet scent reached my nostrils. She was here! Aria was totally right. I stopped, frantically looking, and trying to find her. As soon as I laid my eyes on her, I couldn’t look away. My gaze was glued to her, as if all the other people disappeared. It was just us. She didn’t see me, talking and laughing with a girl. They were so alike, so it was maddening! The same hair color, the same face shape, the same sensual mouth. Was it her best friend?

I swallowed with difficulty, dragging my eyes down Katja’s body. She chose a red mini dress, highlighting her round boobs, thin waist, and her curvaceous hips. Dear God, I would do anything for her to forgive me. Anything, possible and impossible. She holds my future. She is my future.

A smile started playing on my lips, one that clearly showed how happy I was. Just because I finally found her. I strolled in her direction, my eyes never leaving her face. Katerina was totally in her element, without paying any attention to people around her. She didn’t need anyone’s approval and didn’t care what others thought about her. It was her strength, and my weakness. I needed to be twice the man I was when we met. I needed to be worthy of her.

I saw a man stepping closer to her. She let him wrap his arms around her waist from behind. Leaning to her ear, he started whispering something to her. Who the hell was he?! I clenched my jaw, speeding up. When I was almost near them, Katja turned to face this man and wound her hands around his neck. His hands slid down to her butt, pressing her closer. Lowering his head, he captured her lips with his, kissing her passionately and roaming his hands over her body. I felt numb, stopping in my tracks. My heart was aching and the only thought pulsating in my mind, made me lose all hope. She didn’t love me anymore.

Yet, I didn’t look away. I stood still, my emotions running high. I wanted to rip this man’s head off. I wanted to take her away from him, to mark her and make her mine forever. She was MY destiny. My mate. My Luna. I would fight anyone who decided to stand in my way. Even if it would be the last thing I would do in my life.

I shook my head, brushing off these gloomy thoughts. If I wanted her to give me a chance, I should start acting. I should convince her to listen to me. To prove to her that I was the man she needed.

Taking a deep breath, I sauntered over to them. Though, the next thing I saw made my blood boil. This man lowered his head, kissing her neck and then he bit her in the area of her trapezius, marking her as his. He was a damned werewolf!

Rushing to them, I pushed him away, finally seeing his face. His piercing blue eyes stared at me in total indifference. He didn’t see me as his rival, as if I was some scumbag not worthy of his attention. The man smirked at me, folding his arms across his chest. “You’re too late, Burke.”

I opened my mouth ready to answer him, but someone’s arm wrapped around my elbow, pulling me back. A second later, the werewolf and Katja disappeared. The whole club dissolved into nothingness. What the hell was going on?!

Turning around I peered at the red-haired girl. She was smiling at me; her gaze was full of mischief. “Do you understand what it means?”

“What the hell did you do? Where are we?! Where is Katja?!” I roared, taking a step further and bumping into an invisible wall. “Who the fuck are you?!”

“Everything in due time, Alpha.” She murmured; a playful smile tugged at her lips. “Katja is safe. For now.”

“What did you do?! Where is she?!” I clenched my fists, wanting nothing more but to erase this stupid smile off her face.

“She’s home, in Minsk.” She exclaimed. “This is just my way to make sure you understand what is at stake. You know almost nothing about her life at home. About her family. Her friends. Her ex-lovers.”

“Who was that guy?” I rasped, my head spinning. It was all too much.

“In due time, Alpha. Don’t forget about it.” She started fading away, keeping her eyes on me.

“Who was he?!” I yelled like a mad man.

“Have you ever heard about a second-chance mate?” With that, she disappeared, while the world around me suddenly became dark. I started falling down the rabbit hole, deeper and deeper. Screaming and feeling like a gutless being. Even my wolf felt hopeless.

Opening my eyes with a snap, I sat up in my bed abruptly. My sheets were a total mess, and my whole body was covered in a cold sweat. It was just a dream... just stupid dream driven by my desire to see her... by my fears that something bad would happen to her while I wasn’t around.

I stood up, walking to the window, and staring out at the empty streets of Reno. After a few minutes my heartbeat slowed down. My breathing returned to normal. Yet, I felt uneasy. This dream was too realistic. I saw streets and places I have never seen in my life. What if it was an omen?

I stomped to the bedside table, taking my phone from it. Quickly typing, I waited for the results to load. With a sinking heart, I slumped down on my bed. Scrolling through photos, I realized that it was the street that I saw in my dream... and the name and the interior of the club was exactly like the one I was in. I needed to talk to Aria. I had no idea what it all meant, but I would do anything for Katerina to be with me. No matter what.


First of all, thank you so so much for 3k followers on Inkitt! This number isn’t big for some, but for me it’s an incredible achievement! Thank you so so much for all your comments, likes and reviews! It means the world to me and pushes me to keep going!

Second of all, I desperately want to hear your thoughts about this chapter. Your theories about the future events for book 2. Pretty please, tell me what you think about the start of book 2?

Chapters 2-10 will be out on Friday, August 27th. After that, I will be updating this story a few times per week with one or two chapters per day.

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