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Little Did They Know

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Casey was recently accepted into the organization of her dreams. Nothing, absolutely nothing could bring her down now. That is until she is assigned to her squad group. Her squad is for undercover spies that sometimes go on dangerous missions. Later on after the mission starts, feelings begin within the squad and things begin to go downhill. Covers blown, and multiple times of the mission aborted, will this be the riskiest thing Casey has done? Or will she die trying to protect a stranger?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

The day had finally arrived. I had finally gotten my letter of admission for the organization I've dreamed off. I'm so excited. As I tore the envelope and snagged the paper from inside, I read through it and smiled. "I got in... I... I GOT IN!!" I danced around in a circle with my dog staring at me like I've finally lost it. Maybe I have, maybe I haven't.
I texted my mom, who was in the same organization, and sent a picture of the admission paper as well. Not to long after I got a text reading, I'm so proud of you baby. We knew you could do it. I read the instructions of my first day and how to get there and everything. I walked go my room with my dog, Stella, trailing behind cautious of another squealing fit.
Here I am. I thought. Taking a deep breath, I strode confidently into the main office. For just turning 20, I think I'm looking pretty good for confidence and control. A woman pointed me directions to my space. As I took a glance around, my jaw almost dropped. The space was a dark grey, with a large dark desk with a spiny black chair. This wasn't a normal space. Their were weird trinkets on the desk I've never seen till now. A knock on the door almost made me jump. I turned whilst smiling and looked at the woman before me.
"Hello Agent C. I'm pleased to meet you. We've so much to discuss." I took her extended hand and gave a firm shake. "The pleasure is mine Ma'am. I look forward to working with you..." I trailed off. Not knowing her name I looked for a name tag and found nada. "You will address me as Agent M. I am your supervisor for your missions. Meet with the rest of your squad at promptly 2:30 PM. Understood Agent C?" I nodded and added, "Yes Agent M." She smiled, turned on her heel and walked away.
At 2:10 PM I decided to try and find the meeting room. After 15 minutes of searching, I found it. I smiled as it looked like I was the first here and walked in through the door. My smile dropped almost immediately when I saw that there were people already here. I looked away from them and sat as far away as I could from them. Just then a girl about my age came bursting through the doorway and huffed in tiredness. "Am... I late?" She looked at me. I shook my head no and smiled. "Still a couple minutes left. You made it... um..."
"Marissa. But my friends call me Issa or Mari." She sat right next to me and smiled brightly. I smiled knowing that I would get along with her. Agent M cane through the door and smiled. "Agents. You've all made it. Stupendous. Now on to business." She dat down at the center of the table and opened a file. "I'm going to make this quick. You are all a squad. You will get along and help each other. Now you're mission is to protect a suspect of a murder spree safe. I know it sounds odd, but people are trying to find this man and kill him before he has a fair trail of some sort. That is pretty much all because the rest will be in your files of the plane." She closed her file and then a man abruptly raised his hand. I almost starting laughing because he looked like he was a 2nd grader from the look of determination on his face. "Yes Agent R?" M asked. "What do you mean plane?" He asked. She smiled wide and said, "Why the plane you all are going to board in 2 hours. Pack your things kids, you're going to college."

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