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When the stars align

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400 years after the enslavement of man and beast kind. The wiches now rulling the world. Factions have been thinned out and denaturalized... She knew in heart there was no one for her... But as chance may have it the stars send her on the right path... Will she be able the prevent the wrong doings that lead to the dark future...

Romance / Fantasy
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Its been 400 years since the war ended between the factions. The witches, the rulling party now have made sure to thin out the factions...

The war started 410 years ago between the witch and the beast kingdom. It esacalated so badly that it startes a world war between the factions. We were told that the beast king rejected the witch queen and that roared the war.

After the king was killed in battle. The Queen decided to introduce a faction and class system that enslaved the factions. The traditions and mannerisms was stripped. Magical creatures were stripped of their uniqueness and humans were used as slaves or fodder.

The queen got bored after a while and started and started selecting slaves to experiment on. That thinned out the numbers of all the factions.

She experimented with the essence of the factions as well as their basic DNA. Hybrids were discovered that only she could control. Thus the birth of the royal guard.

The guards and army was not born but created. There was nothing natural about them. They had no soul. They were ruthless and mindless killing machines. She used the dead beast king's DNA as a base and built upon that with the other DNA.

The world is ruled by them. They use the rest of the factions as slaves. The vampires forced into entertainment. Beasts were to work the lands. Humans were made household workers as the inferior race.

The wiches removed the slaves that would misbehave. Neutering was also concidered as a punishment. Forcing bloodlines to end. Slaves were encouraged to breed. That would ensure that no witch will ever need to do manual labour again.

Cross breading was prohibited - this was done in the shadows...

This is our life now...

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