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Lost in life

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Bella a young girl has never had the life of normality. No her parents are abusive yet she still looks into them with hope . But that's all about to change when she meets the stranger of life . The people who hide in shadows now will show themselves to her . They will show her what hides behind the mere naked eye .

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Turning 16

No one really knows what happens until they see it or have the experience of it. They may act tough and think they know but they don't. Another night, I walked the streets to the pub on my street. My parents don't know but they probably don't care. I do this every time they get into their thoughtless fights. It's always in their room where the walls are thin and not very sound proof. But today I thought it would be different, because it's my 16th birthday. I was wrong though.
I slowly walked, letting the water slosh in my shoes, wondering to myself. I kept walking when I heard the faint sound of flat, loud hard steel shoes on the pavement in the alley in front of me. I slowly turn to walk the opposite way not wanting to bring attention to my heart felt, teary eyes. But then the sound stops. I thought it was gone but all of a sudden I ran into a hard broad chest.
As if in a fairy tale, I slowly fall back only to be caught by this stranger who had broad arms and hard rock muscled shoulders. I felt them hold closely to my little frame. I slowly looked up to these blue icy cold eyes that sent a shiver down my spine. We stood there like that for at least a minute . His secretive eyes staring into my very soul, almost as if seeing the deep pain in my eyes. He slowly lifted me up making sure not to break me as if I was glass.
“ I'm sorry I ran into you, are you okay madam? “ He said in a smooth warm broadening tone. It was quite luring. I quickly noticed he still held my hand, sending sparks up my arm, through my body.
Realizing I didn't answer quite quickly enough, not to be awkward I squeaked “Yea.”
He slowly lets his gaze linger down my body. Then he secretly snaked his hand around my hip and pulled me closer to him. He leans in with his attractive clean cut face smelling the crook of my neck. His warm sweet breath travels to my collar bone causing me to shiver . My spine tends to curve upward as I lean into his embrace. His hand gently caressed my hip. He pulls back breathing a bit more heavily than before.
I slowly revert my gaze to the ground. Staring at his black shiny shoes.
Almost as if I can feel it, he smiles. “Are you busy or would you care to dance at the pub.” he slyly slips in.
Knowing this should raise red flags, I nod my head. I know I should have said no to this 22 year old guy but he was so kind. He also sent sparks through my body making me feel amazed, and I wanted to dance this night away anyway.
He gently took my bare arm and led me to the pub sending sparks through me again.
I wiped my puffy eyes and followed him. I didn't resist the whole time, I just wanted to let myself go. He took me to the counter and asked for wine and one kitty cocktail.
Grateful he did not force me with a drink, I flashed him a small smile. We took a drink then set out to the brown red wood looking dance floor. He took my hand and spun me to the hip hop music making me giggle. When the song ended. The last song of the night came on. It was a slow song which meant getting close to this man. But before I could protest I was dragged into his body with his broad arm dangerously lower than my waist. He pulled my head near to him, almost as if a hug. But I let it happen knowing that this was my birthday and I should be brave.
He kept to the slow rhythmic melody.
Before the song was about to end he pulled me so close we shared the same air. He brushed his lips against mine, sending shivers down my spine. His hand gently traveled to my hair tucking a piece behind my ear. He was so close I could feel my chest almost pressed against his broad frame. He leaned in grabbing my lip hungrily but gently. He got more hungirly grabbing my butt to pull me close. He pushed me against him, making me run out of breath. He slowly pulled away, breathing real heavy. I usually never worked so fast but this time it felt different . Almost as if I was built, to serve him. He didn't feel dangerous nor bad . Just...mine ?
It was as if my whole body was ignited with this engulfing flame making me breath heavily and almost be set on an endorsing fire.
He grabbed my hand and led me outside. We knew silence was the right answer at this moment . It was cold but I didn't shiver because I was near his warm body. I looked up at his watchful eyes and quickly pecked him on the cheek . I was about to run but forgot his grip. His grip was gentle but caring. I didn't know if this was normal to fall for someone so fast.. He gently let go and I booked it by blowing him a kiss. He stared at me amazed .
“Thank you for everything love, I'll find you again!” He whispered in the wind. I thought I heard him whisper something else but it was in auditable. There was no reason for talk because the quietness had filled the airing questions either of us had. But what I didn't know was how drastically my life was about to change.
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