Fallen Angel Saga

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Always falling for the ones she can't have, Emily has enough of hopeless crushes. But one faithful lesson can change everything...can it? A series of three one shots about two people who were fated to be together but couldn't. The cover is from google and I do not own it!

Romance / Drama
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The perfect Devil

“Okay everyone, I'm gonna pair you up with someone from the opposite gender.”

Everyone in class groaned, not really amazed by the idea of having to work with someone other than their best friend.

Emily just rolled her eyes and continued the sketch of a distorted face laying in front of her.

As she knew herself, she would be paired up with Bruce, the anti feminist, or Carlos, the clown. Or worse, Lucas, the weirdo.

She allowed herself a quick peek in the direction of a certain someone, who was sitting two rows ahead of her.

Since she first saw him, she thought he was handsome. But she also immediately knew that he was way out of her league. Like every boy she fell for in the past.

Why do I always fall for the bad boy? The fuckboy?
She asked herself that all the time. Every boy she found attractive or even had a crush on was a complete asshole who changed his girlfriends more often than his socks.

She sighted and began to draw shades around the eye she scetched during the last periods, thinking of why and when she fell for Riley.

She always thought he was attractive, but she really fell for him last year. That year he sat right in front of her and sometimes talked to her.

She always thought they had something special. Out of her friends he would pick her to ask if she wanted a piece of gum, for example. One time he even called her smart and wanted to do a group project especially with her.

But then, he got a girlfriend. His third that year. Yeah, they broke up after three months, but it was still painful seeing them together. In these three months she swore to herself, she wouldn't fall for him again, but that wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.

Everytime she thought she was over him, he did something that made her fall more for him. You could say, if he was the devil himself, she would sin with pleasure.

“...be partnered with your best friend. But, I'm gonna give you an exercise which would only work out when you're partnered with the opposite gender of whom you don't really know as much as from the person sitting next to you.” our teacher explained, casually snitching the piece of paper from my desk.

Shit, I worked so hard on this.

“I'm just gonna pair you with people who I think you don't have much to do with.” She walked away from my desk again and began to pair people together that sat far apart from each other.

A little angry, Emily placed her chin in her right hand and waited for her name to be said. She held her breath as Mrs. Henderson said Bruce's name and relieved it again as she paired him with Winnie. Poor girl.

Then she said “Riley and…” and Emily got ready for the pain that would soon be floating into her body, the pain of seeing him working with another girl.

Did she just...
Emily was completely paralyzed and just sat there, her mouth opened like a freaking fish, as Riley turned around and smirked in her direction.

That smirk. Oh. My. God. It was one of the smirkes that could get you pregnant just by looking at it. It was that smirk he always gave her when he turned around last year.

He stood up -oh what grace, what elegance, bless the lord please and thank you- and walked over to her. He let himself fall onto the chair next to her, his legs spread wide, and smirked again, clearly checking her out from head to toes.

She gulped and looked away.
He has a girlfriend.
She reminded herself of that everytime she thought about him.

The moment he seemingly wanted to begin to speak, he was interrupted by Mrs. Henderson.

“Settle down guys. Be quiet for a second so I can explain, okay? So, everyone's paired up with someone who I think they don't have much to do with. And if you do, you're lucky. Well, since we're analyzing love songs from the 18th century, and our main topic is mostly love, your assignment is to tell your partner what you love about them and-”

“What?” Emily nearly shouted.
She couldn't. She even was bad at lying and now, she needed to tell him the truth? That she loved everything about him? Well, the best day of her life turned to the worst day ever. Thank you, Mrs. Henderson.

“Be quiet! You can complain all you want. I'm not gonna change the assignment. You're gonna do it and you're gonna like it. Well, as I was saying before you started talking and rudely interrupted me, you're gonna tell your partner what you love about them. And it doesn't have to be particular body parts. You can also love traits of their character. I don't care. It can be the silliest things you name. But, I want you to take this assignment seriously, you understand?”

Mumbles of “yes” and “okay” rose up while Emily still was captured by her thoughts.

“Hey?” Riley poked her arm and she looked at him a little frightened.

“Should I begin or do you want to?” he asked, with that tone of voice that could be described as flirtatious.

“Um...you?” Emily murmured and looked down.

Please let this be over soon.

Riley took a breath.

“That won't work like this. You need to at least look me in the eyes.” he insisted and Emily lifted her head, hesitating to look him in the face. Instead, she looked in the direction of her best friend, Bella.

Wait. That's brilliant! Bella got paired with Gabriel!
Even if Bella always insisted on saying that she wasn't in love with him, Emily always knew they were meant for each other.

Right now, they didn't seem to have any trouble, but neither did they swear each other never ending love.

“Oh c'mon.” Emily whispered, trying to use the force to push them together from a distance or something like that.

“What did you say?” Riley asked confused and she suddenly was aware of her own problem, because Riley moved and sent waves of his scent in her direction.

Don't loose control. Say something friendly like I like your style.”

“Then may I begin?” Riley asked, sounding a bit upset.

“Um...yeah.” Emily looked aside again, which turned out, wasn't a good idea.

“Look. At. Me.” Riley insisted and grabbed her chin, turning her head so she needed to look at him, which made her wince in suprise, but also blush madly.

“I love your voice. It's soft and I could bet if you would speak with me before I'd go to sleep, even over the phone, I would dream the sweetest dreams. I also love your eyes. They sparkle and almost have the same colour as mine. And even if your nose isn't really the smallest and your cheeks are round and a bit...fluffy? Anyways, all mixed together, your face is more than beautiful. And I love your body. All of your curves are sexy and even if you don't see it, you have a great body.” he said all that without even looking away once.

Emily was speechless. How could he be so...perfect? No, could he be even more perfect?

After that speech of his, she really would feel bad, if she wouldn't confess everything to him, so she surprised herself with a sudden rush of boldness. She just began to let the words flow out, like a giant waterfall of half-confessions.

“I...I love your smile. Especially that smirk you give me, when you turn around. It is...um...really sexy? And I love your way of thinking. You are open minded and smart, what makes you even more attractive. Yeah, you have a pretty face and lots of muscles, but your personality is what makes you special. And," she stopped and couldn't believe what she was about to do right now “I love your hair. It always looks good.” she bit her utter lip and then leaned closer to touch his hair, surprising herself once again.

Amazed by how soft it was she buried first one and then both hands in it.
His eyes began to sparkle, hungry and a bit...turned on?

In this moment, Emily coincidentally peeked over his shoulder and saw Bella and Gabriel touching each other's faces. They were so close…

“Just kiss already…” she mumbled, forgetting Riley in front of her.

“Excellent idea.” Riley answered with a rasp in his voice and suddenly pressed his lips against hers.

Emily was completely surprised, she had never been kissed before. Especially nit like that. His lips felt soft and warm against hers. They felt...good. Right. Save. She closed her eyes.

As she felt his tongue at her lips, she opened her mouth out of surprise and immediately had his tongue in. Her. Mouth.

Well, she never french kissed before either -surprise- but it felt good. Out of a reflex, she turned her head a bit to the right, to deepen the kiss, which made him moan and pull her closer to him so she was almost sitting on his lap.

His hands found a way into her hair and he pulled on it gently. Out of breath, Emily slowly backed away, breathing heavily, leaning her forehead against his out of instinct. Equally out of breath, he whispered “I love your hair.”, proofing his statement by gently taking a strand of that same hair and kissing it, all while still holding her gaze captured in his.
Slowly, the bubble they had been in since the kiss began to fade and they noticed the noise the other students in the room were making.

They began to scream, clap or shout ew in disgust, which Emily didn't notice at first. That kiss really knocked her out. But then, ice cold realization hit her. Did anyone see them kissing?

“What about the no PDA rule in class? This is cute and everything but enough is enough. Come on, guys, break apart now.” Mrs. Henderson insisted and Emily turned her head in turmoil, thinking the teacher was referring to her. Then she caught a look of Bella and Gabriel hugging each other tight.

Wow, that really seemed like fate right now. Two best friends, kissing their long-time crushes in the exact same room, in the same period? Her thoughts made her smile, until the bell rang and ended the period.

Riley pulled away from the embrace Emily didn't even notice anymore and winked one last time, then he grabbed his bag and left the room. And suddenly, Emily realized what she had done.

He has a fucking girlfriend!
With a loud tud she let her head fall onto the table. What a mess. This boy really was the devil himself. And she sinned.
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